Adhesive foam and its main characteristics

first mention of the foam rubber was recorded in Germany in 1941, where he received an accidental foaming polyurethane.Figuratively speaking, the foam - a material with a porous structure filled with air.Scope of this material is wide enough, it lends itself well to compression because of its elasticity, has excellent breathability and keeps its original shape.Most often used for furniture, sporting goods, car seats, insulation materials and soft toys.Also in the home it has multiple applications from a variety of produce paint rollers, sponges for dishwashing and cleaning.In Europe, this material is made to be used as a packaging product.


adhesive foam is quite easy to use.For its application it is best to buy a special spray gun for which you want to use a nozzle - nozzle to 1.8 mm in diameter.The prepared composition may be sprayed in a single layer and, if necessary, and then to two.Atmospheric pressure on the gun should be from three to six bars.After applying the foam on the surface app

ears small film.

After the composition is sprayed, it is necessary to wait the evaporation of the solvent.The duration may depend on many factors such as air temperature, the number of coats applied, and the wind speed, if it happens outside.The period for which you need to connect the two surfaces should not exceed 3 minutes, as during this period the composition is completely dry.Join the two parts should immediately correct, as after the interaction of the prepared materials will be impossible to correct the error.Before the adhesive applied for bonding of the foam, it is necessary to bring the temperature to 20 C, and then mix well.Such compositions are perfect for spring mattresses and upholstered furniture are also used for connecting the foam with wood, cardboard and textiles.In the production of a substance called adhesive foam furniture, as it is often used in the industry.

adhesive composition

very long time base paste was butadiene-styrene, polyurethane and polychloroprene.With the development of technology has turned out to significantly reduce fuel and rubber components.To date, the new composition has the least negative impact on those who are holding him work, as well as users in the future, and causes minimal damage to the environment.

adhesive foam odorless water-based is the safest compared with those which are present in the composition of solvents.Since it has no smell, comfortable working with him, as it does not emit toxins.The main advantage of this material is considered to be a fire safety.The advantages include the fact that the cost of raw materials for a smaller number of the ultimate goal.

glue application can use a brush or spray gun.In its application be sure to follow the instructions and adhere to safety regulations.

How to choose a high-quality adhesive?

Gone are the days when it is composed of flammable and toxic solvents, they are now more harmless.These components deliver instant bonding strength and good elasticity of the seam.The main advantages of modern adhesives include:
- the absence of flammable solvents;
- excellent dispersibility with a pistol;
- soft and flexible joints;
- high content of dry residue.

main characteristics quality product

To after coming to a store is not rubbed in the abundance of choice, it is necessary to know what is considered to be adhesive foam quality:
- it is very important that it ensures a strong bond;
- you need to pay attention to the fact that this compound was able to glue pieces of foam, not only to each other, as well as fabric, leather, wood, polyether fiber, plastic and metal;
- it does not ignite;
- safe during application, as well as further use;
- It is also important that it be water-resistant;
- in the end will make the elastic seam.

Features good adhesive

can identify the following differences, which are used in adhesive formulations for use with foam:
- adhesive foam should not contain toluene, as well as all of its counterparts;
- after applying the composition must for several minutes to be sticky and viscous, since it is necessary to work with large areas;
- after the opening of the container material must be fully prepared for use, it need not be shaken and stirred.

Safety rules

Experts say that the best way to apply makeup or purchase glue gun to spray foam.While no one prohibits the use of roller or brush, but this method is accompanied by a significant consumption of raw materials.The composition has virtually no smell, but it is best to use it in areas with good ventilation, not to get poisoned by toxins.

Before gluing several surfaces need to follow some rules:
- initially cleaned surface from grease, dust and dirt;
- adhesive foam must be applied with a thin layer and wait to evaporate the solvent vapors;
- if there is a unilateral application, the composition is covered with a hard surface;
- be sure all procedures should be carried out only at room temperature.Otherwise, the adhesive may thicken and lose all its properties, which ultimately have a major impact on the finished product.