The fireplace in the apartment: views and descriptions

on fire you can watch for hours.This is the time when you can sit back, relax and think.This can be translated into reality not only by the fire in the summer warm evening, but also at home.How?This will help the fireplace.

Modern technologies allow to place the fireplace is not only in a country house, but also in the apartment.In specialty stores, you can pick out the type of device that is right for you.

is believed that the fire in the apartment dangerous.But this is not so.Here the main thing - to make the right choice and, accordingly, set it correctly.

difficulties associated with the installation of the fireplace in the apartment

doubt, set a regular fireplace in a private home is much easier than to do it in blocks of flats.First we need to get permission for its operation and installation in the right instances, to reschedule their housing, invite committee on fire safety to view the room and so on.Also, do not forget the considerable material costs that must be spent not only on the p

urchase and installation of the fireplace, but also for a reference.

If we neglect all of the above, that is more likely to come face danger.

Firstly, a fireplace in the apartment can be a source of ignition.And all is due to the wrong protected area of ​​the furnace.

Secondly, due to improperly constructed chimney may release carbon dioxide, a large number of which can kill an entire family.

In some apartments fireplace installation is permitted?

install a fireplace in the apartment for solid fuels is not recommended and is not permitted.But there is the only exception (it concerns both single-level and multilevel apartments): your apartment should be on the top floor of the house.

In this case the premises must be properly equipped with a chimney that goes up to the street.In addition, it is worth considering that the chimney will go through the ceiling, the attic and roof bar.

Types of fireplaces for apartments

Many fireplaces in the apartment, photo we see on the covers of magazines, may differ not only for its location, but the view of the furnace.

So, a fireplace in the apartment can be attached in the corner or on the outside wall.The first option is suitable for modern interiors.In this place they look more elegant and ornate.Often in this case, it is allocated a special island for this "source of heat and light."

built-in fireplace - a rarity in state homes.For the most part they can be found in expensive luxury modern buildings.As a general rule, they are already planning their placement in the planning stage at home.Indeed, in this case the chimney needs to be pulling all the smoke out through the roof.In addition, it is taken into account and the area of ​​the room.It should be more than 20 square meters.

most common types of fireplaces for apartments considered electric and bio fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces

most simple to use electric fireplaces are considered to be in the apartment.Photos of shows us a small glass-wooden structure, where a bright flame of fire hides behind a thick transparent glass.He is an excellent analogue of wood-burning fireplace.However, it is not necessary to build a special chimney before installing it is not necessary to supply gas or stocking wood and it is easy to maintain.

Such a decorative fireplace in the apartment can give light, warmth and comfort to any type of room.Its cost is relatively low.Moreover, it is safe for the health, and does not require special skills run.To do so, simply plug the power plug and enjoy the romance.

Electric fireplace in the apartment can be used both in cold and warm season, as it is equipped with a power regulator.


Bio-fireplace - one of the newest types of fireplaces.His work is based on the bio-fuel: compressed peat, solid alcohol, special sawdust or bark.All this biofuel has the form of granules of different colors.

biofireplaces ideal for apartments.During power they do not emit large amounts of carbon dioxide.Thus, for the installation of a model does not need a chimney or other special ventilation.

during use of the device in the room stands out as much soot as can be seen during the burning of several dozen candles.

big advantage of using bio fireplaces in the apartment lies in the fact that the combustion of biomaterials is very little ash.

Many say that to save money everyone has the opportunity to build a fireplace in the apartment with his hands.In fact, the way it is.To do this, one has only to examine the sequence of works, to purchase the necessary materials and carry out all stages of design biofireplaces series.

fireplace for apartments Which to choose?

Before settling on a particular version of a fireplace, consider what role it will perform in your interior.If you want to use it as a heater, preferring the electric fireplace.If you want to decorate and use a fireplace for aesthetic purposes, without bio fireplaces you can not do.Since this kind of fireplaces can be performed not only in different sizes and shapes.