Carpets in interior room.

many living rooms have a beautiful interior design, furniture and decoration.The carpets have long been a popular accessory for the room.

How to choose the size of the cover into the living room?

Carpets in interior room are important.The selection of suitable products are paying a lot of time.

living in the house is used most often.Carpets not only serve as decoration.They are one of the most effective ways to protect the floor from stains and damage.When selecting a suitable cover for the living room, you can use a few basic tips.

size must be one of the first questions when choosing rugs for a living.Too large rug can visually reduce the space.Too small will not be able to perform the function of protecting the floor.Round, square sets of different-sized items and mats used in a huge living room for zoning near the sofas, armchairs, dining table.The size of the room should match the design and not to cause a visual imbalance.

important accessory is the carpet in the interior of the living r

oom.We combine furniture and carpet, be sure to coordinating color, texture and overall design of the room with the style, color palette, the parameters of the room.But you can choose other priorities on which to focus in the selection: fashion trends, personal wishes and financial possibilities.The carpet can be complementary design room and bright accent, which will focus the attention of the visitors room.

What is the composition of carpet best?

carpet material is also an important factor in the choice.High quality products are made from wool, jute, acrylic, polyester, olefin, nylon, silk and natural materials.Among these are leading nylon, olefin (polypropylene) and acrylic as the most durable and resistant to dirt, humidity, wear and tear.Artificial materials are suitable for rooms with high traffic.Products with such a composition less than luxurious carpets made of wool and silk.Manufacturers offer products for different raw material composition, color, shape.Handmade carpets - is options which perfectly corresponds to the individual taste of each person.

How to balance the interior?Living room (lighting, wallpaper, carpet - everything has to be chosen carefully) will find the perfect look with the help of expert advice to help you find the right accessories for the room.Of course, another important detail that should be considered when choosing the right carpet, - the price.The strength and quality does not automatically entail a high cost, so do not rely only on expensive products.

What is valued in carpets?

Carpets are made in one of three ways: weaving, tufting or by gluing.The quality of the carpet is determined:

  • materials used for production;
  • method of production - machine or manual;
  • pile density, which is expressed in dots per square meter and reaches 2 million, with cover pile height of from 0.5 cm to 5 cm;
  • thick filaments;
  • variety of colors.

texture of the carpet depends on the size of the beam, if the product is made by tufting.In the prepared foundation weave yarn bundles.The surface of the mat varies in height and density.You can combine artificial and natural origin.The reverse side is treated with glue mixture.This long-lived durable goods, which are easy to wash and clean.The sophistication of the carpet depends on the further processing of the loop bundles.If they are not cut off, the product is called looped.The cutting is done by hand or machine, but clean straight cut is highly appreciated.Different height pile creates interesting effects on plain surfaces and figures, and the carpets are in the interior of the living room is called sculpture.The higher the pile, thicker beams, but thinner strands - the higher the quality of the product.

How do the flooring?

Woven flat products produced on one machine.Base and drawing are performed simultaneously.Also yarns used in the production of bamboo fiber, cane, palm leaves, straw and other natural materials.

manually manufactured tapestries woven knots.This pile articles that are the basis of a highly parallel stretched filaments.The manufacturing process is similar to the technique of macrame or artisanal production of cloth.To produce mainly use wool or silk thread.These products are very expensive, but very nice with unique ornaments and patterns specific to each country.

Modern carpets in the interior of the living room should idelno combined with the style of the room.Products with wavy texture started to become popular since the 1960's under the influence of abstract art.And today, with the ever-changing fashion trends, is not less common.

How does the material quality of the products?

If the quality and durability - your priorities, should be considered part of the raw material before the color and design.The most widely used natural wool.Perfect and warm material is suitable for carpets, best preserves the original structure.

Acrylic synthetic version is more reminiscent of fur.Resistant to moths, mildew, discoloration, density, structure, stains are also easy to clean.

nylon characterized by an exceptional ability to preserve color and texture, durability and even lower prices and easy maintenance.

olefin or polypropylene, is mainly used for woven fabrics.It is durable, resistant to moisture, mildew, abrasion, inexpensive material that is easy to clean, but the least attractive of synthetic products.

Carpets of polyester filaments good color, suitable for any area of ​​the room, well to clean, resistant to most contaminants, very reliable and durable.

natural-fiber carpet in the interior of the living room (photo) gives the room a natural, natural.Products made of sisal or jute, straw and hemp production in India and China are cool to the touch, cheap, made in natural colors.They give a natural seating - if you are in a beach cottage or French farmhouse.

How to choose a color palette and pattern?

choice of colors of the products is of great importance because the carpets in the interior of the living room will please you more than one day.It is now considered outdated gold and green hues.Fashion does not welcome shades of gray and a lot of silver, mauve flowers.

With tone, you can keep up.Colors can energize or calm space.It depends on how intensely colored objects in a warm or cold color.For example, if the room is well lit, you can use the darker shades, and vice versa.

Current trends tend toward warmer colors.Natural shades are becoming more popular due to the natural, which is now in the trend.Neutral colors of natural stone, rose quartz, khaki is also very popular.Traditional beige designers considered too boring, but it has a utilitarian value in the design of buildings.Therefore, this continues to be a popular color, regardless of the mode.Choosing a carpet must comply with the main living room decor.

Plain or oriental pattern, maybe ethnic?This is a complex issue even for experienced designers.Choosing a product that seamlessly included in the overall design of the room and becomes the main decoration, it depends on many factors.On a colorful pattern is not visible dust and debris.But the plain, bright, long-products require constant care.If the pattern, color combination with the style of furniture, walls and upholstered chairs look well, the choice is made, and you can safely buy this carpet.

Traditional carpets

Monochrome neutral carpet complements the expensive intricate furniture and patterned with stylish, modern interior.Choose a product is responsible.

as reflecting the traditional culture of the carpets from different countries?

  • Patchwork - patchwork.A carpet made from fragments of several others.Beautifully worn vintage items back to life in Amsterdam.Patchwork beautifully decorated with flooring in modern living room.
  • Flokatis (Flokatis) - a gorgeous shag carpet from Greece with a fluffy texture is produced by hand on looms of a slightly twisted wool yarn, which is a long soak to soften.Constructed mainly in bright colors, such carpets in the interior of the living room with black curtains look perfect.
  • Scandinavian Ria (Rya) - is a shaggy rough wool woven carpet pile of bright colors, made by means of knots.
  • Kilim (Kilim) - is a flat woven lint-free products from coarse wool, resemble colorful tapestry with various patterns.
  • Dhurri (Dhurrie) - a traditional flat woven Indian rug, like a kilim, of wool, cotton, jute or silk with a wide choice of colors.
  • Mexican Sarap - a handmade rugs from coarse wool with a fringe at the ends and ethnic ornaments.

valuable carpets of the East

Carpets, Iran, Turkey, China, Pakistan and India, usually rectangular in shape.The central portion is surrounded by a border pattern or ornament.These Oriental carpets are weaving units or looms produce flat woven products, which exist in a single copy.The colors vary from pastels to Chinese tradition to the bright red juicy tones in the Persian products.Carpets from Kashmir vyvyazyvayut hand, decorating them with sophisticated oriental floral patterns in a wide range of intense colors such as sapphire blue, ruby ​​red, emerald green, aquamarine, amethyst and ivory.They are made of pure wool or silk, and sometimes a mixture of these materials.Connoisseurs of luxury, not sparing money, choosing expensive carpets.In the interior of the living room classic - this exquisite product eastern masters.