Modern living: photo.

Everyone strives to make your home attractive and comfortable.On this depends the atmosphere of the home, the psychological condition of loved ones.Special attention should be paid a living room - a business card of every house.It is in this room, the family gathers in the evening, there is the owners meet their friends.The design of modern living can tell a lot about the owners of the house - their occupation, income level, hobbies.

many years welfare owners associated with an abundance of furniture, the presence of crystal shake topping on the shelves or on the walls and carpets on the floor.Picture living in a modern style that we see in glossy magazines, demonstrate that today, designers recommend refuse to bulky and heavy structures, massive furniture and other things, employees, by and large, to collect dust.

Requirements for modern living

First of all, let us remember that this is a bathroom.This free space, full of light and air.Modern living presuppose only all the necessary for the ho

lidays.Many design experts are quite sure that there is no need doors, massive and bulky furniture appropriate to replace light shelves and carpets on the walls changed to modern and high quality covering - wallpaper, paneling, plaster, paint.

White lounge - stylish classical design

modern living (photo you can see in this article) should not only make the main room of the house beautiful, but also add to her lightness, airiness.This task copes white.He is able to visually expand the room and one or two additional colors will help zoned space and - at the request of the owners - to focus on some of the decorative items.

If the white combined with any pleasant shade of your eye, you get a perfect interior, but in its pure form is rarely mentioned color allows for comfort in the room.For a harmonious combination was selected shade must be repeated in furniture, textiles, accessories.For the combination can be used:

  • not Mark and practical colors - chocolate, black, dark blue, dark green;
  • spectacular and stylish - the color of bronze, metallic, gold leaf;
  • bright and fresh - pale blue, green, lilac;
  • rich - yellow, red, emerald green.

original solutions

create an original design of modern living on the shoulder not to everyone - it requires a certain amount of experience and expertise.Many people try (and quite successfully) to do the job yourself.In this they were helped by various directories and magazines that publish original photo living.The interior, designed in a contemporary style, there are a lot of subtleties to learn that will help our article.

to your living room has become a really exclusive, you can use the following methods:

  • use pictures or wallpapers.Particularly impressive look black and white panels or urban landscapes in the style of 3D;
  • purchase through an aquarium or a set of false window, supplemented fresco;
  • equip niche TV in recreation;
  • put a decorative fireplace;
  • make unusual shape and design ceilings.

panoramic windows

special luxury and charm different modern living room, with views of the city.This can be achieved by using high-to-ceiling windows.Transparent windows let in all the freshness of the living room in the morning, the brightness of a sunny day in the evening twilight and mystery, painting interior in new colors.

modern furniture in the living room

no doubt give the room an original stylish designer furniture, but it is not cheap, and therefore not available to everyone.But do not despair.The main thing that it was functional and comfortable furniture.Living in a modern style, and requires a large sofa, roomy but not bulky rack, comfortable chairs.

modern furniture in the living room does not have to be elaborate, extravagant.It is better to give preference to simple geometric shapes.At the same time, it is desirable to pick up or make to order 1-2 original furnishings - an unusual coffee table, cabinet or shelving an interesting non-traditional shapes.It should be remembered that the modern living room furniture categorically rejects any promises to the old days.Modeling, curlicues, gilt - from all of this is to give.If you can not create a truly exclusive thing, it is best to focus on the decoration and textiles.

Quite often, to save space designers recommend not to use chairs and tables, replacing them with numerous pillows.They can sit, lie down, and if the need arises, they can simply be put into the sofa.

In addition, in recent years, is often used frameless furniture.Living in a modern style allows for such an option, but many owners like furniture argue that it very quickly bored.

Zoning space

If the area of ​​the room allows, the room can create a dining area, which will be a great place for entertaining.Modern living - universal premises.They do not have strict limits and framework.If the room has a bay window, it is appropriate to organize a mini-garden or office.


Photo modern living that we put in this article show that the coverage of such facilities should be multilevel and multifaceted.This means that a ceiling chandelier insufficient.It takes light functional areas.

creating the design of modern living, we should remember that the once popular placer spotlights on the ceiling is already out of fashion.It is much more appropriate to an interesting pendant chandelier.You can use the lights along the perimeter, especially if you want to emphasize the originality of the suspended ceiling.

design allows you to install modern living room lamp original form - from the interior of your recreation area will benefit.


Photo living in a modern style, which often publish publications on design, demonstrate that these facilities do not need a lot of textiles.

Strongly recommended for carpets on the walls.Permissible to lay a covering on the floor.However, if the room put a beautiful parquet floor, the carpet without quite possible to do.On the walls of the much more appropriate to hang beautiful paintings or photographs in the strict framework, without flourishes "antique".

Designers believe that you can not use the traditional decoration of the windows in a tyuley and curtains.Much more impressive look modern living room curtains - roman, vertical blinds fabric or rope, and so on. D.

When making the room do not try to chase the original in every way.With its one or two unusual items.It need not be expensive furniture or art technology.This can become a highlight of the author's photo collages, stylish watch, interesting lighting and so on. N.

decoration in the style of hi-tech

This room is characterized by adaptability, sculptural form, a complex simplicity.The living room, decorated in the style involves minimum of furniture and accessories.All of the furnishings should be simple in form.The main feature of high-tech style - refined simplicity.The central color of this style is considered to be gray, but can be used accents of bright, flashy colors.


This style is characterized by the rejection of perfectly straight lanes and angles in favor of a smooth, natural lines and shapes.As high-tech modernism favors large and free space.This highlights the exquisite nature of freedom and style.

Primary colors - pastel (a smoky-gray, gray, pale pink, beige).In contrast, you can use green, red, blue tone.

When making a living in a modern style often prefer regular geometric shape.For example, in such a harmonious interior fit expressive round diffusers in the ceiling, large oval vase or a small round coffee table.


modern living room decorated in this style, distinguished by brevity, accuracy, simplicity and expressiveness.

most important when creating such interiors is a well-planned space with an abundance of relaxing ambient light.In this room it seems that covered the walls, the ceiling, There are a lot of air.

furniture and accessories should be few.Do not forget about the importance of lighting - this will help to highlight the ceiling or the floor, sliding glass walls, translucent fabric.Make lamps are not visible, however, their shape should still be simple.Photos of modern living in this style we can help you make the right choice.

And one more important detail: the room must be maintained in neutral colors.Encouraged white, accented with black or gray.

modern living room completely suited to different people - very active and those who most appreciate the comforts of home and comfort.This trend in the design of the room has no age restrictions.The design of modern living room (photo used in this article - another proof) quite easily adapts to the overall style of the apartment.It is for this flexibility it is loved and appreciated designers.Besides modern living can very subtly emphasize your individuality.