Provence style - a room ... in the style of Provence (photo)

Provence - it's not just a province in the southeast of France.It is also delicious, refined and in some simple food, lifestyle, are simply a style that represents the whole country and the era."Rustic chic" is designed for people who harmoniously combine the natural beginning and technological progress.The freshness of style, low-key colors, discreet accessories bring lightness and inspiration in ordinary and dynamic modern life.

style - is not only a tradition

Provence - a "delicious" style, as the interweaving of tradition is reflected in the delights of Provence cuisine, seasoned with spicy spices and serving dishes.All parts of the village interior design decorated with floral like tunes, as if woven by nature.Every little grain, whether framing the fireplace or statuettes in the niche - every little thing will be to breathe and French country style.

subtle vision of nature, masters of flair and preferences of the future owner - the details that make up the success.Interior styled Provence

- is the realization of spectacular scenery, bright sunshine and warm azure salt water.

Simple lines, floral prints, laconic, understated rustic and freshness of French Provence became the personification of an era.


The main features of the style can be considered the presence of wooden furniture, rustic style, floral forms.Forged parts, virtually transparent chandeliers, simple and graceful lines only accentuate the interior bright pastel colors, stylish furniture and Provence design on such a background will look understated finale.Concise details of style and will isolate its characteristic twist.

Due to antique objects, "grandmother" dressers, "worn" wallpaper, floral frame on drapes, wrought iron staircases, recreating the whole picture and the spirit of romance.Romanticism, natural and natural materials create an atmosphere of freshness and relaxation.This room in the style of Provence opens its "embrace" for qualitative and comfortable rest.

clearly thought-out details, embroidered linen napkins, exquisitely decorated with old chairs impressed people.This interior erases the boundaries and inspires unity with nature and green meadows, crystal clear water and birdsong.Curtains "Provence" perfectly complement the integrity of the interior as textiles plays an important role in completing the image of a country.

Every detail in the "natural" style brings your mood, whether forged petals on a stalk sconces or forged fireplace accessories."Village", where a slightly coarse ceramics, linen or cotton textiles with floral "tunes" transform a room in a flowery meadow.A traditional medium-sized strip of upholstery furniture in the style of Provence, in the corresponding design chandeliers set the tone as the interior of a bedroom and living room.

rustic furniture

Provence style can truly be considered environmental style due to natural materials, which are used to make furniture.Cloths, stone and wood are selected for design only the best varieties and breeds.

furniture Provence-style - "antique" - made from walnut, oak or chestnut, then subjected to the aging process, of course, artificially to correct geometric shapes and concise lines of the final product seemed decorated with "noble old age."

color palette

color saturation of the solution is determined by its positive soothing shades of colors.The entire interior is to pacify, to have peace and the resumption of vital energy, so the beige palette, color, spicy lavender, azure sea, a bright sunflower, muted terracotta create a sense of unity with nature and fill the interior of the irrepressible vitality of Provence.

photos posted in the article show the entire vibrance and saturation of colors, but at the same time do not cause irritation and aggression.To be in such a nice room, there is lost all sense of time and reality, and the soul tends to create.

depart from the rules, but to preserve the traditions

In order to make easy the dissonance, but to preserve the traditions, you can instead use a light-colored walls of muted blue, green or terracotta shades.Such courageous decisions bring certain piquancy and intricacy, but to preserve the purity of style.

«new» palette of the walls or floor should be like water or diluted white paint to the furniture looked bright finale against this background, and the color scheme does not detract from the essence of a complete image, and the basic elements of design.

Characteristic features of the interior - rich colors, kissed by the sun, creating a picture of the print time.Thus, a room in the style of Provence if hangs in space, representing nowadays the essence of life of the XIX century.

modern interpretation of style

Today, you can recreate the style of Provence, relying not only on some traditions, but also on the individual preferences of the future owner of the house.Thanks to new technologies and opportunities, even in a small room, you can create a masterpiece.

designers try to listen to the wishes of the future owner, tying him to the main trends of fashion and traditional foundations.The combination of incongruous increasingly being implemented in the interior of modern apartments and houses where old parts come to life in the new images.

Living trending

Modern furniture in the interior of the living room in light and pastel shades easily fit into the traditional style of Provence.Photos in the best way shows how to combine tradition and innovation vision.

walls papered in a discreet striped with colors advantageously emphasizes a floral ornament upholstered furniture, curtains and lamps.

holistic way echoes between the individual components of the interior.Serve as a harmonious complement plaster framing paintings and ceiling moldings.

At first glance, cumbersome wooden beams, painted in white and nearly topped wrought-iron accessories, together with weightless chandeliers and delicate floral patterns create the illusion of a village glamor and glitz, "hewn" city.A Provence style chandeliers create a harmony of light and color.Light haze gently envelops the room a pleasant glow.

Flower arrangements curtains wisely combined with a "canvas" on a wall with the same ornaments, which allows properly complement the composition of the room.

This interior is nothing superfluous.Fireplace perfectly accentuate small trees in pots, which creates an additional flavor of a country house in a city apartment.

wooden floor, decorated with a carpet made of natural fibers in pastel tones, the spirit of the French Provence and creates an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

bedroom lilac, lavender meadows

room in the style of Provence, or rather bedroom, stylized "rustic design" should emit light, warmth and tenderness.Color tunes bedroom, rather reminiscent of lavender meadows, cool sea breeze and fragrant olive groves.

in shielding the purple blanket and drowning in a sea of ​​pillows, you plunge into the serenity, pleasure and beauty.Such an atmosphere of peace and bliss creates a natural textile that can be selected as the with floral patterns and stripes in traditional or discreet cell.

The walls should be decorated with magnificent paintings of flowers and landscapes, as the style of Provence includes a rustic flavor, not stiffness English lords.

Curtains Provence-style in this example can serve as a basis for interesting solutions and become a lavender accessory without unnecessary drapery and folds.The same principles and peculiar decoration box, which can be either made of wood, and forged.

walls, the ceiling, the floor must be made only from natural materials - a wooden walls and beams, plain paper wallpaper and plaster, flooring or board.

furniture in the bedroom - the main "character".It stands on the main specified background.It is often bulky and robust.

bedroom lighting for traditional Provencal style.Chandeliers one of its kind reminiscent of the times of kings, candleholders, forged lamps, table lamps with floral shades.

kitchen in Provence style

Kitchen - one of the most important rooms in the house, because this is where people spend enough time to wish "good morning", "good appetite" to their loved ones, to discuss some important issues, meet with friendsa cup of "teatime" and not only.

Designed in the style of Provence, displayed in the interior of the kitchen should have a coziness, comfort and "tasty" mood.

One of the components of the kitchen in the style of Provence - natural wood furniture and pastel tones nekrichaschih, which will be decorated with wrought-iron details, kitchen utensils, floral fabrics and "weightless" chandelier.The kitchen set should include cabinets with glass doors or niches where harmoniously will look tableware with a floral print or crystal wine glasses.

When oversized layouts, you can use a kitchen island stylized Provence.

for flooring in the kitchen area used tiles, natural wood planks or parquet.Color solution floor - deep colors: olive-green, terracotta, muted brown.All colors should be slightly blurred, so you can create the effect of antiquity.

bathroom in the style of Provence - rustic chic

spacious room made in bright colors, sparkles with warmth and bright colors.For the walls in the bathroom are used tiles and waterproof plasters.The walls are decorated with paintings or small niches where you can place the beautiful statues in the Provencal style.

Special chic style of Provence, displayed in the interior of the bathroom, will be a large window that visually expand the space and erase the boundaries between life and nature.

Bath mostly installed on fishnet legs against the wall and serves as the main accessory of all design.Provence - it's not just the color scheme of style, but also the small details: from the handle to the window to the shape of the tiles on the floor.

water tap is made of metal, which can be performed under copper or steel.Shower handle can dispose of plastic inserts with floral patterns.All the details of the interior should complement each other, so that the overall result was created a complete image.

Metamorphoses natural exoticism and the Côte d'Azur embodied in the design in the style of Provence back in the XIX century, who first conquered all of Europe and then the world.