American interiors.

American style in the interior of the apartment or private home often includes a concise bourgeois.Classic interior fills the whole atmosphere of the house some elegant twist.Low-key, accented accessories and parts, embodies the impeccable taste of the apartment owner.Grandeur and scale designs embody the interiors of American homes.Photo proof.

At first glance you might think that a classic interior created for the "powers that be," or, in other words, for the elite.But this is not the case, since the American classics in the interior is not only concise, but also identifies the democratic attitudes and flexibility in the design as a whole.Not flashy, but multi-faceted features of the American interior can bring in their house or apartment, anyone who tends to minimalism, diluted impeccable accessories and paintings, laconic décor and nekrichaschimi tones with splashes of bright spots.

American Interiors: where they came from

America - a country not only of great opportunities, as many say, b

ut multicultural country, which is its color and tradition encompasses many peoples, so to say for sure, should look like the American interior, hereso just can not.

migration of many nationalities, traditions, religions and cultures from different continents for thousands of years made its adjustments and features eclectic American-style interior.

Because the first settlers were prudish British American trends were significantly different from other styles of respectability, sophistication, simplicity, functionality and unpretentiousness.

main features of the style

Interior American home is characterized by imitation or imitation of expensive materials, combining several zones in one common space, zoning areas by partitions, niches, lighting and accessories, as well as massive furniture, located mainly in the center of the room.

Imitation expensive

The interior of the country house or apartment is very common spectacular imitation of expensive and high-quality material.This style is obtained by materials that resemble the natural appearance.American interior of the apartment often includes wall panels, which at first glance appear wooden, but in fact a fashionable decor is mainly made of MDF.And materials such as noble marble or natural stone, and at all uncommon in the American interior.

total space and zoning

American Classics in the interior is famous for its arches and niches that "liquefy" the space.In addition to the arch design is distinguished by its psevdoperegorodkami which, in turn, creates a visual illusion.By such a practical reception occurs spatial separation of one zone from another.In such zones can store belongings and place various interior items.The example of the interior in the American style emphasizes the compactness of the overall space and magnificent zoning in a separate corner of the house.This element can be split-system or video equipment that can be placed in a niche.In turn, the dressing room will successfully coexist with walk-in closet, as it were "hiding" behind his doors.

Very often, the concept of "American interior" means the absence of all limits and edges, which is expressed in the union of space in a common area.Thus, for example, may not be walls between the living room and kitchen area, creating the illusion of infinite space, where you can enjoy socializing with friends, not looking up from the preparation of culinary delights.Another striking example would be a joint space between the living room and hallway.The American interior of the apartment "joins" one big space where, opening the front door, you will immediately find yourself in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.This method is specially created for you and by you.

Production of light and furniture

in the living room can be found catchy ceiling chandelier chic frame that in the interior of American homes and apartments - regularity.Since this bright accessory speaks not only about the greatness of style, but also about the solemnity of the recreation area.It accepted it is in the living room to celebrate all significant events of the family, whether it's a birthday or a successful completion of the school year.The living room is a tradition and represents the entire American interior design as a whole, as this is a recreation area the whole family.

living room as the rest of the area houses or apartments, equipped with a combined light.For this purpose, and floor lamps, sconces, decorative lamp in the form of bronze statues, as well as many types of desktop lighting that creates the necessary environment, stylized American interiors.

addition to the desired atmosphere, a certain elegance and solemnity of lighting equipment using correctly put lighting can solve some of the problems with the zoning of the room.

Because the area of ​​the apartments in the US mostly impressive size, the owners of such property can safely be used in the improvement of facilities massive upholstered furniture, wardrobes, dressers, tables and chairs.Pieces of furniture are located in the center of the room at a considerable distance from each other.

Interior separate rooms

American interiors in separate rooms may have the overall meaning and to be the epitome of a selected image, and may be disclosed bright and colorful accents of several topics that will merge into a single unit in the living area.

Kitchen Design

In many American homes and apartments kitchen area combined with a living room or dining area.Therefore, during the design and planning, consider the powerful ventilation system and exhaust to, firstly, the delicious flavors do not interfere with or distract, and secondly, the furniture in the living room or dining room infiltrated the smell of food.

furniture "tasty" zones mainly selected from wood, painted in pastel or neutral colors.Mostly furniture in the kitchen area of ​​white or very light shade, which only emphasizes the interior in the American style.Photo below shows the correct geometrical shape and stiffness of the design.

own "kitchen island", which is filled with technical "refinements" and nano-technological equipment, has become the hallmark of all the style and tendency to add new content and kitchen "toys."

Flooring - mostly parquet, laminate or tile.Firstly, such a wear-resistant material, and secondly, it does not absorb odors.This coating easily removed in case of "emergency", thus the interior of the house joins the American practicality.

walls are decorated with panels and cabinets of different shapes and sizes.The dining table is usually replaced by a bar or a corner table, which, in essence, is a continuation of the work surface.

American living

Living the American house or apartment - a springboard for the imagination of the designer.A characteristic feature of the area is considered to be a truly family-friendly large area where using partitions, light and decor, you can create a masterpiece.Nekrichaschaya palette of the walls, floor and ceiling is diluted with vivid detail and accessories, which introduces a dissonance in the American interior.Photos featured in this article demonstrate the mathematical precision and low-key style of the entire image.

furniture in a recreation area always large, quite massive and hearty, made only from natural materials.Upholstered furniture made of natural wood frame with fabric or leather upholstery.In the American living room must present a dresser, a table, a few chairs, and a large sofa and coffee table, as well as the niche where there will be video and audio equipment.

Floor materials - often flooring or tile, as one of the slogans of the American interior - "Practicality, practicality and again practicality!»

Another characteristic of an object can be a fireplace, set in the center of the living room, which for many Americans became the embodimentcomfort and traditional family values.

Restrained gloss bathroom

Another highlight of the interior in the American style, will certainly be a bathroom.This is a "clean room" of considerable size, where you can find everything: the very bathroom and jacuzzi, located at the wall or hidden in the podium, and a lot of necessary and useful.

main surface of the walls laid with tiles or mosaics, other surfaces paneled and painted a special waterproof paint.

unusual solution for the bathroom in the American house will, of course, a window, not common or ventilation, and almost to the floor, decorated shutters.

cozy cradle bedroom

Bedroom - Zone comfortable and intimate vacation.Therefore, the interior of the bedroom should be sufficiently democratic, no-frills, made in muted pastel colors.

for zone "relaxation" can pick up all the same decorative elements and accessories that for the whole style in general.But the distinguishing feature is still there.It is necessary to choose furniture made of wood, preferably dark wood.

bedroom American-style should emit a lot of natural light, so the lighting solution must be properly executed and fit into the American interior.Picture a room clearly demonstrates the selected style.

materials for flooring - wooden planks, laminate or carpet.Near the bed is often put a small rug.The totality of all the details and create an interior of the American home that meets all the requirements and traditions.

As in other areas of the house, in the bedroom you can use lamps, niches, various accessories to create an atmosphere of harmony and spiritual unity.

Design American home as he is

American design of the house - perfectly chosen details that embody the spirit of an independent country in a small space and identify the spiritual unity of the house owner with the outside world.