The original design of the living room of 20 meters

living area of ​​20 square meters.meters is considered to be a suitable basis for the realization of the most daring design ideas.When you first look at such a large room it creates a false impression that interior design did not take long and does not require much effort.However, it is not.The large space must be able to arrange so that it was both comfortable, beautiful and functional, and is not frightened at the same time empty and uninhabited views.

Before you choose a style in which the room will be sustained, it is necessary to study in detail the design of a living room of 20 meters: delineation of the area, the location of furniture, colors, decor, walls and ceilings.

Zoning space

spacious room, each member of the family feels differently: some pleasant free, Razdolnaya situation, and someone on the contrary, uncomfortable and cold.To get rid of the feeling of psychological discomfort, in the interior of large rooms used a method of zoning space.What is the division of the area, and how

the design looks like a living room of 20 meters?This separation space into several functional areas (mini-rooms) in order to save space.Here you can organize and bedroom, and a miniature kitchen and living room.They seem to be separate but are located in the same room and are independent zone.

method of separating the area

  1. Application partitions (fixed or mobile).Zoning single space can be done by installing plasterboard walls or with wooden screens or curtains.The first way is usually made design living room and bedroom of 20 meters, and the second option - if the two zones is added a kitchen or dining room.
  2. «formal" separation space through the use of special materials (contrasting wallpaper, carpets and other floor coverings).
  3. Differentiation room can be made also by attracting light sources.For example, the central zone covered a massive chandelier, and other stand lamps, lamp with shade, built-in LEDs.This method is applicable in the case, if you need to divide the area for rest, sleep and read.
  4. Isolation zones by increasing the height of the floor.This method is suitable for those who want to issue an original design of the kitchen-living room of 20 meters.Zone for cooking in this case is left unchanged, and the dining-living room set up on a special podium.

Choice functional areas depends entirely on the willingness of households.Separate living room area can be not only a dining room, bedroom and kitchen area, and a mini-TV room, running and reading.

Color solution living

Selecting a color palette depends on the personal preferences of the owners of the apartment / house and the style in which the design is maintained living 20 meters.The photo below shows a successful combination.However, regardless of these criteria, there are general rules of selection of shades: room, decorated by dark colors will "put pressure" on the occupants, creating a sensation of cold;colorful paint, prevailing in the interior, make it diverse and tasteless;only whites would be "cut eye", mimicking the environment of the hospital.Gold will be the middle of bright, pastel shades (pearl, beige, coffee, light pink, lavender).Involvement of the bright contrasts in the face cushions, paintings, photographs, curtains and statues add living enthusiasm, freshness and spirit.


living 20 meters, the design of which has to be a comfortable and non-trivial, requires competent engaging game play of light.Standard, win-win situation - a classic, crystal chandelier and lamp with shade in the writing or the coffee table.Ideal fit into the idea of ​​a room and other modern versions: a floor lamp and spotlights, spot lamps in different corners of the room, the usual central chandelier and beautiful lights.What would you light sources are staying, try to make a living uniform lighting.

Selecting styles

Under a stylistic direction can be framed living room 20 meters?Interior design can be different, except, perhaps, the grand Baroque and Rococo, the majestic art deco, emphasized bad taste and kitsch royal empire.Perfect fit in the average size of the room the following options:

  • Lovely rustic comfort in the heart of the concept of country.Wood texture, furniture made of natural materials, bouquets of herbs and plants, lace and painted textiles.
  • High-tech high-tech.The latest technology, graphic quality lines, maximum functionality, plenty of contrasts become relevant situation spacious hall.
  • Modern design living room of 20 meters, which requires maximum air of freedom and light.The minimum number of decorative accessories, the realm of practicality, spaciousness and strict geometry.
  • Aristocratic classic.The decoration of the living room in this style involves attraction to expensive natural materials, symmetrical forms, massive furniture, warm colors and luxurious fabrics.
  • refined ethnic style.Oriental design concept is characterized by a minimal amount of furniture, an abundance of decorative elements, the predominance of space and reflecting surfaces, exciting play of light and shadow.

In conclusion

Soaking design living room of 20 meters under the strict canons of selected stylistic flow is optional.After all, you do not need a luxurious room, as if descended from the cover of the magazine, but uncomfortable and inhospitable?Create the interior that matches your internal content, mood and lifestyle.Feel free to mix styles and design ideas, to output an original and interesting design.