Living room of 18 meters: the interior.

living room of 18 meters, the interior of which involves a visual extension of the space, it is a typical layout of many houses built in the years of socialism.A small area of ​​the room does not allow to roam imagination.However, this does not mean that it is impossible to create a beautiful and functional design.Increase the space as a possible interior with the help of special "stuff" and radical methods - the demolition of walls and rooms merger.

Choose colors

Interior living 18 meters (photo examples presented below), experts advise to make out in the light, muted colors, adding accents from saturated, but not flashy colors.Preference bright colors in the design of miniature rooms is given by chance.Sleep will be able to "blur" the boundaries of space, save the feeling of crushing walls and give the room a visual expanse.Mitigate the dominance of pastel palette (milk, lavender, pearl, cream, peach) will intervene darker shades, such as wood.Furniture for such interior is chosen based on the s

elected color solutions.While accessories are allowed to break the subdued design living 18 meters (photo proof).They can be painted in bright, colorful tones.

We save meters

basic idea of ​​a small living room - minimalist plus functionality.This means that the room should be furnished as it is possible more austere and only really necessary items.Excellent fit in the limited area of ​​the living room-tech hi-tech and cost-Japanese style.If there is no unnecessary furniture and accessories suitable concise and classic.

to living 18 square.m looked much more add to the interior mirror.Lots of mirrors.And the greater will be their surface, the more it played out an illusion of spaciousness.To save precious meters, refuse swing doors, replacing them sliding.Another trick in the treasury of visual expansion - light, airy curtains, large pictures, wallpaper with vertical stripes.

delineates space

divide the space into several zones, you will easily be able to win in meters and achieve maximum functionality premises.Often, when it should be at least three:

  • area of ​​mental and physical relaxation.As the name and purpose of this part of the room should be furnished with sofas, coffee table, shelves, TV.Living room of 18 meters, the interior of which implies a place to rest, features for viewing TV programs, reading books over a cup of tea after a hard day's work.
  • Guest area.This part of the room needs to be a much larger area than the above-named, and is a place for the reception.Here is placed a table with chairs or sofas miniature.
  • office.People are creative and workers at home, can be arranged within the living area of ​​business, which will stand the computer desk, shelves for working accessories.Creating a working area - ideal for apartments, the area which does not provide the possibility to equip a separate room.

Proper zoning area will make a cozy and spacious, even a significantly problematic room like a living room of 18 meters.The interior will not seem too cluttered, and the owners will get comfortable accommodation.

arranged the furniture

possible to place 18 meters away with all the necessary furniture?Designers say "yes."Limit the minimum amount of its sofa, bookcase, TV, desk and chairs.Say "no" unwieldy structures and massive walls.Prefer light of case furniture, low cabinets and open shelves.It does not clutter the space is narrow glass shelves.

Remember that living room (photo 18-meter room is shown below) - no storage of things, the "face" of the entire apartment.Therefore, its design would have to be aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated.
situation of a large sofa and two chairs, fashionable in the Soviet era furniture wall, the TV in the middle of the room has long been left out of design art, replaced by a much more lightweight, but at the same time functional variants.Save meters and bring to the interior surface of the glass to help ease and accessories made of glass: tables, chairs, shelves on the wall, the door to the cabinet.

Determine the

Lighting Lighting is a key point, which is based on the design of a living room of 18 meters.Photo illustrates how can transform the interior of well-chosen sources of light.If you decide to delineate the space into several zones, you should consider the lighting in each of them.Do not limit a single chandelier.A good solution would be placing point LEDs or lamps.

In the living room, obeying a single style, welcome compact devices, flat ceiling, ceiling lights, miniature chandeliers - both individually and in an interesting alliance.Strongly Avoid pompous, massive chandeliers.They "eat" and without that small area and create a sense of closeness.

Lounge (photo) 18 meters and decorations

Contents can be a tiny room in the style of Provence.In this case, decorative accessories will air a natural textiles (linen, cotton), furniture with a glossy surface, stylized antique, porcelain figurines, woven baskets, bouquets of wildflowers.The choice in favor of classic turn gravity to photos on the walls, mirrors, panels, crystal chandeliers and sconces, soft carpets, subtle, elegant lines.A real comfort room to add a miniature fireplace.Reflecting the ethnic style will become a living primitive forms and natural shades.Simple, even a little coarse furniture, colorful paintings, textiles with animal prints, rugs and blinds - you can focus on Africa, China, Japan or India or recreate an exciting mix of cultures.

little design savvy, skillful use of gimmicks and tricks - and a living room of 18 meters, the interior of which at first seemed to be difficult to transform the surprise of all the spirit of freedom and expanse, beauty and aesthetic environment, a combination of minimalism and functionality.