Interesting ideas for small bedroom.

bedroom home owners perceived as one of the most comfortable places.Here we are smack in the sweet embrace of sleep, dreaming, staring at the dark ceiling, experiencing the hottest events of his personal life.Therefore, an appropriate design of this temple of Morpheus becomes almost vital task aimed at the formation of a special atmosphere, as if moved to a different reality.But what if in the bedroom even nowhere to turn, not to mention filling it with luxury furnishings?Do not panic!In fact there is a design and art, designed the room to add extra meters.

Interior ideas for small bedroom are based on the rules of visual "stretching" of space with serene color palette, reflecting surfaces, compact furniture and many other design tricks.

miniature furniture

dominant position in any bedroom takes usually bed.Therefore, the choice of furniture in the first bed of purchase, and after - tables, wardrobes, dressing table and ottomans.For tiny bedrooms designers recommend such options for sleep as:

  • Podium bed. as great ideas for small bedroom deliver lounger on a small podium.Last help to effectively solve the problem of lack of space, serving as an additional means for storing bedding and clothing.
  • Integrated bed. this ultramodern and designed specifically for the small bedroom option has its pros and cons.Having fulfilled their responsibilities, closet-bed "deleted" in the niche, freeing up a lot of space.However, it is a cheap box, and create a department for quite troublesome.
  • Japanese bed without legs. Very small bedroom with a bed without the usual lower legs will get a visual space and freedom, having caught besides the additional area over the stove bench, where you can put shelves or pictures.
  • Bed "upper tier» - excellent interior solution for young people who have no family, and high ceilings.Under very tall sunbed area can arrange for storage of personal belongings, desk, wardrobe.
  • small sofa. prefer this not very comfortable piece of furniture can be used only if you have a small bedroom.Designed in the Khrushchev, for example, suggests the presence of a sofa bed, which will cope with the shortage of space, providing also available to owners of domestic box which in most cases equipped with this kind of furniture.

competent to equip the bedroom baby-use multi-function furniture, built-in drawers and cabinets, high (floor to ceiling) cabinets, dual-use items.Not be discounted and the upper area, using it for all kinds of shelves, decoration, mirrors.Doors sliding do better - this step will help to win a few precious meters.

«Sly 'ideas for small bedroom, photos and valuable advice

The most important condition of the tiny space - is the lack of clutter.Scattered anywhere things, books, clothes, children's toys exacerbate the already urgent problem of lack of space.Limit the amount of furniture and accessories, leaving only the truly necessary items.Minimizing the details will help you to clear some space.One of the options will be functional wardrobe to match the walls or with glass doors.This method will facilitate the visual expansion of the room.In the same vein, select Suspended glass shelves, racks and shelves for books and accessories, wicker baskets and a beautiful box for things.

design is very small bedroom should be designed carefully and sensibly.The slightest mistake can lead to the fact that the interior will be tasteless and overloaded, and was originally a tiny area will seem even smaller.


win the fight for space will bedchamber bright color palette.And it's not just the snow-white shades, and beige, vanilla, olive, light blue, dairy, wood tones.The color scheme of this kind performs two tasks: pushing the boundaries of bedrooms and gives the interior respectability and aristocratic.Admitted and dark or bright colors."Invite" them in the interior can be as decorative accessories: paintings, frames, textiles, ornaments, lighting objects.

Design ideas for small bedroom at the same time can be very different: the romantic classic, functional, modern, colorful ethnic, cozy country.The only thing, perhaps "veto" - high-tech.Innovative technologies are not the place where the person is at rest from the bustle of modern life.


concept-bedroom babe says, more light!Despite the fact that this room is designed for rest and sleep, it has to be brightly lit from the ceiling, while closer to the floor light can dissipate.The soft, subdued lighting create lamps with shades, sconces, lamps with fabric shades and caps of frosted glass.To visually pushing the boundaries premises used as hidden sources of illumination, built-in furniture or ceiling.Avoid direct light and projecting lamps.

Design ceiling

make the design very small bedrooms are cozy and spacious design of the ceiling will help to correct.You will have to give up pomp stucco, wide moldings with intricate ornaments and magnificent multi-tiered ceiling.All of these classic items to encroach on the already small space.Refuse and have from the massive chandeliers, replacing it with compact lamps, has the function of adjusting the light.The best option would be suspended ceiling with bright shiny surface that reflects light, thereby expanding the tiny room.

Textiles and decorations

If you decide to perform the design of a small bedroom with his hands, with caution approach the selection of textiles.The ideal option is Roman blinds or air lace curtains.As for the décor items, there is the principle of minimalism.Try not to overload the interior superfluous elements - only the necessary and most functional things.This concept should not be to focus attention on them, but on the contrary, to try to make them discreet, invisible.Home decorative essence of the idea for a small bedroom - no massive and cumbersome bulk.

TV for the bedchamber is better to choose a plasma - this model does not take much space and will resemble a normal picture.

Magic Mirrors

One of the easiest ways to increase the space - to use in the design of the mirror.A large number of mirrors and reflective surfaces will be able to magically transform a room, expanding it in half to two times.However, this design trick will not work superstitious people, as well as fans of the canons of Feng Shui.If you are free from superstitions, feel free to use this method as a "cunning" design ideas small bedroom.

Wallpapers for walls

pep bedroom will use the original wallpaper.The walls of a small room at the same time it is better not hang identical "clothing" and choose two kinds of wallpaper, in harmony with each other color.And that's not the whole arsenal of tricks.Wallpaper with vertical stripes dramatically push the boundaries of space due to the fact that the view at the entrance will not help to address the ceiling.This trick is ideal if you are too small bedroom.Designed in Khrushchev almost always developed in a similar way.Double the effect of one of the walls will fully decorate "a mirror."The idea is realistic only if the glazed balcony.

design small bedroom with a balcony is of two kinds:

  • use balconies as an additional area - the continuation of the bedroom;
  • room with an adjacent part is a single space.

In the first case, on the balcony you can put a tiny sofa and coffee table by building a recreation area or shelving for books.The main requirement is that the interior of the lodge was a continuation of the design bedrooms, subordinated to a single style, and not discordant with him.In the second case, you have to take care of part of the adjacent insulation and removal of windows and balcony doors.Remove the load-bearing walls and move the battery to the balcony should not - for safety of the house.The second option is for those who do well, very small bedroom.

balcony can be turned into a cozy terrace, office (if it is located on the north or west side), the library (for those who like to check out).You can organize here and sleeper couch and putting narrow dressing room, equipped area cupboards.

Contrary to popular belief, a tiny bathroom - it is not a sentence.Choosing the right furniture, lights, colors, textiles and decor will add a minimum room space and freedom.We hope that now you will be able to design small bedroom with his hands.Do not hesitate to resort to the tricks and tactics of indoor, to make a zone of rest and sleep most pleasant area in the house.