Pasting of walls by different wallpaper.

use of wallpaper with different stains and patterns helps create a certain mood in people who are in the room.That way it is possible to issue an extraordinary room in the style corresponding to one of the previous eras, which is very modern today.

Why combine different when you can buy the same

Pasting wallpaper the walls different - the idea is not new.However, in the old days, this method updates the walls was rather forced than design solution.Also just a whim, there are more serious reasons for choosing this option.

  • highlight certain areas other pattern or shade you can divert attention from some portion of the wall or ceiling.The noticeable brighter coverage in the main zone, the more it attracts and focuses on glances.
  • Visually divide the room with light and color, it's easy to zone, even small rooms.
  • experimenting with the direction of the drawing and layout pasted strips, change the design of the room.Wallpaper help create the effect of an extended or elongated space.
  • Quite often another fireplace trim isolated area, sitting area or a home art gallery.

fragments of wallpaper, placed in a large frame, often used to decorate the walls with a contrasting color or companion.

Where used combine

Pasting of walls by different wallpaper available in a variety of areas:

  • bedroom and child;
  • in the kitchen and living room;
  • loft and hallway.

The main condition is a harmonious blend of color and pattern wallpaper with decorative elements and the overall style and the appointment of the room.

Skins bedrooms

combination of wallpaper in the room for sleep and rest involves creative and very cautious approach to the choice of the leading colors, patterns and distribution of accents in the room.Designers use two basic approaches to the design of bedrooms: Scandinavian and using wallpaper companion.

In the first case the paste over the wall in such a way to draw attention to that, which is the head of the bed.The surface of the "push" to the fore more vivid, bright colors.You can select it in whole or in fragments, with skirting, rails and other design tricks.To increase the visual height of the room, you can paste over the same wallpaper and the wall adjacent to the selected part of the ceiling.This technique is say, when a Scandinavian design bedrooms.Wallpapers Make the selected portion of the wall above.

Using the second option, the same wallpaper decorate the opposing wall.The selected color should go well and in harmony with each other, for example:

  • strip discreet and beautiful flowers;
  • one color and different patterns;
  • different shades and identical ornaments;
  • monochrome and multicolor.

It is worth noting that the wallpaper for such design solutions better to choose the same invoice.

How not to be mistaken with a touch

Pasting wallpaper the walls suggests different sound approach to the effects of color on people.According to the recommendations of psychologists, it is not necessary to make out of the room in bright purple tones.This color can push people to the breakdown of relationships.Bright red and orange hues are the causative agent for the nervous system and can cause conflicts in the family.Bright hues usually decorate the living room, a room for dancing, are used in the dining room.The combination of blue wallpaper, green, gray, brown and beige tones promote maximum relaxation and proper rest, so ideal for the bedroom.

on options for combining

  • good visual effect can be achieved when using the vertical alternation of different bands wallpaper with a sequence of 1 and 2 or 1 and 1.
  • Making room design, wallpaper often placed horizontally: inbottom walls adhered one at the top - the other.Place the transition from one color to another or share the plastic cork panels, moldings, friezes, wooden slats.Bottom dark place, and on top - bright wallpaper.
  • use the main cover inserts of different shapes and sizes of thick non-woven wallpaper creates unusual classic design.The edges of the inserts are masked by the frame or rack.This option is perfect decoration for living rooms and public premises.
  • very popular today, wall paintings, executed on the same surface in the form of photo wallpapers.The remaining walls paste over self-colored wallpaper, selected in accordance with the shades of the plot.For this option, it is important to think in advance room lighting, furniture arrangement, color of "companions."

few more ways

  • Pasting of walls and different wallpaper available when I want to highlight a few areas in the same room.Wall near the desktop can have a shade behind the sofa - the other in the game corner - the third.
  • look pretty fun cut into equal squares of multicolored stripes.Subsequent pasting walls different wallpaper (photos, unfortunately, did not survive) is performed as follows: received squares attached to the wall with one corner pointing downwards (diamonds).Rows of different patterns and colors alternate in a certain order.It turns out a kind of mosaic pattern of colored lozenges.
  • in a room with complex spatial geometry, with an abundance of niches and ledges, use the shadow contrast.With white wall niche can be dark gray.The projection on the wall of blue looks great in the peach version.In addition, one-color wall niche can be identified in a small flowered wallpaper.

Images geometric shapes balanced contrasting colored wallpaper or near colors.Wood patterns perfectly with floral motifs.Vertical contrasting stripes usually glued butt.To create a more pronounced compounds may stunt one of the sides of the entire length of the roll cut large waves.This joint is perfectly satisfied when working with thin conventional wallpaper and looks very decorative walls.