Interior with his hands: what to look for, following the idea?

Many people like to freshen the interior of your home bright, unexpected and cozy accessories, do it yourself.Decor and interior, be it an unusual lamp, custom pillows or stained glass elements on furniture, always attract the gaze guest.

it always "decoration" graces?

Often stimulus "push" for the manufacture of a thing for the house, a beautiful picture in a magazine or girlfriend admiring the story, saying that she had seen a taco-th, that ah!What can serve as an engine for action after such praise anyone?For example, the desire to prove to himself and his environment that "is not that hard - and I can do that."

Unfortunately, sometimes a gust turns not improved appearance of the building when the interior decorations for the house becomes a work of art, harmoniously fitting into a common space and a such a "thorn" in the table or on the wall.

Avoiding "designer" incidents?

There are a few simple rules, following which, the objects of interior, the created their own hands, will become a true

"highlight" of the room, giving the surrounding pleasant emotions.What are these tips?

  • Do not flaunt it all works, regardless of their quality.The exception applies only to children's crafts.An interesting solution would be a showcase shelf in the living room a certain place where you can easily replace podnadoevshy sample of creativity in the more perfect.
  • too many unnecessary details, disparate meaning, can ruin any nice room.Is nice to be in the room, similar to a warehouse?
  • designers are not advised to use a large number of compositions with artificial flowers.It is not considered an indicator of comfort, but rather the situation of vulgarity.In addition, such things are homemade "dust collector".
  • said that "there is not a lot of pillows."However, it should take into account the color matching soft sofas inhabitants general coloring and style of the room.Besides sitting on the couch made, rather than storing blankets and pillows.

Yielding to rush to make a basket or vase, a lamp or a stained-glass window is pre-defined with a place in the home space, which will occupy the interior.His hands make a masterpiece is not easy.But simple, cute little things always cheer up even during the manufacturing process.

Where to get a good idea or a "Eureka!»

How to refresh furnishing, add some detail to live with pleasure?Here are a few simple changes in space.If you apply these ideas, even the usual decoration and interior will look like something new.

  • Looking around yourself, you will notice that some of the bottles on the table with the amenities you can put in a glass vase or a homemade fruit.This technique allows you to create three-dimensional perception of space.
  • like to decorate flower pots?If you put them in growing plants on uneven asymmetrical stand or stools can get great garden right in the room.
  • very popular to use in creative ways outdated interior.The hands can change the look of a table lamp, by issuing a new lampshade.Decorated with colored ribbons, tie a hook covered with silk fabric frame from old lamp - and, behold, your eyes are happy soul sings, friends are surprised.

Homemade Stained Glass

represents one of the original ways to transform your space: paintings on glass, stained-glass windows.It may seem that the work on the glass is only available to people with artistic abilities.However, experience shows that this statement is far from the truth.There are several methods available to modify the clear glass painted with.

first of them - everyone knows that self-adhesive film.Fragment cut from a template, easily pasted and chandeliers, cabinets and doors and window elements.Color self-adhesive should be selected with taste and consistent with the overall style of the room.

second opportunity to decorate stained glass interior objects with their own hands is to use special inks on the glass, which can be found among the stationery for children.Stenciled on attached to a set of plastic film a drawing.After a short pour colored liquid surface forms a solid transparent film layer on the substrate.Figure removed and applied to the resulting fragment to the correct place on the glass or shade.

How to knit a picture?

Those who are interested in knitting napkins might like the following: knitted wall panels.The method is quite simple.We need to take a beautiful crocheted or spokes on a napkin and put it between two glasses of the same size.The resulting package insert Baguette frame.The resulting picture is perfectly illustrated by the mistress of passion from an unexpected quarter.And the guests, friends and family will be surprised to exclaim: "How beautiful!Interior with his hands!Photos will show their works?Do this and I please! »