Design ideas for the kitchen.

In this room, we spend most of their time: bustling at the plate, eat, socialize, sip tea with jam, potchuya guests.The kitchen becomes the center of our family events, a cozy corner, a kingdom of delicious smells and delicious dinners.That is why its design we come with an enviable thoroughness and tediousness, looking through hundreds of magazines and sorting various design ideas for the kitchen.But time is running out and the idea still can not become a reality, because each member of the family stands up for his own version.What to do?We offer dive with us into the vortex of the most interesting interior design ideas for the kitchen, that will determine the final design.

balance of beauty and functionality

culmination of any repair is to achieve a balance in which the room will be in harmony, and beautiful design, and functionality.Provide aesthetic appeal of the kitchen accessories, wall decor and ceiling, good lighting, and convenience - the correct location utensils and household appliances.I

n the kitchen design is influenced by its dimensions.The small room filled with all the necessary household items, is hardly appealing.You'll stumble every minute of furniture and to think about how something might offend.A large, half-empty but the kitchen room also did not cause excitement and you will seem uninhabited.For this and come up with various design tricks that can make any room comfortable and beautiful.

Different styles of kitchen design

Classic, modern, high-tech country, ethno - for every stylistic poses a special magic that can transform a room beyond recognition, to turn disadvantages into advantages, visually expand or reduce the space.We consider these in more detail.

good old classics

Classic style in the interior there are more than a dozen years.He is always in fashion.The style does not suit everyone and welcomes sophisticated creative ideas.Kitchen furniture in this direction is massive, heavy, made exclusively from natural materials.The legs of tables, chairs and headsets or carved, gilded or old decorations.Color solution of the classical interior is held in light or dark version, without the intervention of bright colors.Kitchen Design restrained, moderately modest, without a hint of pretentiousness.Classic style is appropriate only within the walls of a room big enough, so imprison it within a small kitchen is not quite beautifully.


Modern Kitchen choose women, putting in the first place and the convenience of a perfect order.Here, everything is at hand, kitchen utensils are in place and are used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a decoration.Nothing more, design is maximally simplified and stripped of awkwardness.The main features of modernity - a smooth, curved shapes, softened edges, the presence of niches for technology, concave cabinet doors.Modern style involves monochromatic color scheme, the use of glass, metal or plastic, a minimum of decoration and the attraction to a smooth, glossy surface.Modern designed to visually increase the size of the rooms, so it is quite possible to entrust the design of a small kitchen (photo proof).

kitchen in high-tech style

high-tech style - it is a reunion of luxury and wealth of high technology and innovation.In the kitchen, decorated in the style of hi-tech, you will not find the usual tack, wooden spoons and accessories made from natural materials.It is entirely dominated by the latest technology, glass and metal, clean lines, regular shapes.Hi-tech used the most efficient use of space, so his kingdom is no place for superfluous decorative elements, the presence of "beauty."Cool colors, shiny surfaces, local lighting, spotlights, a maximum space - are the main design ideas for the kitchen, designed in a minimalist style.

Country style

Lovely rustic comfort in the kitchen, handicrafts, visual proximity of nature - this is the style of the country who gives city dwellers the opportunity to teleport in rural housing.Light wooden furniture and accessories, ceramics and pottery, dried flowers and bunches of herbs hanging on the walls, vintage tablecloths and painted boards - the atmosphere of the kitchen breathes measured rural life.Country abhors newfangled technology and innovation, but also does not tolerate rude, blatant intervention elements hinterland.It is a cozy, but elegant, natural, but expressive interior serving a reflection of national color.Design ideas for the kitchen, decorated in a country style, based on the canons of natural, looseness and comfort.Therefore, the interior is kept in a very soft, soft colors, terracotta, beige, vanilla, white, pale blue.

Kitchen Japanese style Japanese style

intelligently combines all the elements of the above styles - natural materials, pronounced minimalism, natural lighting.No complicated textures and intricate designs - just simplicity, convenience and functionality.Style is relevant for small apartments, as capable of increasing the size of the room in half to two times.Perfect fit for a design and a small kitchen.Photo illustrates this fact.

Try to choose light furniture unpainted wood, lamps with shades made of rice paper, ikebana, porcelain, statues of gods and geishas.Japanese style does not welcome cluttering the space, but the kitchen has everything, including a newfangled technique, which is cleverly disguised in a spacious headset.

Design ideas for the kitchen combined with living room

tenants "Khrushchev" and small apartments are constantly experiencing discomfort in the tiny kitchen.Having tried all the design tricks visually increase the space, they eventually decided on a radical step - re-planning and integration space.Encroaching on the ownership of the living room, home owners receive one large room, and acts as the kitchen and living room.In this alliance has its pros and cons: you do not run into the kitchen utensils, the wall is no longer under pressure, breathe freely and easily, but on the other hand, living threatens greater degree of moisture and cooking odors.You have to keep in the second half of the perfect order and cleanliness, as well as to establish a powerful hood and the air dryer.Many challenges and deliver design combined kitchen and living area.You will need to fit in one room and furniture, and a TV and desk, and appliances.Furthermore, it is necessary to arrange space for ingestion.

Next complexity is the need for the demolition of the wall.Everyone knows that you can remove only those walls that are not load-bearing, so you will have to re-planning to take care of the documents permitting to carry out similar work.

But the most important is your job is to optimal division of space.Here it is necessary not only to arrange the room properly, subordinating it to a single style, but also to differentiate highlighting functional areas.Will help you develop the interior kitchen islands, bar counters, ceilings, zoned lighting.Try to use in the design of no more than three colors and discard materials contrast with each other.

These are the most interesting design ideas for the kitchen.Photos and illustrations in design magazines seem fascinating and alluring, but in reality should focus on the characteristics of the apartment, and personal preferences.