Fireplace accessories , targeting focus and ease of use to ensure fire safety

Once in the house there was a fire, it would seem, you can sit in a chair and enjoy a welcome rest before the crackling and burning a log.But really need to complete the work, adding to its minutiae.This will require the fireplace accessories, most of which not only facilitates the interaction with the center, but also a necessity.

Before choosing a product, it is recommended to determine the personal needs and capabilities.This is due to the fact that some firms offer practical products, the other - expensive items with elegant lines and made with expensive materials.

Required fireplace accessories (sets)

fireplace kits are often purchased directly from the hearth itself directly.This is due to the fact that they include significant details that will be useful during operation of the heating and / or decorative design.The structure of the classical set includes:

  • Lopatka.It is intended to remove the ashes after burning firewood.Of course, some days it does not accumulate so much to use this th
    ing, but once a week still need to clean the bottom of the fireplace.But experts recommend to clean the hearth before each ignition.
  • poker.You can use it to fix the logs, since on the one hand, they can be completely burned and the heat will not be evenly distributed around the room.
  • Tongs.They will be useful in order to turn the thick wood, and are executed in the form of elongated scissors.
  • brush.It is required to clean the bottom of the flue ash.

Thus, all the accessories for the fireplace, which are part of the classic sets, you need to buy right away, and even before the end of the heating construction design.You should also pay attention to usability, because they will be used quite often.

Appointment accessories

There is no heating structure, which starts or ends work independently.Participation rights in the start or stop necessary.And accessories for stoves and fireplaces can facilitate this.Consequently, primarily their purpose is to provide additional convenience to the consumer.Moreover, directly on the quality of the acquired products will depend on the extent to safely and fully able to use hearth.

additional features that have all, without exception, accessories for the fireplace is decorated.Many copies of a special run producers in specific styles, so you can pick up the product for any room.In addition, some companies are engaged in the implementation of individual orders, but have to pay for the exclusive.


Given that during the use of any required fire wood, then you need to take care of the place where they will be stored.In the market you can buy matching accessories, but not always offered something that will suit the style or, for example, the size.Therefore drovnitsu desirable to make their own hands.In the manufacture of certain rules recommended guided.

Firstly, all the accessories for the fireplace, with his own hands, they are carried out or not, should be portable.It is necessary for convenience, as to clean underneath debris or dust, the need to rearrange items from place to place.Regarding drovnitsy, it is not only intended to contain a small amount of wood, but also carry out their primary storage.Therefore, portability should be its main quality.

Secondly, the need to attach to it two handles make it comfortable to wear.If it happens a large size, then handles are located far from each other.But such carrying of the accessory you need two people.

And, thirdly, drovnitsa should be easy.Given that it stacked on top of the wood, which have quite respectable weight massiveness of the product can deliver some inconveniences.

Forged accessories

forged fireplace accessories, perhaps, are the best.This is due to the fact that they slabovospriimchivy to high temperatures, do not burn, they can be washed any chemical detergent after use.Manufacturers offer several types of accessories.The most popular bars, which are used as protective shields.However, to fully protect the person sitting next to the fireplace, it will not turn.Therefore, they are most often used for decorative purposes.

Equally popular are drovnitsy.Thanks to modern technology of forging is very elegant and stylish accessories provide the objective for the fireplace.Photos with their image will help you choose the most suitable style for instance.Moreover, fine lines and small diameter fences allows you to buy lightweight and compact drovnitsu.

also include forged accessories are often found sets.However, they are less popular, as it is not very convenient to keep the cold metal handle.A more practical solution would be to buy a combined sets, where the handle is made of wood, and the base itself directly - from the metal.


all accessories for the fireplace are designed to ensure ease of use.But there is one that is focused on the safety of people enjoying the warmth and comfort of the hearth.This is the screen.First, if someone wants to stay in the immediate vicinity of the fire, it is unsafe to do so without adequate protection.Second, next to the fireplace can be Fitted with carpet or rug, which ignited when struck by sparks.

screens come in two forms - the one section and the multiple.The second option is more expensive, but it is more functional.It can be placed directly around the fireplace, to protect all that is next to him, from the sparks.The height and width of the screen should be larger than the size of the fire.We should also note that these accessories do not only protect from inflammation, but also from the interior of the soot.

Conclusion Despite the fact that accessories for stoves and fireplaces are a primarily decorative function, as they complement the image of the hearth, we can not underestimate them.It is not recommended to save on these products, even better than they look not quite corresponds to the interior.However, their functionality is related to fire safety, must always be taken into account when buying.Do not buy the accessories that just happen to their liking, you need to meet certain performance requirements.