Landscape Design: alpine slide

Much later there were community gardens, designed for mass leisure promenades and celebrations.And only recently landscaping began to seep into private residences and gardens of our contemporaries.Today, landscape art available to every landlord has a good taste and a visionary.

now popular alpine slide (or a rock garden) gained wide popularity in Europe in the late 19th century.It is a composition made in the free style reminiscent of a mountain landscape.In essence, the alpine slide is an ensemble of different species of stone, and it occupies a central place or one large stone or a few medium-sized boulders.The slopes of the rock garden are settling platforms resembling mountain terraces.They are seated squat variety of shrubs, perennials and annuals.

Unusually look reservoirs, whose shores are decorated with stone compositions in the form of the Alpine hills.The basis of such a composition can be a waterfall that flows slowly on the terrace in the excavation of the reservoir.Beaches can be deco

rated with greenery of the coastal or mountain plants: juniper, phlox, iris, reeds, etc.

Choosing a place for rock garden, you should pay attention to the landscape of the surrounding area.No need to place a stone fence on the background of the composition.Gorka, which imitates natural terrain, will look great on a background of green areas or in shaded forest area.Such a zone can be created easily using a large-sized plants that are planted as a rule, in the winter.Already the following spring, during the growing season, you can proceed to the arrangement of an alpine slide.

Choosing a location for the alpine slide

Today the rock garden can be of various shapes and sizes.Everything rests on the landscape of the land plot and fantasy owners.However, it is right to relate the size of the garden and the future composition of the stone to slide did not look too heavy and bulk.

main factor when choosing a place for the hills - this illumination area.Since the classic rock garden should follow the mountain landscape, it should be noted that alpine plants rather light-requiring.Strong Shadowed will slow their growth and development.

advance should take care of a good drainage system.Alpine plants are accustomed to the poor rocky soil, which dries quickly.Therefore, it is important to take care of so that no stagnant water, destructive mountain plants.

Choice stones alpine slide

choosing stones for alpine composition, better to stay in one or two rocks.Cobblestones should be similar in structure.Therefore it is better to use the purchased materials and not stones collected from the surrounding fields and meadows.You should not skimp on this, because the stones are an important element of the future landscape composition.They should have a nonuniform surface structure and be sufficient.You also need to take into account the environmental characteristics of varieties that will grow on a hill.For example, using limestone, it should be remembered that some plants do not tolerate limestone soil.

space between rocks and plants can decorate the marble, crushed stone or granite chips and shell rock or bark.This will give the finished stone composition and aesthetic appearance.

Choosing plants for the alpine slide

main plants for the classic rock garden are different varieties of herbs and shrubs that grow in mountainous regions: alpine poppy eremurus, edelweiss, saxifrage, Androsace, and others. The natural habitat of growth data of flora located above the forestbelt.Growing up in the home of such plants is quite time consuming and complex process.Therefore, to facilitate the task, you can use varieties that mimic the rock representatives.

dwarf woody plants are an excellent option for green alpine slide bases: black spruce, mountain pine, juniper, rock, etc.Also suitable are certain deciduous varieties: horizontal cotoneaster, dwarf forms of barberry, azalea, rhododendron, and others. Dwarf varieties of bulbous plants can perfectly fit into the overall look of any alpine slide.Planted in small groups crocuses, narcissus and muscari decorate any composition.

can also safely use perennials: phlox styloid, Iberis, thyme, sunflower, Ajuga reptans, low-growing types of bows, erinus, Armero and many others.The list is incredibly diverse.A nedavleko vegetation arrange outdoor furniture: a small table and a few chairs design.Make sure that the upholstery is made of a special outdoor fabric.To choose the right vegetable "community", it is possible to ensure that the alpine garden will bloom and delight owners from early spring to late autumn.

Care rocky garden

All the plants that adorn the alpine slide, you must promptly watered and loosen the soil beneath them.You should also regularly pour the ground under the plant to the root system is laid bare.Otherwise, it can lead to the death of greenery.

to alpine garden always looked neat and fresh, you need to periodically trim overgrown shrubs.Stone composition require frequent weeding.Overgrown weeds not only spoil the beautiful picture of the composition, but also weaken the ornamental plants, hindering their normal growth and development.You also need to make sure that the stones are not settled on the hill, or rock garden quickly lose decorative.If sediment stones yet occurred, it is necessary to restore the initial position of the boulders.

ready for winter, you should take care of nezimostoykih "inhabitants" (perennial crops and conifers) rock garden and how to cover them.Deciduous varieties can safely spend the winter without artificial shelter under a thick layer of snow.