Interior design their own hands: photo ideas

When planning and carrying out the arrangement of the interior must be remembered that this activity requires a thoughtful approach and performed in several stages.

of terms of references

Before you start creating, creating interior design with their own hands, will be very useful to consider, and even better to fix in writing the following points:

  • what is the total area of ​​the dwelling;
  • how many rooms it contains;
  • who lives in the room (including pets);
  • what lifestyle is one of the household, as well as their tastes and preferences;
  • whether there are guests in the house, how often and in what quantities, as the hosts are used to receive and entertain them;
  • what functional areas are assumed to be in the room: how much should be sleeping places, areas for work or study, recreation, play areas, places for cooking and eating, etc .;
  • the condition at the moment is the room that it can be left virtually unchanged, and that it would be desirable to alter;
  • any money you are willing to spend o
    n the improvement of their homes.

The more complete and will be covered in detail each item, the easier it will continue to decide how exactly will you implement the idea of ​​interior design with their own hands.

Planning premises

Make a detailed plan of the premises with an indication of the size of the rooms, the thickness of the walls, windows and doorways, and so on. The more detailed plan would have, the easier it will be to produce a variety of calculations to determine the location of wiring, switches and sockets, zoning plan, arrangement of furniture and so on. d.

Make several copies of the plan, that is. To. They need you in the future.Use one instance of any one type of work.By comparing them, you will be convenient to coordinate their further actions in making repairs.

Of course, you can leave the apartment plan and on the computer, but in this case it is better to print - so a copy will work easier and clearer.

choice of style interior

order for your home to remind chaotic meeting rooms, nice to think a single style for the entire apartment or house.On his choice influenced by many factors:

  • finances that you have for this purpose;
  • possibility of adjusting the space (demolition or creating partitions, moving doors and windows, and so on. N.);
  • availability of sufficient area;
  • tastes and wishes of the people living in the area.

Not to be lost in a variety of styles, it should be borne in mind that they can be divided into three main categories:

  • classic interiors;
  • modern interiors;
  • cozy interiors.

In any case, the choice must take into account the overall style lifestyle and character traits of residents, their hobbies, tastes and preferences.

To make it easier to determine the choice of stylistic solutions, create a "treasury of ideas."This may be a folder to which you will add samples.They will serve as a starting point when you create the interior design with their own hands - a photo from a magazine or print out materials from the Internet and their own sketches and ideas set out in writing.

This collection of ideas will stand you in good stead in the future, when you zateet regular upkeep.

Planning functional areas

Select fresh habitation functional areas will help the material collected and the detailed plan of the apartment that you have made previously.Think about where the zone will be placed for sleep and rest, work and cooking.Provide storage space and other household needs.

If you create the interior design with their hands on a rather limited space, perhaps, some areas will have several functions: for example, in a studio apartment can be combined area for sleeping and sitting area, and a place for a child may include bothbed and desk, and a place to store toys.

search colors

defined in general with the style, layout and zoning of the interior, it's time to think about the colors in which you are going to arrange your interior.

course, the choice of colors depends on the taste of the people living in the room, but here it is necessary to take into account some features of color.So, warm colors help to create a cozy atmosphere, and the cold color palette has a calming effect and relaxing.

It should be borne in mind that the more intense the color, the greater impact on the human psyche it has.For example, a soft orange color will enhance the mood, creating a light and joyful atmosphere in the room.Rich bright orange hue, contrast, would unduly excite the nervous system, in which the room will be difficult to relax and unwind.

The same can be said about the cold colors.Thus, the soft blue color is well suited for the bathroom or bedroom, t. To. A feeling of freshness, coolness and rest.Saturated same dark blue color, being dominant in the interior and create a dark mood and cause depression.

choice of color depends on the magnitude of a particular room.It is known that light colors cold room added "air" and space visually expand it, while warm saturated colors visually make the room more compact.

creating creative interior design with their own hands, you, may want to use bold colors: for example, paint the wall in the same room in different colors, similar in hue but different in tone, or you can create an interesting contrastcombination.

Light planning

no less, and often more important than the choice of colors, which will be decorated interior of the apartment or house layout plays of light sources and their use for solving design problems.

If you create the interior design with their own hands, you must take into account the possibility of a maximum of natural light in each room.In order to strengthen its influence in the interior can be used not only windows, but also mirrors and other reflective surface.The more natural light enters the room, the more spacious it seems.

It is important to take care of the sources of artificial light.In the room there should be a few - each of them carries its own functional tasks: general lighting in a ceiling chandeliers or lamps, mounted in the ceiling, the lighting of working areas, a reading area and crafts and so on. D.

Besides light sources bearing functionload may be provided, and those that operate primarily decorative.It's a different kind of lighting used in cabinets, niches, shelves in the furniture and so on. N.

creating the interior design of the house with his own hands, watch planning arrangement of artificial light sources, think about where you want to place switches and sockets.It is important that they were easy to use for all family members and that they do not pose a potential hazard.

Furnishing premises

choosing setting for the renewed premises should take into account both its functionality and appearance.Furniture should organically fit into the environment, consistent with the style and colors.

planning the placement of furniture in each room, do not forget about such a characterization as ergonomics.So, when planning of the kitchen make sure that the mistress was convenient to use the pieces of furniture and appliances during cooking, place them so as to save her from making unnecessary movements.

This requirement holds true for other areas.When planning the placement of furniture, consider how easy is it to move around the room, using electrical appliances, turn on the lights, and so on. N. Remember that beauty, devoid of functionality is not suitable for everyday life.This rule must be strictly adhered to, if you create the interior design with their own hands.Photo of various types of publications, tips and advice of experts confirm this.

According to current design trends, it is better to give preference to the interiors, not overloaded with pieces of furniture that preserves the feeling of spaciousness and freedom.

Regarding the choice of furniture, then along with modern, valued now and antique interior.If you do not have a such, you can try to master the art cracelures or decoupage.They allow you to create a new design interior with their own hands, and as a result you get really exclusive things, "do" atmosphere of the house.

facilities appliances

modern house is unthinkable without all kinds of devices with which life becomes more enjoyable, easier and more convenient.This and various kitchen appliances, and devices designed to brighten up leisure, and devices necessary for work and study.

Do not forget that various types of machinery should not only be easy to use and functional.Each instrument - is also part of the interior, and is ideal if it is aesthetically correct fit into it.

Choice textile

Textiles in the interior - it is, above all, upholstery and window curtains, but in fact this concept is much broader.This can be attributed, and the bedspreads and cushions and a blanket under which you can curl up on the couch.Tablecloths and small napkins, kitchen towels, pot holders - all included in the concept of textiles.

known that in the interior are no trifles, and should seek to ensure that the textiles used in the decoration of the room, and "play" on the creation of a holistic and harmonious perception of the interior.

It should also be remembered that, creating the interior design of apartments with their own hands, by textile can change the visual perception of a room.For curtains with horizontal stripes visually increase the ceiling height.In addition, even small details are perfect for creating color accents, mitigate or enhance flavor.

Important stuff: accessories

These are small details, without which any most perfectly organized space, a treasury and will look lifeless.Accessories create a "per house", its living environment and are able to talk about the character and habits of the owner.Therefore, the selection and arrangement of their interior should attach particular importance.

Moreover, only by accessories, which is located in their area of ​​the room, you can add character to achieve stylistically neutral room.Often, creating interior design with their own hands, the owner of the apartment or house is limited to bringing a particular atmosphere through a variety of details on the background of the overall design of the traditional rooms.

Originally designed pictures, statues and paintings, lovely heart host trinkets and rukodelki - these lovely highlight of interior design, with his hands lovingly created (probably by the owner), make a dwelling house - a place where people can sit and relax.