Bedroom in oriental style.

East - a delicate matter.That's saying a well-known character of the film of the Soviet period.The room in oriental style are always sophisticated and refined.In this case, we need careful design of many details.


bedroom in eastern style should be functional, and the situation in it - intimate.In order to more fully convey the specifics of this style in a typical Russian apartment, you need to pay special attention to textiles, which figure should be special and distinctive colors.The main area of ​​the Centre of tissue - just sleeping area.It was on the bed is best to use a large covered with a special pattern, and many small pillows.Handy and small drape that can divide the room into two areas (albeit symbolic, and really unable to share bed and wardrobe with dressing table, but this decision is bifurcated and the bedroom visually complement the oriental way).


Sleeper - better if it would be the bed - we put near the wall, which with the help of drywall do not usual decorative

niche, but with a kind of arch.This solution would create associations to the east of the palace, and there will be more space for fixtures that will be established in small recesses.Among other things, you can add drapery that conceals a simple wall with wallpaper.Thanks to her, you can add an easy and fabulous in the bedroom design project.

As stated above, the bed can be decorated with various kinds of blankets with pictures, relevant topics.The main thing that patterns in harmony with each other.Needless to bed may contain not only simple elements.On the contrary, slightly frilly oriental wooden elements are appropriate.This is especially true of such premises, where it is impossible to build the arch due to a small area or a lack of space.

bring to the interior of the bedroom east fabulousness is possible by means of elements for holding the canopy.This course - one of the components of the interior, which immediately causes the desired associations and fits perfectly into the design bedrooms.However, if you use the arch, equipped with lights, and the canopy at the same time in a single design decision, you need to be careful and think through all the details.Otherwise, you can not get a luxurious oriental interior, and the mixed and confusing image of the room.

Ladies Area

In a place like a bedroom in the Oriental style, you can safely create a ladies' cabin, it does not interfere with the overall concept.When choosing furniture, you need to be careful.For example, if you look for a wardrobe, it is not necessary to dwell on the option closet, despite its compactness and functionality.He did not fit into the interior, if the design project bedrooms made in a style completely.If you are still determined to bring into the room a little bit of our time, and especially in the furniture, you should understand that such an interior will not be oriental.It will be called mixed - most often it is minimalist, classic in the eastern style.If you do not know how should look like a bedroom in the Oriental style, photos of interesting design solutions presented in this article will help you understand.


Ladies Area, as mentioned above, has the right to exist in a bedroom in the Oriental style.Near it can be a large mirror, perhaps decorated frame with ornaments and lights in this place must be good, because here the hostess will direct beauty.Chandeliers in the Oriental style will help to complement the interior.

Subject coverage altogether separate.It requires close attention.In order to properly distribute the light, and it is better to accept, it is recommended to place the night time general lighting.Most often, this LED lamp spot light, located on the ceiling around the perimeter.These products are clearly unable to fully illuminate the room.But the dim lighting, they will be the best in the bedroom.Of course, such a decision by the bed on the bedside table is a lamp post.To highlight the part of the premises, which will be a dressing table, you can apply two decisions.LED Strip light up partially mirror.So the hostess could well see themselves in it.And you can set the lamp on the table itself.Its location is very good.In this case, you can adjust and customize the lighting yourself.As you know, you should be all chandeliers in oriental style, so as not to cause resonance in the room.

If you decide to perform in the same style and the living room, it is interesting and a great solution.After all, such a place would be very attractive for visitors.In addition, if a bedroom in the Oriental style often, the living room - a rare phenomenon.Friends and acquaintances will be happy to meet in such a place for all kinds of events and parties.

eastern interior is not easy, it requires a set of solutions, including sophisticated color.Openwork carving, challenging national patterns, plenty of pillows and blankets - are only a small part of the features of this style.


Colours are complicated by the fact that the pastel and bright colors presented in it quite a bit, dominated by bright, bright color.And the audience in this case is a significant advantage, because if in the bedroom in this style is not always possible to use the abundance of bright color, because it is a seating area, the living room in oriental style can be bolder.The main background of the room filled with red and yellow flowers.The decoration is to use gold and copper tones, and furniture can be dark for the most part.Cold, bright colors and little used mainly in accessories.

furniture and walls

should choose furniture for the living room is quite low.This is a characteristic of oriental style.The low sofas, footstools, and sometimes decorative mattress is used for living.The colors used most striking may be spread out a blanket and lots of little pillows.Wooden furniture is usually dark, but do not forget the golden finish details.

walls painted not better in one color, and the rich to make out with the help of wallpaper with golden pattern, they can also be painted, causing ornament.If, however, you choose a tone, it should be bright and warm.For example, orange, brick red.By the way, in the same color can be made and the curtains.Wooden floors mustard color - what you need for living in the eastern style.

in wall niches are often cut fancy shapes, on which there are different solutions and decorative glassware.These grooves neatly trim.With the right light, they look very stylish.Of course in the bedroom should not use such a solution, and in the living room, it would be appropriate.

In the eastern interior is often represented by wrought-iron furniture and the same product.At the legs of chairs and tables can be forged elements, often edged weapons it uses as a decoration on the wall.In the East, this subject is raised in a cult.In the living room on the sofa can also be a canopy with images of openwork forged, covered light transparent fabric.

Textiles Textiles is really part of the interior space in an oriental style.Various colorful fabrics colors and textures should be presented very much from the present heavy brocade to simple cotton and light materials.They are used everywhere, whether in the bedroom or living room oriental style - both on couches and mattresses for guests and for the decoration of furniture and other interior items.Figures catchy, contrasting colors, you can often use the national patterns and gold stripes on the tissues.


It can be gold-plated products, cups, bowls and other tableware, national ceramics - is what is required to be used for a room in oriental style.The living room is it the more shall abound, as in the East are always a variety of accessories not only demonstrate the hospitality of the owner, but also his social status and good financial position.

Conclusion Now that you know what is a living room and a bedroom in the Oriental style.If you want to make the room such that our recommendations will help you.