Spots - a modern fixtures.

In today's world attach great importance to the design and interior of your home, office, and furniture.Therefore, the architects come up with a variety of options.In designing the important role played by lighting.But often it happens that when we consider different variants, we can not determine, because not only are important features of the lamp, but also its quality in the brightening of the room.It would be nice to see this kind of lamp as spot.This article will help to learn in detail many of its advantages and benefits.

What spot

To begin, it is important to know what is the spot.Lamp-spot in the translation from English means "spot".This makes sense, because the spots are called spotlights.So, can create a bright spot, which will help to focus the desired object in the interior.

Spots Wall and ceiling

main advantage of these types of fixtures is that they easily can be placed on walls and ceilings, so they are not only easily cope with their main goal - the lighting, but alsoperfectl

y fit in various types of interior.It is very convenient to use ceiling spots.They are pleasant differ from conventional chandeliers, because when you turn they will burn conventional static light.In contrast to the chandeliers spots thanks to their particular control room lighting can without difficulty to focus in the direction you want.Also, ceiling spotlights great help with this problem, as the low ceilings, because they are able to save space and ceiling space.

Wall spots no less convenient to use.Briefly, the spots - a small diameter lamps, which have a mobile base.As they use no ordinary tread fixtures or lamps.Most often, they help in reading publications or, if necessary, to focus on any element (eg, a picture or a shelf for books).

Spots Interior

In addition to its original use, the spots also can fit perfectly into your interior.And there is a certain room in their use.This can be a stylish office and regular children's room - it does not matter, they can give your room effectively.What about your hobbies?For example, when collecting any belongings or dear to your heart's assortment of cups can be even more focused attention on this by sending spots.It will be a pleasure not only for you but also for your guests.

Due to the fact that there is a huge variety of these devices, you can safely pick up that kind, which will approach the design of your room.The most common metal spots, sometimes made of plastic, but they have a choice of spacious design and colors.And it gives the ability to make unique on the beauty of the interior of your room types.

Installation spots

such an important time, as the installation of spots - a relatively simple version of the mount.So, do not require the services of professionals or the need to be an electrician.This, in turn, will help save your budget.So, it is easy to install spotlights, but it is important to observe the instructions on how to do it correctly and without unpleasant consequences.First of all, it is important to consider the size of the luminaires and the room and the ceiling height.

further important to ensure that a place on the ceiling during installation was chosen in view of the fact that you can effortlessly set these svetilniki.Takzhe important that the length of the wire, which is connected to a device was 20-30centimeters, rather than the length of the installation.

Spots LED

There are many advantages of the use of these types of spots.Firstly, it is very economical among all the others.Secondly, the number of on and off will not affect their reserve.Third, although we can not say that LED lighting is not heated, it is possible to assert with confidence that they are much less heat than other lamps.This means that the LED spotlights a very good option for you.

As we have learned, spots with LED lighting not only can be installed on a completely different surface, they are economical and more durable.As regards the duration of the work, the LED spots can last for decades.So, to sum up the results.The service life of these lamps is 50 times larger than the standard lamps, the power consumption is 11-12 times smaller.Which again confirms the efficiency of LED lamps.

recessed spots

What is the feature of this type of spots?Their characteristic feature is that they are installed directly into the ceiling.Another feature of them is that they can be mounted in an amount that is right for you, and it will look quite elegant.

Spot built as a universal fact, what light it uses.These energy-saving lamps.And in the middle of a period of 10 000 hours, which is very convenient to use.They also stress their modern design and, as already mentioned, they have an excellent ratio Lighting (5 times less energy consumption).This recessed spotlights protect ceilings from the burn-through.

Overhead spot spots

As we already know, recessed spotlights help to avoid many inconveniences and make your room a truly stylish.But what can we say about this kind of spots as overhead?First of all, the fact that they are small in size yet able to provide sufficiently powerful and, in turn, directed stream of light, and if they are also located across the border of the ceiling, it is absolutely able size illuminate the whole portion of space with different accents.And yet, what is the spot?This question can be answered simply.In a nutshell, Spot - lighting is such an attribute, which is able to direct the light wherever the owner wants, thanks to its rotating lower dome.Timely decision becomes consumption overhead point spots for such rooms as the bathroom, nursery, bedroom, living room, as well as public institutions such as bars, hotels, offices, restaurants and so on.Spotlights are in great demand because of its practicality, comfort and variety of styles.

Space expansion

Select the appropriate type of spots will not make you work, because of their huge selection - different types, shapes and colors for interior lighting in any style.More Ceiling spotlights able to make the room more spacious, visually lifting the ceiling, thus, expands the space.

Spotlights can be divided into rotating and non-rotating.Construction of rotary spots a bit more complicated, thanks to them we can control this flow of light, turning light bulb in the right direction.Toggling the lamps are simple in design, because they can cover a part of the light in one direction.

Fluorescent bulbs

other words fluorescent lamps can be paraphrased as "energy-saving".Lighting lamps such penetration occurs when an electrical current through the gas mixture.Since energy is spent on warming up the filament, the efficiency (efficiency) of energy saving lamp is 4-5 times higher.Since there is no risk of rupture of a conductor like lamp 15 or even 20 times more durable conventional lamps, about 15,000 hours.And the price of one such lamp price is about 10 ordinary light bulbs.The use of such lamps is visible evident.

So, let's sum up.And yet, what is the spot?The answer is simple.Spots - a compact and multi-functional luminaires that easily can be placed on the ceiling or on the wall, while to create your own stylish design.Also, the spots are more compact and convenient to use.Choose spots on the style and taste can be absolutely any room - in any case, they will look elegant.In this article, we looked at the spots.Photo data fixtures are higher.