Interior corridor in the apartment: the idea of ​​creating comfort

Corridor - a card of any apartment and, of course, its owners.Without a doubt, it has to be nicely decorated and fit into the interior apartments.If the hallway small, it is not necessary to fill up her things - even in a small corridor compact furniture can be arranged.

tips registration hall

Interior corridor in the apartment should match the style of the room.If the hall is bright and large, for the idea of ​​creating such a room coziness
not be easy.And what if the corridor is dark and narrow?Board designers can help solve this problem.With the help of professional secrets, fantasies and experiences can be turned into the hall into a real masterpiece.If it was decided to create an interior hallway in the apartment with his hands, the first thing to note - this coverage.Because this room has no windows and the artificial light has to be intense.Wall sconces, original chandeliers and ceiling lights are the ideal solution in this situation.

general design of the hall depends on its features:

the function that it performs, shape, size and quality of lighting.Therefore, choosing furniture, decoration, decoration, it is necessary to take into account all these parameters.The interiors of the corridors in the apartment (photos contained in the article), presented in this article clearly show how you can arrange the hall in different sizes.

Making long corridor

If the apartment is too long corridor, the warm atmosphere will help to create the correct color.Light colors - cream, peach or beige - will give the room cozy.For such a corridor is best suitable false ceiling with embedded lights and tiles on the floor, covered with wave patterns.Interior of a long hallway in the apartment need to consider so that the room was not cluttered with furniture.It is better to put wardrobe with sliding glass doors, and next to hang shelves.Hue furniture should match the floor tiles.A good design will complement fresh flowers on a stand in each corner of the corridor.

Making small hallway

Well, if in the hallway a lot of space, since designs large room very much.Domestic houses planned in a way that few people can boast of even a medium-sized hall, especially if the apartment is a studio.But the little hallway - it's not a death sentence.With the help of some secrets you can visually enlarge several times.The main thing is to remember that the small hall should be the beginning or the continuation of the overall interior design.Even it is possible to accommodate the necessary items.The idea of ​​creating the design of such facilities can be very different.In this article, you can see the interiors of the corridors in the apartment, photos will demonstrate the different options.

How to visually enlarge the space?

If you try to hide all the flaws of a small room, it is possible to make it comfortable and functional.The main thing - remember to save space.It is not recommended to choose finishing materials, which are able to reduce, and so a small area of ​​the hall.For example, under the framework of wood or plastic panels takes about 3 centimeters along each wall.In addition, it is necessary to abandon the relief plaster and artificial stone.Wallpapers and regular painting will be ideal in this situation.When choosing colors, it should be remembered that it can help to expand the corridor, or, conversely, to narrow.Therefore, you must carefully approach the purchase of materials for the floor, walls and ceiling.

to the interior of a small corridor in the apartment perked up, you need to opt for a glossy white shades for the ceiling and light colors for the walls.It is not recommended to buy the wallpaper with a large figure which visually reduce the space.It is better to choose wallpaper with a small unobtrusive patterns or pastel-colored.Another secret will greatly expand a small hallway - a total coverage hallway and adjoining rooms with her.

Since the corridor may be a few people at a time, you should arrange the furniture so that it does not interfere with anyone.In this situation, the main thing - minimalism: a small-sized furniture, no shelves, vases, open racks, and so on. D.

Making a narrow corridor

Interior narrow corridor in an apartment requires careful thought.It is necessary to arrange the hall so that it is visually increased and expanded.To do this, use the vertical and horizontal directions ornament.And reinforce the effect of such a pattern in the walls and ceilings.There are many design ideas that can visually change the interior of a narrow corridor.An important role in increasing the hallway playing correctly chosen lighting.

choosing lighting for the corridor, be aware that they have a good coverage of the space.To ceiling became higher, it is necessary to achieve uniform illumination of walls and floor.With low light can also increase the size of a standard hall - is illuminated as if it blurs the boundaries.

Interior corridor in an apartment requires a small area of ​​functional furniture.Wardrobes should be selected with a depth of 50 cm, and the paintings and photos look better hanging at eye level - the distance between them should correspond to the width of the smallest of them.You can complement the interior of the small chairs.

When making a narrow corridor is necessary to provide the installation of full-length mirrors, which is able to visually expand the space.A great idea in the design of the apartment will be a corridor in a blooming garden, forest clearing or French patio.Properly developed design will transform the narrow hallway and make it wider.

Corridor 2-room apartment

Typically, hall 2-room apartment and pulled a small width, but larger in area than the corridor 1-room apartment.And in this area it is very difficult to put the necessary furniture.To this problem is solved, it is necessary to release the passage of unnecessary things and organize the entrance to the adjacent rooms so that the door opens into the room.The cabinet should be chosen long and narrow with mirrored doors.It is better not to give preference to the square pufu and a bench.It is important that it opened, and it was possible to keep the shoes.Interior corridor in the two-bedroom apartment must be in the same style, then the whole room will have integrity.

Corridor 3-room apartment

Most often, this apartment has a large hall, and to out of it could get into every room, the builders make it long.The owners of 3-room apartments are not wondering how to arrange the furniture in this hall because of its size allows to realize any ideas.Yet there are a few tips on how to decorate the interior design of the hall in the apartment this area.First, we should pay attention to the lighting as the hall gets a little daylight.In order to fully illuminate the room, it is better to mount ceiling lights around the perimeter.The bright colors of walls, ceiling and floor hallway give lightness.On the floor is better to put the tiles because it is easier to clean after a dirty shoe.

Ideas for registration corridor

In fact, the hall can be arranged to suit all tastes.Lovers of classical style is selected in order to preserve it for a long time, because the eternal classics.Interior Design Corridor in classic style involves bright pastel colors in the decoration of the ceiling and walls.As the floor is better to choose a durable granite natural shades, turning into a laminate flooring or the front part of the interior.If the idea of ​​"split" wall symmetrical half-columns, brackets, hand-painted mural by then this is the right solution for this style.

order not to disturb the harmony of space, built-in wardrobe is better to hide from the eyes.Additional interior corridor of the apartment elegant stool at the entrance.For lighting, it is desirable to use a ceiling stained glass window with frosted light.

classic interiors

For a classic style and are ideal for wood panels on the bottom of the wall, and the upper part of the painting to decorate.Even as an option - the vertical narrow wooden laths from ceiling to floor, between which are located the paintings in exquisite frames.

There is such a thing as "intelligent classics."This style is inherent writers, intellectuals, and those involved in science.In this case, allowed the location of book racks and shelves along the wall of the corridor.The apartments bohemian people of creative professions created at the hall this art gallery, which has a lot of artwork, lit backlight.

Interior in modern style

to arrange the hall in a modern style, the walls are paper or plastic trim panels.Colours often neutral - it is gray, beige or sand shades.As floor tiles appears to match the main floor.To save space, choose a built-in furniture.The light source is a light panel, mounted along the entire length of the ceiling.

Corridor in high-tech style

Interior hallway (corridor) in an apartment in the style of hi-tech means of large black-and-white posters and photos.Also in the design of walls are often used vinyl stickers that are on the market today are many.Among the many stories you can find a suitable option for their design.A great idea would be to combine labels with decorative elements (mirrors, shelves).

eclectic alternative design of the corridor is chosen because of the mixing of the two styles.In this case, the front of the exotic motifs and apply a minimalist.And she hall surprises with its directness, lack of fine furniture and eye-catching details: African statues, ritual masks and ancient jugs, dishes in the niches.Built-in LED light focuses on these subjects.

As you can see, there are many ideas for design of the corridor.Owners of apartments of different layouts, area and shape will find a suitable option for the registration hall.After appearance of this room are judged on landlords.