Provencal style in the interior: photos, description

Who does not know the style of Provence?It combines the simplicity bordering on naivete, unity with nature, romance and echoes of the past.Some would say that this is the usual style of the country, but it contains a unique grace and charm, unique to France.To repeat a Provencal style in a modern home, you need to have impeccable taste.

bit of history to find out where originates Provencal style in the interior, it is necessary to pay attention to the south of France, where the town is located in the Provence.Here you can admire the extraordinarily beautiful scenery, a dip in the warm waves of the sea, soak in the hot Mediterranean sun, enjoy the culinary delights of this homemade French cuisine.The name of this area and called the design style.He was born in the XIX century and still has not lost its attractiveness and relevance.Especially popular this style in Europe.

What is different from the country of Provence?

style of the French countryside has its own characteristics, which will not a

llow to be confused Provence country style typical of America, Scandinavia and other countries.

  1. In the interior there are no bright colors.Only the pastel colors.It may seem that the paint burned in the sun.
  2. Wooden furniture is often bleached.As the decorations on it can present floral pattern.
  3. No other country-style is not used so much fabric with floral patterns.
  4. openwork Wrought iron furniture is different and special grace.
  5. To make room characterized by minimalism and the "cold".The fact is that the climate in the Provence region of hot, so the houses have tried to create an atmosphere of freshness and coolness.
  6. Home in Provence style characterized by large windows.This is again due to the warm climate.
  7. Provencal style in the interior implies an abundance of greenery and flowers in the house.


Particular attention is paid to the materials from which the furniture is made.It is best suited wicker, wrought iron or wood.In no case can not be used in Provence plated, glass and chrome furniture.If you liked the table and a couple of chairs, but their color is knocked out of style, it is possible to solve the problem is very simple: to repaint.This is a characteristic of Provence: even the great articles of wood changes the color with the help of light-colored paints.

Very often there is Provencal style furniture chipped, scuffed, sometimes peeling paint, cracks.Spirit of the age - that is what distinguishes the interior design.Provencal style prefers bulky, simple and rough products.It chests, massive tables, benches, sideboards, low cabinets with mezzanines, cabinets and tables with drawers.


in Provence are used primarily white, lavender, light brown and cream tones.For the upholstery materials are suitable with stripes, cage or with floral print.Sofas can be of two kinds: fine with flat armrests or simple wood.Wicker chairs in the main, but possible and leather options.Beds uses large, mostly with wrought iron or wooden boards.

An important role is played in Provence colors.Rooms are finished in pastel colors.Often it seems that the paint burned in the sun.The ceiling, walls can be decorated in blue, beige, terracotta, pale green, cream, pale lemon, orange, white.The same pastel shades found in the decoration of furniture and rooms.

details and decor

as ornaments used forged and wicker items.It can be candlesticks, baskets, racks for different fines for fruits, pots, vases, boxes, and others. On the walls impossible to find empty seats.They were filled with paintings of landscapes and still lifes, wall clocks, decorative plates, elegant shelves, chandeliers, mirrors framed in wrought iron openwork frames or painted wood.The symbol of France - the rooster.His figure can always be found in the Provencal interior.

Of course, it is impossible to imagine without the green Provencal style.The interior should be a lot of plants.These can be natural plants, planted in pots and tubs, fresh cut or dried bouquets of flowers and herbs.


Provence preferably used lamps with chains and candles.The main thing is that the lighting should not be dazzling, but muted, and is associated with romance.It is because of this, most lamps made in this style, made with a rheostat for adjusting brightness.At first glance it seems that the decision looks too peasant-style.But this is not the case, and only with a soft light forged chandelier can easily be transferred to a French antique.


When you create the interior design in the Provencal style you want to use mainly natural materials - stone, wood, fabric.It is also often found metal parts and plaster.It is important that all elements must winnow the old days, that is, they have to look shabby.To achieve freshness and good lighting necessary to have large windows, light tyuley.To emphasize the presence of tourists will help on a window sill flower in pots.

Provencal style in the interior is characterized by the presence of the kitchen ceiling beams and fireplace (oven), made of gray stone.Its design should prevail natural materials.Therefore preferable to make the floor of wood or ceramic tile.As for the walls, the trim used for the relief, rough plaster.Recreate Provencal style in the interior of the apartment is quite difficult.This is especially true of the ceiling, which should show off hefty beams.This part of the room can be painted in a light color, but it is necessary to restrict the use of hinged structures that do not fit the style of Provence.

Kitchen: Provencal style in the interior

Photos clearly show that the preferred material for kitchen furniture is natural wood.Such set accordingly to the Provencal style has to be massive.Mandatory piece of furniture is a big table, the location of which - the center of the kitchen.This is a unique symbol of unity and strength of the family.Do not forget about the benches, chairs and armchairs.The material for them is wrought iron, or they simply may be braided.

important part of the olive complement the interior are the cabinets with open shelves, as can a variety of shelves.A great solution is to use vintage or antique pieces of furniture, painted in light color.With regard to the various modern devices, the kitchen Provencal style, they would be very inappropriate.But, of course, without them difficult to manage.To modern kitchen appliances are not evident, it can be built into a kitchen cabinet.Another solution would be relevant facade.For devices that are in the mind, it is better to choose light colors.

Provence style must adhere colors.Cooking is done in bright colors, but there may be vivid details.For the walls is necessary to use beige or cream color, because they are neutral and easily blend in with the furniture and decor.The latter may be of different colors, but do not forget, that are characteristic of natural wood color.Also, to maintain the romance and brightness olive design, you can use colorful accessories blue, green or orange hue.


The recreation area is dominated by the bed.She often has a simple form with wooden or wrought-iron legs and a headboard in the same.Provencal style in the interior bedroom enables the canopy.Have a place to be comfortable, soft couches, sofas or wide, the main thing - plenty of pillows.Since the forged parts are an irreplaceable part of Provence, then they can be redecorated furniture and decorate accessories, such as lamps, candlesticks, furniture legs.To give subtlety to help vases, books bound in old photos.This bedroom looks very cozy and elegant.


To create a Provencal style in the interior of a country house, you must adhere to these rules: glass doors that open onto the garden, a cozy fireplace and porch, entwined with vines.The decoration master plan to deal exclusively with natural materials - stone and wood, as they fit well into the overall atmosphere of suburban area.Provencal interior design perfectly complement the wicker furniture, pots of geraniums, hanging around the house tufts of grass, benches on the forged legs.Often wooden floor but can be covered with ceramic tiles natural matt colors.For walls are well suited bright wallpaper or plaster, which creates a rough surface.

important feature of the Provencal style - beams on the ceiling.Very often they are isolated dark tones that contrast with the faded ceiling.But mostly bright colors are not welcome in the interior of this style, and choose soft colors - classic Provencal.Furniture, respectively, should also be made of wood, with elements forging or ceramics.Massive home furnishings often painting the murals.Bulky furniture is mainly light colors with a view to grow old, sought by artificial means, or use old items.

How the interior of a country house in Provence style without the abundance of live plants - potted plants, flowers in vases.Colorful curtains on the windows, on the table - linen napkins and tablecloths.Are placed on the shelf boxes, statuettes and small ornaments.

to feel the Provencal style in the interior, of course, you need to organize a trip to France.It was there that he will appear in all its childlike simplicity and romance.He does not leave anyone indifferent to itself one person.Despite the proximity to the style of country music, it is not rudeness, but only the grace and charm.Recreate Farm style in the interior with their own hands is not so difficult.The main thing is to stick to simple, but mandatory rules and succeed.