A modern classic in the interior: the photo.

definition of "modern" sounds a bit strange, is not it?However, this design direction in recent years has become increasingly popular.It involves a harmonious blend of modern design techniques with traditional.But here you need to catch the line beyond which no longer look like the interior of a classic.

modern classic interior living

Why did we start the conversation with this room?Yes, because it is more suited to the creation of such interior.Here we spend a lot of time communicating with people in the household, meet friends.Using modern classic style in the interior, you can make the room not only comfortable, but also very family and very warm.It will feel the comfort of home, but at the same time and a certain chic.

features modern classics

First of all you must be well aware that this style embodies understated elegance.It combines the beauty and harmony of functionality and convenience.

If in the old days classicism associated with a rich golden hues of all elements of the interior, n

ow unnecessary luxury is not relevant.Today oversaturation accessories and furniture - is a sign of bad taste.The undeniable advantage of modern classics in the interior is that in this style can be decorated any home - from a country house to the "Khrushchev".Classic has always been and will be appropriate.

modern classic in the interior will not accept overwrought.This style aims to emphasize the refined taste of the hosts and their respectability.

Despite the fact that modern interior is appropriate for any room, if possible, it is better to give up a few small rooms and create one that will be the center and is a spacious and comfortable living room.

to zone such premises, using columns, pilasters, change the doors on the arch.

color in the interior

When you create an interior in any style, color plays an important and sometimes decisive role.A modern classic style in the interior does not tolerate bright colors.Preference should be given muted shades.They can be both dark and light.The main thing is that they are not too bright and juicy.For this style are good natural colors - white, beige, brown, light gray.The room is decorated in the style of "modern", there should be no abrupt transitions from one color to another.Used closest tone.For example, it may be a combination of: Brown + + + white beige dark beige.

Wall design

style "modern" in the interior - it's walls covered with decorative plaster moldings, wallpaper, wall panels overhead.

Selecting wallpaper is based on a combination of modern chic and elegant figure.They should have a discreet but rich decor, not to be conservative and boring.

It's not just a wallpaper, and all materials used in the decoration.For all its restraint and may even ease, they should be of high quality and expensive.


Designers claim that natural wood floors - this is a modern classic.However, other embodiments are possible.The interior can be used or parquet flooring.The coating should be neutral, as long as it is combined with the interior in color.Depending on the purpose of the room, you can choose the one or the other type of coating.For example, in the bedroom will help create a cozy carpet in the living room or dining better to put strong and durable flooring.For the kitchen most suitable granite.

Choosing furniture

As you know, modern classic interior preclude the use of glass and metal.The furniture in this case, there should be only made of wood.The comfortable and spacious sofas and chairs should be combined with cabinets and tables made of wood.But it does not mean that the furniture should be antique.Modern classic interior combines perfectly with that which now produces many of the leading companies with a worldwide reputation.This is a classic furniture but with a modern twist.The products of these firms is a style icon, an indicator of exquisite taste.Therefore we advise you to pay attention to the furniture of the Italian manufacturers:

  • Bizzotto.
  • Prego.
  • Bova.

Volume facades in an unusual combination - the card factory Bizzoto.For example, a powerful table top made of natural wood to elegant legs in the Art Deco style.

Bova Company mainly produces furniture for the bedroom.This highly artistic products of wood, wrought iron, with high-quality leather and luxury fabrics.

Prego The company produces excellent furniture made of solid cherry and walnut.This high quality furniture, made by hand by master cabinetmakers, it fits perfectly into a modern classic interior.

Making windows

not only professional designers, but almost all housewives know how important is to create the interior design of the window.

For the style "modern" characterized by the use of high-quality and expensive fabrics for curtains.They will serve you for years, while remaining timeless.

curtains in this style are often equipped with silk cords, tassels, lambrequins, edgings of fringe or crocheted lace.For them, choosing fabric calm noble tones that harmonize with the color of the walls, upholstered furniture.Perfectly suited olive, cream, pearl, beige tone.No less elegant and will look darker colors - light brown, green and burgundy.


When we talk about the classical style, at once present luxurious crystal chandeliers stacked, a large number of candlesticks.A modern classic more restrained.At the center of the room may be the main chandelier, but made of transparent glass or stone.

frosted scattered light that is evenly distributed over the area of ​​the room, ideally emphasizes style, referred to as "modern."

Therefore, designers recommend the use of spotlights, various lamps, hanging lamps.They may be located at different levels, it will be involved in the ceiling, walls and floor.

today living longer meet the candle in a candlestick made of bronze, but this does not mean that recreate the luxurious bronze chandelier, styled as real candles, it is impossible.So art fully mastered the master of many international companies.For example, the German company Pobers.Craftsmen of this company masterpieces performed manually.Naturally, they are more expensive than plastic moldings, but modern in the interior requires high-quality and expensive accessories.

We make bedroom

If you decide to issue a bedroom in the style of modern classics, the first thing you need to carefully examine the layout of the room.In the classic version, it tends to symmetry.Asymmetric can be placed mirror, lamp, dresser.Bed and bedside accessories should be arranged symmetrically.

modern classic in the interior (photo you can see in our article) suggests widespread use of stucco on the ceiling and walls.Now there are analogues of polyurethane plaster profiles.They are much easier, cheaper, easier to install, but because they are more popular.

In the bedroom, as well as in every room, decorated in the power of modern classics, avoid bright colors.The pastel shades give the room elegance.

For bedrooms in the modern classic interior characterized by massive bed with high headboard made of precious wood.

lighting in the room should not only be functional, but decorative and carry the load.It is preferable to use sconces, floor lamps, lamps with gold leaf.Effectively will look in the bedroom massive chandelier with Swarovski crystal.

modern classic cuisine

This style is used for kitchen design, giving it elegance and create a welcome comfort.A modern classic for the kitchen - a restraint and symmetry of the interior.The combination of functionality and elegance - an important requirement, which should correspond to the modern classic cuisine.

Most often, this room is decorated in a soft warm colors, which allows you to visually expand it.The lower part of the walls can be designed to use wood paneling or plaster Bayramiks.It comprises marble chips.Walls, or rather, their upper part can be wallpapered before painting or any monophonic.

ceiling in the kitchen can be a traditionally white or decorated with wood paneling.It is important to have a rectangular shape.Perfectly suited for kitchens and ceilings.You can choose matte or glossy option.Both of them will increase the space of the room.

choosing flooring, you should consider two materials - tile and parquet.They are a different approach to this style.

Making kitchen interior in the style of "modern", you must choose the accessories that would correspond to the traditional classical style, but not too massive.In the interior of the kitchen rarely used moldings, sculptures and columns.Instead, welcome the use of pictures, china, textile items.It will revive the kitchen, make it very cozy.