Interior of a room of 18 square meters.

room area of ​​18 square meters.m is the standard for the majority of apartments in houses built in the era of socialism.It would seem that the area is not too large, and bold design solutions are not very many places.But even in a small area, you can create a modern and original interior.

Basic principles of interior

  1. Before you start planning the design of any room, it is necessary to decide on her appointment.Even if it is a room of 18 square meters.m, it is important how you use it.Interior Design 18 square meters.m bedroom is strikingly different from the decoration of the living room, dining room or a single room in the apartment, which is designed to perform a number of functions that have the same area.
  2. Consider the style of the room.The color scheme, the choice of furniture, textile items and accessories - all should contribute to the creation of a complete image.
  3. choosing furniture, think not only about how organically it will fit into the planned interior room of 18 square meters.m, but
    its functionality.Remember that furniture of some rooms in the house must have certain characteristics.So, for the children's room and bedroom is imperative ecological materials from which it is made, for kitchen or bathroom - resistance to humidity and ease of cleaning surfaces of various types of pollution and so on. N.
  4. Choose a color scheme of the room depending on its sizeand the degree of natural light.For rooms, windows facing north, it is better to choose a warm color range of small intensity - it will make the room lighter.Remember that cold pale shades can visually make the room more spacious, intense warm colors, on the contrary, will help give the room intimacy and comfort.
  5. choice of finishing materials also depends on the purpose of the premises.For example, ceramic tiles will organically and appropriate to look in the kitchen, but it is not suitable for flooring in the bedroom.

Interior living

interior room 18 square meters.m, designed for entertaining, thought out based on the fact that this room would be "presented" to visitors.The situation of the premises plan so that visitors could get an idea of ​​the owners of the apartment: how they live, to love, what is interesting.In addition, the decoration of the living room will help visitors to get an idea of ​​the financial position of apartment dwellers and their social status.

In addition, a living room, as a rule, intended for rest of tenants.Here, they're going to watch TV, socialize and relax after a day's work.A. means the interior of this room should be not only presentable, but also a relaxing, comfortable and has to rest.

Specificity of interior living

in modern interior design for walls made use calm neutral shades, t. To. They help to create a relaxing atmosphere and contribute to relaxation - all this is true for areas such as the living room.Interior 18 square meters.m at such a design will also acquire an additional visual space.

Lighting is also adjusted so that the light helped to create an atmosphere of comfort.You can use both general and local lighting.This is especially true if in the living room provides a place for reading or needlework.

modern view of the window decoration has also changed.Pompous kits with lush lambrequins gradually give way to a more minimalist solutions.It is now widely used by the blinds, Roman blinds and curtains laconic made of natural fabrics.Interior room 18 square meters.m will benefit from such an elegant restraint.

Furnishings living

If we talk about furniture, it is still an essential attribute of a traditional living room is a comfortable sofa.Often, he is the central element of the interior.It may be supplemented by a number of comfortable chairs for relaxing.Another almost indispensable element, buyout includes the interior of the hall 18 sq.m, is a television or home theater system that can be viewed as a family.Place it is usually in front of the sofa.

Bulky furniture systems or "wall", so popular in the Soviet era, thing of the past, replaced by a more lightweight design.Storage areas can also be placed in the living room, but modern designers are advised to place them in the built-in cabinets, do not clutter the space to maximize unload the interior room of 18 sq.m.

To give a special relaxing atmosphere in the living room is often installed electric fireplace or aquarium.Such elements are conducive to peace and a beneficial effect on the nervous system.For these purposes, you can use a variety of mobiles, pictures on the walls in soothing tones, live pot plants, as well as the composition of dried flowers.

Interior living-dining

redevelopment popular solution is to combine modern apartment living room and kitchen.This allows you to increase the space of the room, to make it more spacious.

In this case, in addition to the recreation area, a living room should have also a dining area, which is located a table and chairs for all family members.Total clearance space for meals should not contrast with the overall design concept living room-dining room.In order to create an organic interior of the hall area of ​​18 square meters.m of this type, it is reasonable to buy a folding table model that can deal during the holidays for receiving a large number of guests.

in the living room with kitchen, can be provided and the bar, which will delimit the space for cooking and sitting area.This detail of the interior can also function as a dining room table for a small family.

Interior studio apartments

decorated interior studio of 18 square meters.m, it is extremely important to organize the space.This avoids cluttering the room and create even in a small room a feeling of spaciousness and harmony.

planning the interior of the apartment of 18 square meters.m having the form of a studio, you must first determine who will live in this territory.Disposition of the premises for the lonely young man is strikingly different from the one that is suitable for living couples with a child.

organization of space in the studio apartment

The studio apartment zoning is of particular importance and urgency.It can produce light by means of partitions, for example, sliding or tissue.Suitable for this purpose open shelves, wicker partitions or screens.A good solution would be to visual space zoning.Will it make use of the floor covering of different colors and textures, lighting, multi-level ceiling coating, and other techniques.

To visually enlarge a small space, it makes sense to use in the interior of bright pastel colors.This applies to the color of the walls and floor, and tone upholstery.It is advised to use this technique experts who have chosen the specialization of its interior design.18 square meters.m in this case seem not so tiny space.

help to add volume and room air and the use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces.In addition, the mirrors are able to visually enlarge the room by opening a new perspective in their space "through the mirror."Glass surfaces will also help relieve the interior and added him ease.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of furniture.For studio apartments are ideally suited transforming model.And it is not only the traditional sofa bed or table-book.There are also relevant cabinets beds, beds, located in the drawers, folding tables, and so on. F. To make children's area the perfect solution would be the acquisition of a special module that includes a loft bed, a desk and storage space for school supplies, clothesand toys.

Interior room hotel type

same principle it makes sense to use if you have to arrange the interior of 18 square Dormitory.m., of course, difficult to fully put on such a small area of ​​high-grade living space for the whole family, but this is quite possible, especially if the room is a hotel-type high enough ceilings.

In this case the beds are transferred to the second level, and at the bottom of a guest area and space for cooking.This can be done based on the same principles on which the settling studio apartment.

Construction 'attic' floor calculations require significant, so you may need the help of experts.The second level can be positioned not only the bed, but little storage space.Do not forget about the light source for the zone: they should give enough light and be safe.Ladder to the "second floor" can also be adapted to store little things, equipping her drawers.

bedroom interior

Plan interior bedroom 18 square meters.m is much easier than in the case of the living room or, especially, a studio apartment.It is only important to determine the overall style of the room and start to finish and selection of suitable furniture.It should be noted that it is better to choose for registration of premises "breathable" materials, ie. A. Dream man spends almost a third of his life.

bedroom wall as a possible pokleit wallpaper, and whitewash.As for colors, it is better to give preference to the cold light tones - they promote good rest and calming effect.Select saturated bright colors are not recommended: they irritate the nervous system and prevent rapid fall asleep.

As for sex, there also should be based on environmental considerations.A good solution to complement the interior of the bedroom 18 square meters.m will be parquet or floorboard.Good for cork floors Bedrooms: stepping on them warm and pleasant.It bears on the floor in the bedroom and a soft carpet.

Interior features Bedrooms

Traditionally bedroom interior includes a large bed, bedside tables and wardrobe.But the latter is quite possible to replace the dressing table or a suitable style chest of drawers and wardrobe to arrange things - so much easier, and this interior room of 18 square meters.m will benefit.

As for window decoration, it is necessary to select 2 types of curtains: the lungs, which will create a cozy atmosphere in the daytime and dense, do not let the light from the street.The latter are particularly relevant during the season, "White Nights", and also for those who, due to the specifics of forced to sleep in the daytime.

Thinking bedroom lighting, better to give preference to a soft diffused light.Not bad also provide local lighting for reading in the form of small lamps or sconces mounted on the bedside table.If the bedroom has a dressing table, you need to take care of that, so it was lit, just do not use fluorescent lamps: the rays emanating from them, distort the natural color of the skin and makeup.

Kitchen interior

If you plan kitchen interior 18 sq.m, can afford to experiment and fantasize.In this area with more than enough space, not only in order to accommodate all the necessary kitchen equipment, but also to equip a dining area.

should only note that is visually or otherwise delineate areas for cooking and eating, and also make sure that each of them had its own stand-alone lighting.So, over the dining table would be appropriate to look cozy lampshade and countertops countertops can be equipped with bright lights located under the overhead shelves or elsewhere is directly above the work surface.