Interior bedroom 12 sq m. The interior design bedrooms: photo

create original and stylish interior bedroom 12 square meters.m apartments in typical high-rise buildings is not easy, but it is possible.This area is considered to be the standard for the majority of the bedrooms in our apartments, so the atmosphere in these rooms is not original.Everything rests on the notorious 12 m2 and not very convenient layout, when the door is located opposite the window or bedroom is adjacent to another room.Ideally lounges should be located away from the living room and hallway, but in reality it is not so.Therefore, if you want to create the bedroom of your dreams in a small square room, you need to carefully design the project and to take into account all the nuances of the future interior.What sort of ways you can create the illusion of a spacious room?

bright gamma

first what you want to achieve when designing a bedroom - is to increase its volume to accommodate all the necessary items.If it is technically not possible, visually, this problem is easily solved.In this

play the main role bright paint.Interior design bedroom, made in white, cream, dairy shades visually enlarge the area.However, such a monochrome approach to the design can make the bedroom dull and uninteresting.To avoid this negative effect, it is better to take advantage of combining the color palette.All neutral colors combine perfectly with almost any color.Depending on the style direction, it can be used equally bright and dark tones.It is important to remember that the warm shades can reduce the optical space and the cold, in contrast, will expand the visual boundaries of the room.

Proper lighting

Lighting can dramatically change the interior of the bedroom.Photos of various models of fixtures and their placement methods will help you to choose the most resembling option.The best solution to create a sense of spaciousness will multilevel method of lighting: upper and lower.From the volume of hanging chandeliers is necessary to give, they "eat" space.Better use of recessed or small compact model for the central lighting.Lamps, located close to the floor, will create the effect of weightlessness and an additional amount of bedrooms.Bra traditionally placed near the bed.As an alternative to wall lights, the interior of the bedroom 12 square meters.m perfectly fit pendant with soft shades scattering.

Minimalism - the optimal solution for a small bedroom

addition to the color palette and lighting of great importance in the transformation of the space has a style.Certainly, a place to sleep and rest in the apartment must be the most comfortable and condusive to relaxation.In the usual sense of comfort - it's curtains, figurines, pillows, cushioned chairs.However, all this can narrow the space.Therefore it is better to choose the interior design in the bedroom minimalist tradition.Minimalist style has many ramifications: Hi-tech, eco, ethno.The common features of them can be called a two-color palette, a small number of accessories, convenient modular furniture.

What furniture better

Since this bedroom (12 m2) can not accommodate furniture, it is best to use the transforming design.Folding sofa easily replace bulky bed.If you are against the couch in the bedroom, you can choose the bed lightweight design with built drawers for clothes and other things.Built desirable to have in niches or make to order.Chests of drawers in the bedroom is very comfortable and practical, t. To. It is quite roomy piece of furniture.Bedside tables and dressing table made of transparent plastic will not look bulky and suited to any style of interior.

Accessories Bedroom

small room is not necessary to decorate the numerous details.For extraordinary decor fit a few bright or unusual accessories.It looks great as accents Handmaiden things, bring a special charm to the interior of the bedroom 12 square meters.m textile decorations.It can be covered, cushions, curtains and other pleasant things.

curtains for the bedroom is a small area of ​​the lungs to pick up transparent or translucent tissue, ie. A. Dense dark shades visually reduce the room.Today, textile design offers the most diverse and incredible patterns curtains.You can choose extravagant or classic curtains.It is important to bear in mind that the horizontal pattern on the curtains to increase the width of the room, and the vertical - in height.The same applies to the configuration of the curtains.Light blinds, Roman blinds or tails of framing openings are best suited for small rooms.Long narrow bedroom curtains create a feeling of airiness and space is extended upward.In addition to textile accessories, here are appropriate vases, pots, paintings, mirrors, prints, clocks.

mirrors in the bedroom

about whether or not to place a mirror in the bedroom, there are many opinions.No matter what the adherents of different theories, but today is a bedroom without a mirror it is simply inconceivable.This is a necessary thing for the hosts, and a beautiful decor element and a method to transform the space.It is not necessary to include a large massive mirrors in bedroom interior.Photos of unsuccessful placements mirror surfaces will help avoid their mistakes.Such elements are simply reduce the room.Most designers recommend to put a mirror in the bedroom floor in a narrow frame, but in any case not in front of the bed.Put him in the head, next to the window so that it is reflected in the mirror.This will help make the bedroom a light and volume.

Children's bedrooms

small area of ​​12 sq.m - this is a very small area for children's rooms.Well, if a bedroom and a game - a separate room.But most of all in the same room has to combine several functional areas: a place for recreation, games and activities.The bedroom is designed for two or three children have to go to various design tricks and inventions that children could safely coexist and develop in the same room.Bunk beds - this is a godsend for teenagers.Due to the compactness of such beds take up little space, and choose a model with the built in drawers or boxes to the steps, you can save on the dresser.Study best to equip the window, t. To. The daylight not replace any one lamp.Decorate children's bedrooms desirable practical accessories such as a globe-lamp, maps on the wall.Very convenient for kids bean bags.

Zoning bedrooms

In some cases, bedroom serves several functions: it is a place to relax and study, and living room.Where no zoning methods can not do.Split bedroom interior 12 sq.m at some sites is not easy, but the result will justify all the efforts of the transformation.The easiest and most convenient way - a portable screen.The variety of shapes and patterns of the partitions help make the interior colorful and unique.Separate bed of the cabinet can be using different colors on the walls and floors and a multi-level lighting.