Decorative plaster in the interior (photos)

Impressions of the repair to a large extent depend on how satisfied decorating the walls.Previously used for these purposes only wallpaper or paint.Today, many people want to come up with something original.Decorative plaster in the interior will solve this problem.Currently, it is used very often in different rooms.With it created the original repair.

Use material

decorative plaster in the interior is used not only to cover the walls, but also for finishing ceilings.Using this material it is possible to create different effects, images and textures.Use the plaster began in ancient times.People have noticed that you can get the effect of a marble on the wall, if you mix with water crumbs of stone.Workflows such material performed much more easily than with plates.With financial opportunity to invite artists and sculptors, who were involved in the creation of stunning designs on the walls of a mixture.Works of art have reached our times thanks to some unique features of the material.Currently, decora

tive plaster has become more accessible for many people.With its load-bearing structures are decorated town houses, restaurants, hotels, offices, various apartments, and so on.Plaster can be found almost everywhere, where the owners want to create a comfortable space.

Material Composition

decorative plaster in the interior, as mentioned above, is used more often.This mixture, which consists of several components.It comprises a binder.The basis of this material may be epoxy, and acrylic polymeric resins.They are artificial components.But also a binder made from natural materials.These include: lime, cement and plaster.Also, plaster consists of filler.This role carries baby, which is created from natural stone.For example, shale, marble or granite.In addition, the mixture may be added to the cellulosic fibers, or glass.Directly from these materials will depend on the future drawing on the walls or ceiling.The composition of the plaster comprises further auxiliaries.Due to their improved quality of the mixture.This role is performed preservatives, various formulations which allow the material to be water-repellent.This also includes antiseptics that protect the plaster from harmful microorganisms.

Advantages of plaster in the interior

During the execution of works can be selected individually color mixture.When the plaster is applied on the surface, no joints are formed as in the case with the wallpaper.This feature allows you to use a mixture of not only flat areas, but also in the drywall constructions, arches, columns, niches and so on.The material is durable, thus it does not require special care.Decorative plaster in the interior will last for many years, using it will create a high-level repair.The mixture does not burn in the sun, so do not become dull.In addition, it is not wiped.Also, the mixture is completely safe for humans, it is perfectly breathable, and when the repair is completed, the buildings will not be present odor.Plaster can be applied in conjunction with other finishing materials.One of the main advantages is that it is not necessary to perform a thorough preparation surfaces before applying it.

Tools for work

Each repair process requires certain devices.Therefore, you must first purchase a tool with which to create the decorative plaster in the interior.The photo below shows the basic tools, they are available in any hardware store.

  1. To eliminate the need to crack the blade.
  2. To remove old coatings, scraper needs.
  3. solution is used to align the trowel.
  4. to throw on the surface of the mixture is required trowel.
  5. alignment is done by plastering trowel.

Decorative plaster.Technology of its application

to blend well lay on the surface, you first need to work on them.If the walls are wallpaper, they are deleted.Then the surface to be cleaned from the remnants of glue and paper, because of their mixture will stay bad.It is recommended to first apply a primer, which will strengthen the wall or ceiling.With such a solution the surface to be de-dusted, as well as they are not formed mold.The mixture is applied in a thin layer of a thickness of a few millimeters.Before that, the wall must be wet.This condition must be met when creating decorative plaster.Technology otherwise compromised, and the mixture can then simply fall apart because the surface will absorb all the moisture from the solution.Wetting must be performed 30 minutes before applying the plaster.

popularity of using a mixture in different rooms

Today, decorative plaster in the interior of an apartment plays a big role.With her finishing work carried out in different rooms.It can be used on the walls of the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom or toilet.A variety of colors and textures allows you to choose for each room desired style.Often, decorative plaster can be found in offices.It underlines the status of the business offices.Basically a finishing material selected under the style of furniture and other items that are in the room.In addition, plaster is used to design a variety of entertainment facilities: discos, clubs, pubs and so on.So, using a mixture of designers can successfully create an atmosphere of Russian tavern, a biker club, the English or French cafe bistro.

Design living style of ancient times

To create a refined interior today is often applied Venetian plaster.This trendy material for walls.Decorative plaster in the interior of the living room will emphasize the elite status of the room.With her are panels that will simulate natural stone.Venetian plaster can be in the form of malachite and granite, as well as to resemble a compressed fabric or embossed leather.The shops there are Moroccan or Moorish such mixtures.They are highly plastic formulations, while being finely divided.If you will use special methods of application, it is possible to create a polished surface.It can simulate the finishing stones, such as granite, marble.Also with the help of Venetian plaster is simple enough to get volume figures.In the last phase of creating walls in the dried mixture can apply varnish or wax.Due to such materials will even shine, and the surface will acquire additional water-repellent properties.

plaster "bark beetle" Interior

This is one of the most popular compounds for walls.Decorative plaster "bark beetle" in the interior very well imitates wood, which is eaten by the beetle.It is necessary for full compliance with the right to perform the technique of applying the mixture.This plaster can be used not only indoors, but also on the facades of buildings.By using this method of decorating surfaces are opaque, and are formed furrows.The premises will prevail soothing and cozy atmosphere.The filler material is always the marble chips.Immediately, these elements contribute to the formation of the grooves when the material is ground.Decorative plaster in the interior (photo above this visual proof) looks exclusively.Depending on the size of chips will depend on the width and depth of grooves on the surface.The best option is to use marble grains having a diameter of 2-2.5 mm.

textured plaster

This mixture may be a different color.Fillers here are any materials.This may be flax fiber or cotton.The material for the walls perfectly imitates bark, wild or stone masonry.The embossed surface coatings are the largest group.This kind of decorative plaster in the interior of the kitchen will look great.Appearance it is very diverse, as you can use to create textures virtually any material and technology.Used for these purposes special paints, lacquers, pastes and in some cases even paper.Such plasters, after is applied to the surface acquires a texture that is directly relevant to the specific vehicle.With the help of this material is well hidden defects walls and ceilings.The mixture will always look at the surface of the original.

stone chippings

Such a mixture consists of these small particles that are mixed with a material that acts as a binder.For example, this can be a special adhesive.Stone chips, used in plaster, come in different colors, while there are many shades.The stores are sold in buckets mixture of metal or plastic.Currently you can find marble, granite or quartz chips.Usually this material is used in small areas.With it, you can highlight some details of the interior.These can be lugs openings arch recess, racks and so forth.Such as decorative plaster in the interior of the hall will be the best one.Because the stone crumb material is colder than wallpaper.It is mainly used for non-residential premises.

structural plaster

this material for decor surfaces added granules, which may be small stones, pieces of quartz or wood fibers.The basis for such a blend are synthetic materials such as latex.Also, the role can perform cement-lime mortar.There are cases when a mixture is made of water-based.This material does not smell chemicals.The use of decorative plaster in the interior water-based is the best solution.The main difference of this mixture is that it is very plastic.Its surface can be applied to virtually any tool.Before applying the mixture be diluted as it is ready for use.For structural plaster is easy to care for.It is not afraid of water, despite the fact that it is composed of lime.This is facilitated by a special agent in the plaster.

white walls in the house

for small spaces ideal option would be to make the walls white.The most important thing in this situation - do not overdo it, because the room may look like a hospital ward.Today is often used white decorative plaster in the interior.With a mixture of a color space visually increase in size.Especially since almost all the ceilings are bright.White is increasingly used by professional designers.It can serve as a backdrop for a variety of figures.The walls are not always made in full light.In most cases white stucco used to dilute the other tones.The main thing - properly allocate a color for all elements of the interior.


In stores today, there is a very large selection of plasters for decoration.Professionals apply the mixture to the wall or ceiling will not be big trouble.Lover is necessary first of all to be patient.For him it will be a laborious process.