The kitchen of 6 sq.

Any hostess considered insufficient space in your kitchen room of this tragedy.Although it is not always justified, except in those cases where she lives in "Khrushchev".Then it is necessary to consider how to make the interior of the kitchen of 6 sq.m.

for proper planning should initially prioritize.In particular, it decides that the kitchen should be and what it should look like in the end of redevelopment.Reconstruction of the kitchen should start with changes in all structural elements - ceiling, wall surfaces, floor.Also, design the kitchen of 6 sq.m requires a competent selection of furniture.Each of these steps will be detailed action is described below.

Information sources

today to address the issue of redevelopment of a small kitchen space you can use different sources of information where you can get ideas kitchen 6 square.m - as the best of its issue.Useful information can be gleaned from the Internet or special journals that discussed in more detail the issue of changing the interior

space as a small room in order to ensure optimal functionality.

also a good idea or an invitation to know the designers appeal to the professional company.Only a specialist is able to think through all the details, which will provide further comfort to use every centimeter of a sudden become a spacious and cozy kitchen.

Normally any change of the interior forces to perform high-quality pre-renovated kitchen 6 square.m, which, as noted above, is the alteration of the ceiling, walls and floor of the room.

Ceiling small kitchen

To create a cozy atmosphere in a small room, you should think about how to visually expand the space.Correctly chosen finishing the ceiling - it's something that will fix the problem of increasing the visual volume of the kitchen.The easiest way to finishing considered whitewash.Despite the fact that this variant seems outdated, but this makes the interior decoration kitchen 6 square.m neat and stylish.

also as a decoration of the ceiling surface can be used (except chalk) water-based paint - will surface texture and smooth.When choosing colors, it is important to take into account indicators such as material resistance to aggressive influences - moisture, sun, chemicals.

can make even a suspended ceiling.However, selecting this option will have clearance to sacrifice a few centimeters in height.But it's worth it - glossy surface light tone can visually "lift" the room.

more sophisticated method is to use for finishing the ceiling drywall, plaster and panels.

Walls small kitchen

Thinking over what the interior of the kitchen of 6 sq.m should be wisely used the color palette for the walls.Although they can paint, hang wallpaper or decorate the tiles, but in any situation, use bright colors, as close to the white background.

If used in the finishing of the tile kitchen walls, stands prefer glossy product.They are much better in terms of the reflection effect, which is beneficial in small spaces looks at the same time reflecting the light that fills the kitchen with solar flares.

When the owner prefers the wallpaper, please note that the kitchen walls often fall a drop of fat, so you need regular wet cleaning.Because of this, the wallpaper should be moisture resistant.Suitable materials are washable, they contaminated spots is permissible to remove with a damp sponge.Although there are patterns that can withstand even a cleaning sponge.

best option would be vinyl wallpaper with multiple layers.They are moisture resistant and durable.

floor in "Khrushchev" kitchen

As for sex, the performing arrangement of kitchen 6 square.m is desirable to use a calm color scheme, also soaked in the shade as the flooring adjacent rooms.

most practical arrangement for the floor is non-slip material.A perfect solution would be laying ceramic granite, laminate or linoleum while also eligible to be used.However, their choice should pay attention to the technical characteristics of this floor.Linoleum should be sufficiently durable and fit laminate class 33.

designers who design the interior of the kitchen of 6 sq.m for a visual extension of the space recommended to lay a laminate or tile diagonally.When choosing, it is desirable to lay a linoleum that has a diagonal pattern.These little tweaks let you visually "stretch" the surface of the floor, making the "Khrushchev" kitchen more volume.


Catching design registration, it is important to take into account such factors as light, allows you to split the area into zones and bring the room comfort and convenience.Use natural light as much as possible using light window curtains.

To fill light kitchen space is very useful to add other sources of light at a time when a remake of the kitchen of 6 sq.m. The Upper Light is wise to place on the table.But above the main work area is better to use spot lighting.All these details, of course, have to meet the general requirements of the interior.

For convenience, use the backlight in closets.In addition to these solutions help visually expand the area of ​​bright pictures or pictures which are framed with white mat.

Furniture for a small kitchen

Once finished renovation of the kitchen of 6 sq.m, an important task will be to the right and most convenient selection of home appliances and furniture.However, it should be borne in mind that a small space rational planning are two options:

  1. If the room is narrow and elongated, the furniture are arranged in a line along one wall.When the form
  2. kitchen resembles a square, it is best to use L-plan when the tables are located at the adjacent walls.Then save the area, free space for a dining table or counter.

As for the choice of kitchen furniture, it is important that it is compact, light tones.It is desirable that the furniture was equipped with glass elements.All kitchenware is better hide, because the abundance of detail visually makes kitchen cramped.

You should choose furniture, which has a table with quality drawers and cabinet column.So it will be functional and comfortable.It is better to order a solid countertop that looks organically on a small kitchen.

integrity interior

plan kitchen 6 square.m involves the use of wall cabinets, where it is convenient to store a variety of items and accessories.Choosing furniture is better to use cabinets with glass doors - it will provide a unique interior.

give a modern interior integrity and to protect against dirt and moisture from the wall helps to have furniture rail.Furniture should not be cumbersome and different dimensions, otherwise it will take a lot of space.

can play on the contrasts of size - to set posudnuyu large shelf, with the remaining pieces of furniture to use small.

Conclusions Using these suggestions, and guided by personal taste, you can ensure that a small kitchen area will look much more spacious.After all, the main goal of all running process - to provide the required comfort mistress during cooking.

only having achieved the desired results, as exemplified in the article shown photos of interior solutions for small "Khrushchev" kitchen facilities, you can breathe freely and enjoy the comfort of a cozy six-meter kitchen.Do not despair and give up - to make the beauty of it is real, and not necessarily expensive to invite specialists.