Planters - what's that?

tradition of decorating houses with clay pots with flowers originated in ancient times.However, such dishes in a few years, as a rule, begin to lose their appearance, and therefore it was invented pots.And although today in the shops is no shortage of subjects that can be used to decorate the interior, a huge popular products made by their own hands, including "covers" of various materials for flower pots.

What pots

Any container in which you can fill the earth and plant a plant room, should have a drainage hole.But the classic basket - a decorative container for a flower pot that has such a device for removing excess moisture is not provided.There are a variety of options of dishes designed for such purposes: from luxury of expensive porcelain vases to homemade wooden boxes or containers made of synthetic materials with a futuristic design.

High planters for flowers

The recent trend to put at the door or in the hall of a private house, the restaurant at the trees in large tubs or pots high.In

such cases, you will also need the beautiful high pots in the style of interior design of the room in which they are to be put.Especially popular are the options of rattan - a material which is the dried stems of rattan, which is in Southeast Asia, is widely used for furniture.And a very good choice - it is a high flower pots out of clay, designed for installation outdoors.As has been said, such things can be done independently, and there are many ways of making such craft.For example, a large chest with hinged cover can be adapted for placement of several flower pots, turning it into a very original pots for the garden or terrace.Suitable as a large garden watering, which on top of the need to cut a hole just a little more.

Planters (photo): suspension for windowsills

potted flowers used to decorate a wide variety of areas.Depending on the location where they want to put a houseplant can be selected suspension or table planter.For example, it will look very original version, which resembles a nest, which is represented on the photo.

As for the desktop or floor "covers" for flower pots, planters something - is often elegant earthen pot.In addition, by applying a little imagination, you can make these interior decor and garden area on their own.For example, included in fashion in recent years, striking rubber boots, of which up your kids and children of your loved ones, you can sort through racks and paste them in pots.Another version of the original pots for the windowsill can be made from branches of trees.To do this, simply cut the branches with a diameter of about 1.5-2 x cm to a length slightly longer than the height of the pot, the pot to beat them on the perimeter and tie with string in two places, or tape.And, you can make a very simple, but the original pots with long ropes of bright color.For this, the surface of the pot must be lubricated by any adhesive (e.g., "Time").Then, starting from the top, it is necessary to wind the rope so that the turns are very tight and lay hidden under a bowl into which the plant is planted.

wicker planters

Among traditional types of handicrafts occupy a special place all sorts of weaving technique.They can be used for making pots.For example, the model look very original country-style crocheted from thick colored yarn.However, the most beautiful flower pots - this options in the technique of macrame.Probably, many people want to quickly become authors openwork masterpieces.But first you need to learn how to weave the pots very simple design.

simple pots rope

If you are still only doing the first steps in mastering the art of macrame, then try to weave a simple hanging flower pot cover of the ropes.Such pots - a kind of suspension, for the manufacture of which uses only the most basic components.For work you need the metal ring with a diameter of 12-15 cm and 42 m thick rope.


  • cut to three pieces of rope length of 4 and 10 meters.
  • All segments folded in half and secured to the ring as shown.
  • This 2 end of long ropes (10 timetrovyh) and 2 short end must alternate.Thus, as a result, we have 12 "tails" hanging from the rings.
  • With 2 extreme rope weave flat 4-5 knots.Use at the ends of the rest as the secondary threads.
  • divides all ropes into 3 groups so that each turned by two short and two long ones.
  • In each of the 3 groups weave long ends flat nodes (as shown), 12 in each.
  • Take 2 ropes right from one group and 2 left - from the next, which is next to the right.Make one flat unit 1 at a distance of 15 cm from the last woven.This operation was repeated 3 times.
  • depart from these 3 knots over a distance of 15 cm. Collect all the ropes together.To tie a large knot.
  • Leave 30 cm to form a brush, and the remaining ends of the ropes are cut.


interior design and gardens - it extremely fascinating.In addition, the establishment of various crafts - a good way to entertain your children.So feel free to get down to business and prove that the most beautiful pots - it's made with his own hands.