Design houses inside: photo.

Before you start finishing and finalizing a country house, it is important to understand its uniqueness and some of the features.Interior design in the house can have any style.Its main feature - it should never resemble a formal setting.It may be styles:

  • romanticism;
  • country or village;
  • ultra-modern high-tech;
  • austere minimalism;
  • pretentious kitsch;
  • Nouveau;
  • classicism;
  • art deco.

look very interesting options, for which the styles are combined and intertwined.


House, in contrast to the apartments must be inside something that is impractical or impossible to perform in an urban setting.You can, for example, to build a two-storey building in the country, placed in screw-type stairs with railings, or one that goes around the inner perimeter.Having stairs will create a sense of space and height.Pertinent to a fireplace, giving the feeling of country living.This creates an oven even just their presence warmth and comfort.

Perform contemporary design inside the house should star

t with the ceiling, to then gradually coming down, move on to the walls, door and window openings.

From fantasy builder will depend finishing arches form the ceiling, the future of lighting installations and wall color.Modern materials allow you to create the most intricate designs and shapes.


finishing the ceiling, made use of drywall, plywood or other materials.Since the operation of this design is not experiencing stress, it no special requirements.

design house inside photos are presented here, provides for ceilings.They fit perfectly into the interior, hiding the flaws of the surface.Now manufacturers are producing such products a variety of colors, you can even order fotoprint.Therefore, the owner of the country will be able to choose the structure of texture and pattern, ideal for a given situation.

You can always perform the classic ceiling or build a fantastic bent structure.Available combining smooth curves with strict geometric parts.It became fashionable to eaves system, multi-level ceilings, moldings.


After giving specific shape ceiling can safely begin to create openings.These include the arch - a semi-circular strictly geometric or asymmetric.If the owner of the building wanted to create an original design of the house from a bar inside, do not be afraid of pretentiousness of such structures.

Arched openings are quite capable to replace the door - do not give up the open space inside the cottage.


Interior wood trim make the design of the house in perfect for supporters of natural materials.In addition to the environmental component, such decoration material provides a unique and stunning looks.High-quality finishing works will allow to fill the special atmosphere of the room comfort and warmth.

timber - specific material having a surface flaws that need to hide them visually.In addition to the wood paneling, the design of a country house inside picture is presented above may have a different facing.The most active are now used for this purpose:

  • coloring;
  • drywall;
  • natural lining.


Choosing the best option walls entirely depends on the state of the tree, and on how the host sees the design of the house from a bar inside.Do not carry out labor-intensive operations to finish can only be used in an ideal condition for the construction of timber walls.When a country house made of valuable material, in order to preserve a truly unique wood pattern used only transparent varnish, which stains the surface indoors.

Besides, you can decorate the walls of the natural lining.They are sometimes decorated with geometric carvings, performing full relief compositions.For the interior of minor defects and small cracks can be left - they are extra.

Window and door openings

An important condition for the design of a private house in was the original, will design windows and doors.There is no need delights - give it a wooden door or having the appearance of wood decor.

With windows easier, since modern technology made it possible to mount a high-quality PVC windows, even in the structure of the tree.The problem previously was that due to temperature differences timber changed geometrical dimensions, loading openings windows.So they had previously mounted only wooden windows.But now use mobile boxes for plastic windows, so they may well be installed in buildings of timber.

There is nothing wrong in setting up modern country house windows.Design is important, but the convenience and do not forget.This window frames can be decorated with openwork carving.Wooden doors, too, in such a situation, is decorated with carved patterns.


comes last of all to the floor.Actual entire floor looks solid, executed from strong and durable woods.There are lots of options available that provide space for fantasy owner.

Design country house inside is often different flavor, is in the details - a large mural, national ornaments, tiles.Carving - a great feature of this style.It is impossible to imagine a Slavic house with no wooden parts treated thread.It is applied to the doors, stairs, chairs, table legs, cabinet doors.

as decoration also used wooden panels, embroidery, small paintings with Slavic subjects.With such a design style home design in a specially crafted apparent partial visibility, deliberately rough handling materials.Sometimes purposely trim ceilings, log walls, put a wooden furniture, which emphasized the natural structure.

To decorate the surfaces of some fairly large projects, what are the staircase, the floor or a fireplace, use of natural materials - textured dolomite, cork, stone.


Finally, consider furniture.Design country house inside the photo you have time to consider the above assumes that the furniture perfectly match the color.It is inappropriate will be plastic or metal chairs, stone and glass tables.An important point to be considered is the time of year when the owner is more often at his country house.When the assaults made in autumn and winter, then it would be better to fill the interior of the massive and heavy furniture made in the old style.

summer, so heavy furniture will create a certain atmosphere oppressive, so the ideal option would be a skillful combination of structure is present in a country of light and heavy furniture.The maximum should saturate the interior space with all sorts of wooden objects.

perfectly fit into the design of wooden sculptures, wicker baskets, carvings, and jewelry boxes.The floors are carpeted, it is desirable, and window openings hang thick curtains.