Interesting ideas for the interior with their own hands

modern market is packed with all kinds of finishing materials, furniture and accessories.All you need everything for a comfortable and stylish home - is to make a design project and implement it in this particular area.What there are interesting and original ideas for the interior?The hands you arrange apartment really easy.Let's see how it's done.

original furniture for the living room

To begin with let's deal with those, what are the ideas for interior room.First of all, of course, need to correctly pick up and arrange the furniture.Traditionally in this room set sofa with armchairs, a slide or the wall and the TV.Nothing new in this regard, perhaps, to think not.Much better would be to approach the creative choice of furniture.

Very interesting idea would be, for example, beat the white living room furniture.This will make the room visually more spacious.In addition, the white color goes well with others.However, when deciding on the purchase of such furniture, you need to keep in mind that

it will require special care.After all, a white well be noticeable stains and dirt.To the room did not look too bleak, to complement such furniture can be a couple of what some bright accessories.It may be, for example, colored pillows, textiles or carpets rich colors.

course, for the living room, there are other interesting ideas for the interior.The hands can furnish this room, for example, bright, garish furniture.Such an option good choice for a young family.For example, for certain very nice it will look red and blue furniture against white walls.

If you are a lover of antiques and antiquities, you should definitely consider buying pieces of furniture with carved legs and backs.In a small room at the same time it is best to use soft pastel colors, promotes relaxation and create a philosophical mood.Great Hall, you can arrange and brighter.In any case, the use of such furniture is decorate wall paintings in gilt carved frames depicting landscapes or still lifes.

How to arrange the bedroom

Now let's see what are the interior design ideas for the bedroom.Best of all, if the design of this room style living room will repeat design.However, this room is furnished, it is necessary to bear in mind that there is much more appropriate to use a pastel rather than bright colors.Juicy colors can be used, but in very small quantities.Suffice it to look original bedrooms are decorated in dark colors.However, in this case, it is also important not to overdo it.Otherwise, the room will look too dark.

course, and this room there are original ideas for the interior.His hands furnish a room intended for sleeping, will be even easier than living.You can set here, for example, a round bed.Recently, this option is becoming increasingly popular.Originally look bed, round in a horizontal plane, and the bed rocking.The last option is not only interested in a constructive manner, but also very convenient.No less creative solution will be used in the interior of the bed instead of hanging a hammock.Lovers of antiquity should think about settling a large bed with a thick mattress underneath a canopy.At the same time he can be back with carved or forged metal or alloy.

furniture and household appliances for the kitchen

As for the cuisine, here you can also find some interesting ideas for the interior.The hands it is easy to turn a room into one of the most unique corners of the apartment.Unusually, for example, see the kitchen, decorated in a rustic style.In this case, the room are arranged rugged wooden furniture with open shelves and niches.In the window of the room you can hang colorful curtains made of natural fabrics.In the bustling metropolis a cozy rustic area will look very original.Another interesting idea can be called a kitchen design in a minimalist style or high-tech.

piquancy kitchen interior can be given and with what some accessories.For example, the real decoration of this room can be set with carved handles of knives, cutting boards carved, beautiful wood or pottery and etc.

What other interior design ideas for the kitchen?Since the refrigerator in the room is probably the most important piece of furniture, in the development of the design project can be focused on him.For example, a very interesting solution is to decorate it with paintings.At the same time it is not necessary to order the expensive version of the design.Beautifully decorated and stylish refrigerator, you can use even conventional labels.

unusual furniture hallway

Hallway be called the hallmark of this apartment.It's the room - the first thing visitors see.Therefore, its design also should be given maximum attention.How to make a corridor original and at the same time functional and stylish?Well in the hall will look, for example, a wardrobe with mirrored doors painted on top and lower.Stained or frosted glass doors can also be a good decoration of the hall.With such a remarkable cabinet will be combined hinged glass shelves.

What other ideas for interior room hallway?If the apartment is decorated in the style of "antique", you can put the closet made of wood, and carved to hang on the wall hanger.Pictures in frames in the corridor will also be quite appropriate.Strict classic interior can be supplemented with a forged hanger-rack and lights in forged brackets.

Special curtains

So we looked at what are the interior design ideas for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and hallway.Of course, with original furniture can achieve extraordinary effects in a design.However, to make your apartment a stylish and unique and easy without the need for changing the furnishings and colors.Exclusive design of any room and can be given by simply using any unusual accessories.It may be, for example, required for any premises curtains.Very original and beautiful on the windows blinds will look, in the technique of macrame.Crocheted curtains can also be a real highlight of the room.They are made usually in the technique loin knitting.

Interesting ideas for interior design can be implemented using curtains trimmed with fabric flowers by volume.Decorate the box can also use the curtain, woven of beads or even collected from the bottoms of plastic bottles.

Exclusive pads

Pillows - also one of the accessories, often used to add interior originality.An interesting variant with an unusual design can be purchased at the store or make your own.Use to decorate the sofas and armchairs cushions in the shape of flowers, insects, animals, hearts, fruits, etc.You can make them even in the form of sandwiches, wafer of cookies, or a woodpile stack of pancakes.It all depends entirely on your imagination.

Paintings and photographs

Now let's deal with the fact there are some ideas for interior room with photographs and paintings within.With their help, you can vary the design of almost any living room.The original story - not the only way to bring to the interior a touch of exclusivity.Interesting and unusual may be the scope of paintings and photos, as well as their shape.Attractive, for example, can look frame, glued shells, stones or beads.The room, decorated in a country style, hang on the wall in black and white framed photos related beams of thin twigs.Painted, carved and wrought-iron frames can also look impressive.

Carpets and rugs

very unusual and interesting ideas for the interior can be implemented using small rugs and mats.Originally, for example, see the options in the form of animal skins with their heads, knitted, sewn from pieces of fabric, wicker, shot down from thin wood plates, etc.Just look wonderfully mats made in the form of beds and gazonchik.

unconventional ideas for walls

There original design ideas for the interior of the apartment, where the emphasis is made on the wall.If we use when decorating any unusual material, the entire room as a whole will look exclusively.Very interesting solution, for example, will be taping the walls and parquet or laminate.Another interesting way to design - hand-painted.Should such an inlay made by professional artists, not cheap.However, the result is appropriate.

Ideas ceiling

False ceilings today one can not be surprised.This type of finish on this point can be seen in almost every home.Meanwhile, decorate the ceiling so it is entirely optional.If you wish to choose more original novel methods of finishing.This could be, for example, glass or ceramic tile, wood panel or even a very rough texture - natural stone or concrete.

the same way as the walls, the ceiling can be decorated with paintings, turning it into a work of art.Very interesting look plane, painted with the figure of a rubber roller.There

original ideas for the interior of apartments, require serious expenses.In solidly furnished rooms ceilings are sometimes decorated with natural fabrics, or even tapestries.Recent usually mounted on a special frame, which allows at any time to remove the material and wash or clean it.

Today, if you wish you can order or buy special leather panels are also designed for decoration of the ceiling.Of course, the apartment with the decor looks more than the original.Just as on the walls, the ceiling can be glued parquet, cork, carpet or laminate.

We make sex

What other ideas for the home?The interior will look in the original case, if the room somehow unusually decorated floors.One of the most interesting solutions can be considered artistic parquet.Dies such coatings have very different shapes and colors.Another interesting design options floor tiles can be made of natural stone - marble or granite.

Of course, this is not all the original ideas for the home.The interior can be decorated with other accessories, building materials and furniture.Most importantly, decorating the room in this way - do not overdo it.If used in the interior too many unusual things, the room will not look exclusively and ridiculous.