Office interior: design ideas

In the design of the office are generally accepted two concepts: the traditional "closed" (or cabinet-corridor) and open (Open Space).The former include, for example, most public institutions in Russia: signs on the doors, long corridors, the various "departments" and private offices.In terms of the effectiveness of such an office it corresponds to the best line-functional structure of the company with the classical methods of coordination and management structure.

It is worth noting that there are two basic approaches to the creation of an interior office space: American and European.

American approach

Such interior design office is characterized by open spaces, different in this dynamic, occasionally even some aggressiveness that the company deliberately seeks to demonstrate.The main feature of this approach - it is a commitment to the use of "pure" one of the possible styles.

European approach

This office interior design also includes a concept of open space, while within it is possible to

mix styles.In these offices the details of high-tech peacefully coexist with a unique Persian carpet.To date, experts have identified a number of subspecies of European style, defines the country, manufacturers of furniture: Scandinavian, German, Italian and so on.

dwell on the most well-established and distinct styles of office space organization.Each of them, except for use on the "historical homeland", has won huge popularity in other countries.


traditional American office, familiar from the films of Hollywood, can cause a variety of reactions - from total rejection to admiration.This style emerged in the thirties of the last century, in an era of economic recovery after the Great Depression.He is often called the "Wall Street" or "Manhattan" - under the name of the largest business districts in New York.For most Americans the meaning of life lies in the work, and the cult of paid employment, which is inculcated from childhood, of course, reflected in the design of offices.

basis for it, as mentioned above, is considered to Open Space - this is an open space, which consists only of columns and exterior walls.Some small rooms are assigned only for negotiations and rest, in addition to senior managers.All other employees of the company are mainly sitting in the huge halls that razgorozheny furniture panels.Americans are the most effective and energize even the interior of a small office, trying to use to the maximum benefit of its every square meter.

Most people in this country are so engrossed in their work that satisfied and in his own house a small "Manhattan".Huge studio apartment, in which a lot of space and light, large windows and a minimum of furniture, are considered to be comfortable housing for the American.It also creates and home office.Interior in these areas is generally very strict and if devoid of personality - desk, chair, necessary equipment, located in the corner of the room.

democratic Europe

Now let's deal with this style.The interior of the office created in the European style, less monotonous than the American.It is used to distinguish between places of light, sometimes transparent panels that reflect light beautifully, though through them while you can not see anything.A person working for such a wall, feeling isolated: it does not see a neighbor, and the office is light and bright.

European approach

pan-European office interior can be divided into different subspecies, which are distinguished mainly by the principle of selection of furniture.For example, the Scandinavian office furniture bright colors, mostly it is used wood, sometimes - laminate and metal.It has a lightweight form in comparison with the US, while in Europe this furniture considered all the same "heavy".

But the Italians, the British and the French prefer laminate makes it easy to identify in the office organizing corporate colors, as well as the legs of metal that create a feeling of lightness.Most likely, the ease and sophistication of a variety of shapes you can offer the Italian interior designer office - the representatives of the country in the creation of the pan-European style could make a major contribution.

German approach

It is a well thought-out arrangement of each of the components of the workspace, ordering parts, as well as ergonomic and functional furniture.The German interior pronounced practicality and rationality softens the presence of a huge number of colors - among them, and fresh flowers placed on the window sills, and a different image in the decor.

French approach

French modern office interior bright light, not devoid of decoration in the form of openwork metal parts, mirrors, bright upholstery, as well as paintings in gilt frames Fine.This style of the interior brings some improvisation and disorder, although it gives it a unique charm.

English approach

English office interior is elegant and rigorous.When creating jobs here applies welcome open space.Offices and meeting rooms of the authorities in this case are located in separate rooms.The traditional English office reigns peace and comfort.This place is expensive furniture made of woods, high-quality office accessories, vases, pictures, books, antiques, carpets.In this style of interior design can be traced back not only the functionality but also the nobility and solidity.

Scandinavian approach

Office interior design in the Scandinavian style - a minimum of decoration and natural light colors, natural materials and simple.These offices are open and spacious, there are clearly arranged workplaces, beige and light gray color of the walls and furniture create a positive atmosphere, and help to focus on the job.

This style - it is natural and simplicity, which are considered one of its main advantages.

Italian approach

Italian office interior based on the idea of ​​open space.It provides a huge number of options for redevelopment, thereby enabling to improve the room, trying different design jobs in order to increase their effectiveness.At the open spaces in this place also provides isolated areas (meeting rooms, executive offices, meeting rooms).Italian style in general, distinguished by elegance, grace, besides the high quality of the interior components.Ergonomic shape, expensive materials, air and light curtains, vases with flowers, paintings and carpets.It's sure to warm the colors.

banking offices

Traditionally workspace offices of banks is divided into 2 parts.The first are separate offices for guidance.The modern design of the cold in this place is contraindicated in: interior of the cabinet in the office, designed in the same style, the bank is positioned as a young and aggressive, which means that the market recently released.Therefore, it is better to withstand the environment in a classic English style, born of the partners on the associative level sense of respectability and reliability.

In another part, which is intended for all other employees, the room is mainly organized in the format of Open Space.Here, for middle managers fenced off certain areas.Equipping such an office, open area should be organized in such a way that people feel themselves as one team, while able to maintain personal space.Most often this is used in bank offices low partitions.

offices of law firms

situation where you must show conservative, integrity and stability.This implies requirements for the design and interior: rationality, rigor, full compliance with the status and position of the company;Plus, the entire hierarchy is clear, can be seen in the structure of the office.It is worth noting that the cabinet system is more appropriate for negotiations.To create a positive image of a reliable used furniture in a traditional style.

Offices engineering companies

Offices technological and engineering companies mostly saturated furniture, although the compact and ergonomic.Therefore, the perfect solution for these facilities - is planning Open Space with low partitions.Here aesthetics moved into second place, while on the first go convenience and comfort.Although it applies only to the work premises where there are too important representative functions.At the same time it is necessary to equip the head office by the rules.If it will draw antique or it will be in the style of neoclassicism, he is unlikely to make an impression on visitors.In the design of such offices would be more appropriate to high-tech style.

Office of Consumer Market

Such offices want to demonstrate showmanship.Due to this, in the interior there is an easy exaggeration, moreover, conscious of extravagance.Mainly used as materials laminate of different colors, metal and glass.There is admissible unusual lights, bright colors, the use of the latest developments designers.The main task - to make an impression, while not losing its stylistic integrity.

Offices advertising companies

Editions, PR- and advertising agencies use the advantages of open office more often than other companies.These offices tend to be even more American way of interior decoration.In these companies lies in their democratic structures - the head is always open to new ideas and to communicate with subordinates.In these offices, the requirements for furniture - it's versatility and ergonomics.For example, the racks can be used for office as baffles.

Besides European and American approaches to the creation of the interior office can also make and the Japanese approach.

Japanese approach

hard work and exceptional performance of the Japanese, their unity, discipline, restraint known worldwide.Therefore, it is not surprising that the basis of their interiors is the logic, harmony and simplicity.Furniture unity different material and shapes, and the elements of repetition of certain asymmetry and substantially smooth surfaces.They are mostly used bright colors: beige, milky, white.For decorative use natural cotton and silk.

where the style of the offices based on the principle of hierarchy and functionality.Every employee working in one place is the area assigned to it in accordance with his position in the firm.So, ordinary employees sit in an open and spacious rooms, where there are no walls.Opposite is the head of the workplace.Therefore, each employee is sitting to the head of the person he allows to fully control his subordinates.

is worth noting that the European approach also implies an orientation on the company, which is also important, as the situation in each office must demonstrate corporate style.

Russian office

In our country, only a few are used in their offices open spaces (as a rule, exceptions are the editors of magazines and newspapers).Most uses are still "Soviet" version of the traditional type of office - a huge number of rooms, each with the number of employees is sitting.We hierarchy consists of only 2 positions: director and others.Consequently, so organized and the whole office.The manager's office - the most spacious.In creating the interior Russian leaders largely dominated by the classic style.His design emphasized thorough, solid, expensive, and sometimes luxurious.All the items here are massive, or appear so.They are used expensive materials, the cabinet, cabinets and tables decorated with various prestigious accessories.

Although in recent years in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other large cities were leaders, striving to look modern.Most of them in the organization of offices prefer the European style.Such facilities managers removed in modern buildings in which a lot of air and space, install a mobile, lightweight, reconfigurable furniture with lots of metal parts.

According to experts, Russia will gradually disappear office, consisting of a large number of small small rooms.Who is more promising areas, which form an open large spaces and easily reconfigured and form, as well as where it will be possible to make a modern and functional office interior with their own hands.Office modern buildings are built just on this principle.Here, each floor has a central hall, exterior walls, serving node, columns, and the rest is already the owner of the room creates.In fact, this method of using building space architecture dictates.