The kitchen in a private home (photos)

functional, comfortable and beautiful kitchen - the dream of any housewife.How to create a unique interior of the kitchen?In a private house is easier to do than in the typical high-rise buildings.You can re-plan space as convenient for you, to mount an individual communication under the project.You can choose any style of interior design for the kitchen.

Country style: comfort, warmth, comfort

Rustic direction in the interiors of kitchens are always popular.It has found expression in a variety of styles that emphasize rural life.Country - is the common name for a rustic style in different countries.Each country has its own particular construction and arrangement of the houses, the preferred colors.Therefore, American country is different from the Norwegian or French, in spite of the common characteristic stylistic features.The kitchen in a private home designed in this style, emphasizes the naturalness, closeness to nature, provides comfort and natural heat.Colours have to be a natural, warm colors

: beige, light green, brown, yellow, etc. Will fit harmoniously into the kitchen country accessories made of natural materials: woven baskets, mats, blinds, shades, lots of jewelry made from textiles.Furniture should be selected from natural wood or wicker.It looks great wall, decorated with bamboo wallpaper, linen cloth or unbleached paper.All this will help to create a unique interior.Kitchen in a private home - a space for creative fantasy owners.

Hi-tech - a technological breakthrough in the kitchen

For lovers of comfort, brevity and achievements of high-tech high-tech style is indispensable.It is characterized by two-tone palette: black and white, gray-black, and close to them shades.This style eliminates all unnecessary.Design, furniture, appliances are subject to master - saving and convenience.Smooth furniture fronts, combined with the simplicity of shapes, decorate elegant interior.Kitchen in the panel house difficult to reschedule, their area is not always possible to implement modern design projects.That is why small kitchens typical panel houses high-tech - a real find.Glossy surfaces reflect light, visually increase the volume of the room.The lack of spare parts, furniture items and accessories saves space.In the working area of ​​the kitchen can concentrate all necessary appliances.

Elegant classic kitchen

never go out of fashion classic interior of the kitchen in the house.Photos of the premises carried out in accordance with the principles of this style allows to choose alternative design your own room.The strictness and reticence parts, shapes and lines, restrained colors in the interior accentuate the respectability of the hosts.In addition, the design of furniture and kitchen space in a classic style will always be relevant.Thus, preferring the classics in your kitchen, you choose reliability, comfort and environmental friendliness.Furniture in a classical setting to be made of wood or wicker;trim and few accessories - only from natural materials.

Ethnic style - bright interior

desire to be extraordinary, stand out from the other easily translate into styling cuisine.Ethnic design direction will allow to recreate the atmosphere of another country, emphasize the national character and express your creativity.Ethnic style in the kitchen - it is a relatively inexpensive way to create an unusual and original interior of the kitchen in a private home.For registration in the ethnic style, you'll need a variety of objects and materials that reflect the cultures and history of a people and the state.

Ethnic gives you the freedom in the choice of accessories, color palette, furniture, way to finishing the interior.Popular style with national color is due to the fact that it does not require specific details and compliance with the rules.You can completely improvise, adhering to the selected line.The only condition - to observe the traditions of the national culture.For the kitchen African style fit bright colors with zigzag patterns: mainly uses shades of terracotta, brown, ocher and black.Japanese-style preference beige, white, chocolate-colored, Chinese style involves plenty of red accessories.Before the creation of the design project of ethnic cuisine should be familiar with the basic historical and cultural information about the country, people and customs.

Kitchen combined with living room: comfort and practicality

addition to decorating style kitchen, great importance is its functionality.Today, more and more often in modern design is combined with the kitchen facilities other purposes.Very popular combinations projects fit harmoniously into the interior of the house: living room, kitchen or bedroom-office.Kitchen, combines the functions of a living room and dining room - this is a great option for a big hospitable family.This room can accommodate all the necessary appliances and furniture for the working areas and guest.You can use different techniques of zoning spaces.A great way to delineate territory - an island or bar.You can use the split-level ceilings, floors, lighting, or different shades of color separating the cooking area of ​​the space for receiving guests.Demonstrating creativity, imagination and design skills, you can create an original interior of the kitchen-living room in the house.

fireplaces in the kitchen - the warmth and comfort

Fireplaces in homes has always been the center of attention.If a standard kitchen of an apartment building it is impossible to establish, the cottage is to make it easier.It is wood-burning fireplaces organically fit into the interior of the kitchen in a country house.However, the installation of the fireplace is associated with certain difficulties: not available in all areas of its installation.In such cases, can be a great alternative or falsh- biofireplaces.Existing models of artificial foci can perform not only a decorative function, but also perform other.For example, to distinguish between different zones in the kitchen or serve as a support for the accessories.


lighting Lighting in the kitchen should be multi-level.For the central chandelier lighting is perfect.You can choose a model that is suitable to the style of the kitchen or, on the contrary, create a unique accent.However, a chandelier lighting is insufficient.Built-in lamps, sconces, floor lamps, not only will fill your kitchen with light, and create a variety of visual effects to transform the space.In each zone must be stationary lighting.The work area in the kitchen requires additional lighting: sink and a cutting surface should be well lighted.

Kitchen apron - the beauty and practicality

Such decorative interior, like an apron, is very practical for kitchens.It can be built from a variety of finishing materials.It may be glass, ceramic tiles, panels made of artificial stone.Options decor apron lot: mosaic, floral patterns, a combination of different techniques.Very nice looking glass aprons with photo printing - skinali.Their range is varied: landscapes, urban sketches, abstract painting.You can also use artificial materials: MDF or plastic panels.It is important to choose materials as safe, non-flammable.

cabinet in the kitchen - a vital necessity

computing devices have become part of many work and life.In order not to waste time and no extra space in the apartment to accommodate your computer, you can place it in the kitchen.In suburban homes it is much easier to do than in high-rise buildings.Of the variety of equipment options of the working area with computer gadgets, you can choose the one that will not break the kitchen interior of a private house.Photos with different ways of arrangement of the cabinet in the kitchen to help you choose the best option.For a desktop computer will need a separate table or countertop with shelves and drawers.Be sure to carefully consider the wiring and ventilation devices to make armchair zone as safe and comfortable.