The kitchen 9 sq.

Kitchen is one of the main rooms in the house.It is a favorite spot not only housewives but also the rest of the household.Family, gathering the evening in a cozy and warm atmosphere, talking about plans, discuss the previous day and so forth. To the interior of kitchen 9 sq.m to make fashionable and fun, you need to work hard.

Now we know how to do it with the optimal allocation of space.Design kitchen 9 sq.m, of course, differs from the interior decoration smaller area.This increase in meters will help us in creating a new, unique style.Looking at the kitchen 9 sq.m (photos presented in the article), it is difficult to say that the rooms are big.Yet we have a great opportunity to realize interesting designs, which give scope for styling and for the situation room.


Kitchen 9 sq.m, photos are presented in this article are not the largest area.Sometimes it is difficult to fit a dining area here and work.Because of the small space and clutter room furniture is obtained visually small and cram

ped.Add to the room space and lightness possible by means of color.The kitchen 9 sq.m must be created with a predominance of soft light shades.The best option would be for the walls white.People who prefer the interior with warm colors, you can add beige, pastel yellow, cream tones.

should be understood that light colors kitchen design 9 sq.m make for a more spacious and comfortable.The interior colors can be added with the help of colorful facades, accessories and textiles.

also help visually unload room for open cabinets or shelves.They recently more relevant than closed bulky design.

This year, the most fashionable combination is a mixture of natural wood and light tones of white color.And such a kitchen will look expensive and stylish for many years.

Kitchen set

his choosing, prefer, as mentioned above, light tones.In developing the interior of the kitchen 9 sq.m, we must understand that the best solution is furnished L-shaped layout or in a row.Look for models with conventional open shelves and wall cabinets.Do not place near the sink plate between them must always be a distance because of their location in close proximity unsafe and uncomfortable.The best option - to put the tabletop between them.So it will be much easier to prepare.

plan kitchen

This kitchen can be square-shaped, rectangular, as well as a long and narrow.Conceiving renovated kitchen 9 sq.m, we must understand that it completely changed the layout, you can by moving or demolition of walls.This is ideal for multi-room home.For a one-bedroom or studio apartment suitable transfer of the living room dining area.

Kitchen interior square-shaped

For the interior square and rectangular dishes perfect T-shaped arrangement of the headset or the wall.At this point, a lot depends on where the box.If you prefer furniture with upper cabinets, the ideal option would be the furniture along the walls.

narrow kitchen

for long and narrow kitchen best option would be to place a suite of furniture along the walls.If your family consists of two people, along the opposite wall you can put a small table with chairs.But if in the family for more than three people, it's worth thinking about how to move into the living room dining area.

Corner kitchen

Psychologically the bottleneck this cuisine is just the corner.But the angular kitchen 9 sq.m. and allow them to choose everything:

  • convenient to put the sink in the corner with a free space on the right and the left.Being provided the opportunity to sink to hide a screen, a retractable top.So you create for yourself protected from the results of the constant lack of time - unwashed dishes in the eyes of the visitor is not to rush.

  • Another tip: do not need to place the hob in the corner.Direct cooking requires space.You can be the pan pasta toss up and not have to, as in the habit of an Italian restaurant, but the extra space at the stove is still not hurt.

Style Interior Design

Creating a design similar to the kitchen should start with the selection of furniture for her.That decision will be given by the vector of development of the project.Consider the basic styles of furniture suitable for our kitchen.


This style is remarkably suitable, if the house high ceilings.In addition, similar to the interior of kitchen 9 sq.m create the perfect atmosphere for cooking and unique homeliness.This style is suitable for those people who prefer to spend cozy family home evening.


This is a budget option, though designed for the budget conscious people.The materials of which are usually created interiors: natural wood, MDF and glass.Very popular this style is always used in the elderly, for whom ergonomics and simplicity are paramount.But in recent years it has become increasingly popular among young people, who see in it a unique charm and refinement.


This is the most modern style, which is great for very young people who prefer all progressive and innovative.When designing a kitchen focuses on lighting and appliances.For this style is characterized by strict lines, a complete lack of decor, as well as the following materials manufacturing parts: glass, metal, MDF and plastic.


Perfect for anyone who can not think on their own style.And also for those who have the scope of a certain direction of flight of imagination is not limited.Kitchen design in this spirit that involves a combination of different decorative elements, which are taken from a variety of different styles.

addition, kitchen 9 sq.m will look great when it made into the style of hi-tech or minimalism.