Interior gray colors.

lot of gray do not like, it seems to them dull and expressionless.Could this mean that the interior in gray colors banal and dull?We believe that this is a profound mistake.

Many designers believe that the gray - the color of the aristocracy, the people with great taste.Various shades of gray are a great background.They are especially elegant look more bright and deep colors.

Gray - purity and simplicity

creating the interior in gray color, with the addition of one or two additional colors, it is almost impossible to screw up.The fact that this completely neutral shade goes well with all the others.The result can always be interesting and quite unexpected.

combination of gray with other colors - a very common design method when you want to create an original and stylish interior.

Psychology gray

Experts say that gray calms.Based on the many studies, psychologists have found that people who are in a state of nervous exhaustion, subconsciously choose clothes gray.They unconsciously choose a sha

de that will help them to remain in a balanced state.Therefore, if you are exposed to stress, the interior in gray colors will suit you perfectly.

Gray "cool."Therefore, it is best used in rooms that face south.

interior in gray color as background

As already mentioned, the color is quite neutral and is its main advantage.He is like a blank canvas, prepared to create interesting and original compositions.

walls, painted or wallpapered gray, allow the use of textiles, furniture, accessories of any shade.Blinds in the interior (photo you can see in this article) can be deep purple or bright green.What is most interesting - the interior will remain mellow and elegant.On a gray background all the colors will shine with new colors.

If you want to focus on textiles, textures, furniture, use for large surfaces very light shade of gray.

loft-style, high-tech

Gray, many associated with the modern city.This tone of asphalt, concrete and metal.Therefore, its shades are often used in creating the interior in modern style - urban, loft, high-tech.

You can paint the walls in gray or select one.It can be made rough by using decorative plaster.In such apartments should be gray and floors.

Gray kitchen

Where in the house requires sterile cleanliness?Of course, in the kitchen.Clean and fresh gray interior kitchen like no other is appropriate.Moreover, it can be used in modern styles, or in any other.

Gray kitchen furniture can be glossy or matte minimalist classic.

gray Successfully used and the design of the floor.It's natural color of the stone.The floor covering can be anything (the good of their choice now is great), but, in our opinion, the interior in shades of gray to win, if you use tiles close shade.

interior in gray picture which can often be seen in the brochures of construction companies, can not be too comfortable.But it does not irritate, does not tire, such as the interior in red tones.The kitchen is designed in a gray color, a person will be calm and comfortable, but at the same time, a very long time it did not want to be.However, it is our opinion.Many such interior is quite satisfied.

How to make the kitchen more comfortable

If such a desire arises, it is necessary to dilute the shades of gray.Most often used soft and warm natural colors - beige, brown, sand, cream.For example, a gray kitchen furniture perfectly complement the wooden flooring or imitating wood (parquet, laminate, linoleum).Gray-beige in the interior of the kitchen make it warm and cozy.

Gray in exquisite interiors

Gray - the color of silver, white gold, mirrors, natural stone and others.Perhaps that is why it is often used when creating a chic, elegant interior Baroque, Classicism, Rococo and their modern interpretations.In addition, in recent years it has become popular new style - glamor.Here, too, the main emphasis is on the shimmering mirrors, luxury and deliberate ornateness.In this case, the gray surfaces make glossy, silvery wallpaper, curtains with a satin sheen.

combination of gray with other colors

gray-brown color in the interior can be used in any room - kitchen, bathroom, hallway, office.But in this case must be performed by certain rules.Brown is quite dark.Therefore, if the room is very small, it must be used very carefully, in the form of small parts.Otherwise, your room will look dark and a little more.

combination with black and white

This unique color in tune with white and black.It is their mixing.Gray - a bridge between opposites.Therefore, it can be combined with white and black, and perhaps with two colors at once.

If you plan to combine gray with white, it is better to choose not pure white (on the background of gray will "blaze"), and a softer shade of cream or milk.

gray-pink and blue-purple interior

skillful combination of gray with other colors - it is always stylish and sophisticated interior.One of the most effective combination is a gray-purple.This applies to all shades - from dark purple to delicate lavender and lilac.

looks interesting interior, where three walls gray, and one (Accent) - purple.Bright purple lampshade, purple curtains in the interior (photo you can see in this article) will make the room modern and very comfortable.For a room suitable natural wood furniture.You can use a black, silver or white furniture fronts.

combination of gray with purple suitable for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, with pale purple - perfect for the room of a teenage girl.

more soft and warm gray color will blend with different shades of pink.Such a combination of "a woman's face."This interior is very popular with the girls, young girls.In addition, it is suitable for the living room-style glamor - light and comfortable, with floral motifs.

combination of gray with yellow

It is very effective combination.Against the backdrop of gray, yellow begins to "burn".Therefore, in the interior it should not be too much.This could be, for example, a yellow stripe on the wall, one yellow seat and yellow curtains and lampshades.Such details make the room sunny and joyful.

combination of gray and red and orange

As a rule, such a combination is used in high-tech style.It is fair to say that it is quite difficult to perceive the combination - they are sharp, throbbing.To soften it, it is necessary to use more white or cream color.

combination of gray and green

Today, these interiors are very popular - they relax and cool.This combination of trapped natural, environmental motives.Most of all, they are suitable for ekostilya.If your living room or bedroom will be complemented by plants, then you are going to rest in her body and soul.

combination of blue and gray with blue

This combination in the interior of someone deemed too cold, but at the same time it is quiet and elegant.It is quite suitable for the living room or bedroom.In this room will not prevail neither male nor female principle.

If you would like to soften it, you can paste over the wall with blue wallpaper with a floral pattern, for example, in the flower.So it is possible to balance the blue-gray interior, making it a harmonious and cozy.

Gray does not take care of all the attention.He remains neutral in any combination, which is why it is never boring.In the gray room, you can often change the accessories, textiles and furniture.This gray tone will withstand all the changes and each time you please novelty.Gray wall can emphasize works of art.

If you have not perceived gray, strongly recommend once again look to it.With skillful use of it may be multifaceted and elegant.In combination with other shades, he is able to create an atmosphere of ease and comfort, luxury and refinement.The refined and delicate gray help solve any design problem.