Artificial flowers for the interior.

Decorate apartment, give it personality and charm to every woman dreams of.Doing comfortable accommodation for your family, the women decorate it with souvenirs, lace curtains, beautiful furniture.Not an exception and artificial flowers for the interior, which become a "highlight" in any home, if they are properly arrange and tasteful.

Pros artificial


Make your property so the decor - fashionable and stylish.In our time, so make beautiful bouquets that they are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.It looks like a natural, but no flavor.Artificial flowers chooses the one hostess, who does not have time to take care of these.After all these bouquets do not need watering or frequent changes of water.They do not need to replant, fertilize and create the desired humidity and temperature in the room.Your child does not scatter the ground around the apartment, the dog does not overturn the pot.The whole family can go for a long time and do not need to ask a neighbor to care for pl


Another plus artificial flowers - is the lack of dry fallen leaves on the carpet or floor.You are also free from the possibility of poisoning your small children or pets that inadvertently or out of curiosity may try "to the tooth" living plant.Also, households do not have the risk of allergy to pollen, if instead of living plant you bought artificial flowers for the interior.

Cons inanimate plants

Naturally, together with the advantages of interior decoration artificial flowers has its negative aspects.The second side of the coin implies the absence of a pleasant aroma.These flowers do not smell and are not pleasing to the sense of smell.Furthermore, made from low-quality material, such plants may also provoke allergic reactions.

If your home is decorated with artificial flowers, it does not save you the hassle.For such plants should also take care to make them look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.They can break or fall apart, and then the whole carpet is littered with sharp needles, leaves and other small things, which is hard enough to pull out of a soft cloth.Artificial flowers should not be placed on a balcony or on the windowsill, as the leaves of such plants quickly burn out and turn into ugly yellow mass.These plants in the interior collect a lot of dust, which is also fraught with allergies and constant wet cleaning.

How to choose a high-quality artificial flowers

We have already defined all aspects of non-living plant - their pros and cons.Having made a choice in their favor, the first thing we do is run to the store for purchase.And then, most importantly, do not make a mistake, choose a quality product.How to do it?

known that modern artificial flowers for the interior are made of polyurethane, latex, cotton and silk.It is better to choose the latter two options, they are pleasant to the touch and does not cause allergies.Remember that sometimes cheap goods can look very beautiful and create the illusion of a good, but with time, its colors fade, and the details of the composition fall off.Therefore it is better to buy more flowers, they are not only better, but also on the mind alike as two drops of water on their living counterparts.

Artificial flowers have six categories.Under the numbers 1,2,3 do not sell very good composition.Goods labeled 4,5,6 better and more reliable.Buy flowers should be those who look carefully, not disheveled, have the correct shape of the petals and leaves.Before you pay for the goods, check that is firmly seated in the inflorescence stalk, do not fall off any leaves.Artificial flowers in the interior of the apartment should look natural, so choose a color as close as possible to natural.


arrange bouquets

When you have purchased a long-awaited purchase, before you have a new question: how tasteful, elegant and fashionable to place artificial flowers in the interior.Photos of various design options at home can be found on the Internet or in the pages of a glossy magazine dedicated.Typically, these flowers put in a pot or vase.At home, you always find the correct container, well, if the color it will be combined with the filling.In broad vase put the whole bouquet.In the narrow vase one will look good artificial flower.

In addition, silk or cotton plants can decorate curtain.To do this, we do not buy the whole flowers and buds and leaves separate.Beautifully fasten them in tulle, on the wall or even on the chandelier - it gives flavor to the decor.It looks amazing artificial fountain, which is decorated with a caring hostess lilies and roses made of material.Well look artificial flowers, placed in a frame on the wall.

decorated rooms compositions

Every corner in your home requires special attention and exceptional personality.Therefore bouquets in the rooms, too, must be different.For example, in the living room can be placed in the German style of composition called "Biedermeier".They feature a beautiful rounded shape, and therefore the ideal place for them would be a coffee table or a wide shelf on the wall.The vase, which put such a "ball-shaped" flowers to be too broad and low.Conversely, in narrow containers are usually placed tall stems and branches.The color depends on the style of living.For the design of "high-tech" - red and blue, the Victorian - Orange, for the Greek - beige and so on.

Artificial flowers for interior bedroom is best to choose shades of pastel.Suit purple, pink and blue and dull yellow color.Thus, they create a peaceful atmosphere in the recreation area and help relieve stress after a hard day.The kitchen is the place of a bouquet of artificial wildflowers or climbing plants.They are associated with comfort and increase appetite in the dining area.In the bathroom, you can put any bouquets, more importantly, that they are resistant to moisture.

How to care for artificial flowers

Such bunches do not need special care.Their main goal - to make life easier for women who spend a lot of time at work and do not have extra hours to tinker with the spraying and watering.But this does not mean that about artificial flowers can be completely forgotten.Sometimes these plants should be cleaned from dust, which is collected on sheets very quickly.Once a week, these flowers can be cleaned with a damp cloth.Means for care is now sold a lot, and with a choice of no problems.

Once a month bouquets removed from the usual places, place them in the bath and fill with warm soapy water.Properly vymoknuv they cleaned stubborn dirt and dust, which was noticeable in remote locations for rags.Some housewives sprayed his artificial bouquets from a spray - on a piece created by the effect of dew that refreshes the atmosphere and contributes to the overall flavor of the room.You can decorate with small butterflies or bees your artificial flowers.The compositions for the interior in such a case, look very stylish.

How to make artificial flowers


their hands

truly become exclusive bouquets that you make yourself.They will be different from the template store, a nice work to show off to guests and friends.For example, the design will be a good decoration flowers created from polymer clay.The consistency of it, like clay, it is easy to operate even a child, so invite your children to participate actively in the process.To begin, cut out of cardboard blanks for the petals and leaves, knead the clay and create the details of the future flower.Attach them to the wire color, paint the color of any selected and put into the pot.If heavy flower and does not want to stand straight, place the foam in the container, and the stem firmly in his slide.

Artificial flowers also can be made from fabric.It should be tight to hold the shape of a flower.Before the beginning of the creative process to treat the material with a special solution.To make it, you need only a couple of spoonfuls of gelatin.They fill the warm water to completely dissolve the substance, after which the fabric is dipped into the liquid.When it dries, you can begin to work.Soap on a material draw blanks in the form of petals and leaves, cut them with scissors and carefully fastening the needle and thread.

Artificial flowers feng shui rules

arrangement bouquets are the same for the living and for the artificial copies.It is known that plants oblong sheets with sharp symbolize male energy.It is better to put in the living room and in the office - in the southern part of the room.Unmarried women are often placed them in the hallway to draw the stronger sex in the house.Artificial flowers gentle rounded, with drooping, twisted stalks symbolize female power.They are suitable for the bedroom and children's room.And also for bachelor "den" for women to go fly, "like flies to honey."

Some people believe that artificial flowers "dead", they only suppress energy premises.But this is not so.Masters of Feng Shui believe that such bouquets definitely weaker than their living counterparts, but they are capable of releasing energy and influence the atmosphere of the room.Most importantly, artificial flowers liked landlord and gave him a good mood.Then the power house will be warm, joyful and positive.