The lounge area.

Lounge of the fashion trend is gradually becoming a style of interior.To create a recreation area in the apartment need to know the basics of psychology.Light, color, zoning, form - it all runs on relaxation.In this article we will look at the most common ways to create a lounge area.

Dachnoe mood

has long been the word "cottage" and "rest" for we have become synonymous.How nice, forgetting about the bustling city life with its incredible rhythm, sit on the couch, listening to classical music or reading a book ... Wall, decorated with natural wood, wallpaper with roses painted on them, a combination of pastel shades of cream and mint turquoise - itall creates the appearance of Russian XX century cottages.And do not forget about the presence of flowers.

Italian motifs

Pets gatherings with friends and family - it's a great way to escape the everyday hustle and bustle.Especially for this is easily organized upholstered lounge area.It is enough to create a closed composition of the chairs and sofas

around tables round shape, and you get a beautiful area to have fun and relax.Thanks pastel, soft tones and a huge amount of light that pours through the round window and glass door, there is a feeling of clear sunny day on the coast of Italy.A presence on the table a vase with fruit and candles, the wine will give the opportunity to experience what a really "sweet life", which was sung by the famous Federico Fellini.

Home "sceneĀ»

There are people who think that the lounge area in the apartment - it is a luxury, because it eats up precious already missing meters.For such people the ideal practical option - the device a high podium.He's inside can "hide" the bed and pull-out drawers for clothes, and put on top of the couch and a stereo system.Thus, you get a lounge area, reminiscent of a scene from the parapet of the tree.At this elevation it is also possible to watch TV after fixing it to the wall.

Ekolaunzh the city

using modern classic interior green color that is characteristic of Scandinavian landscapes and Norwegian patterns, easily organized recreation area in a room in ecological style.It has not uncommon wicker furniture in a city apartment.Here the main thing - is to arrange it so that in the corner, intended for recreation, it was spacious enough and spread out cushions."Herbal" calm color scheme helps to create the effect of union with nature.A picture on the wall edge of the forest visually expands the space, which is especially important in small rooms, and adjusts for peaceful contemplation.


lounge area organized in a small area is quite simple - it is enough to get an interesting chair.It was created in the form of a ball of fibrostekla and rotates around its own axis.In this corner of the well to be alone with yourself, talk on the phone or read a magazine.Continuing to choose furniture for the lounge area, it is worth noting that such a situation will complement the well-leather ottoman that can be used as a tea table, a second seat, footrest or stand for magazines.Brightly colored pieces of furniture at the same time will have anti-stress effect, and original accessories, such as watches with a "hanging" figures and a portrait of the dog, add a little humor atmosphere.

Oriental accents

Eastern Europeanized recreation area in a house devoid of classical brilliance.In its decor is dominated by calm shades of black and gray.Bright accents here are only colored cushions.On the lower podium fit a soft thick mat.At this point, you can recline, enjoying the leisurely flow of time.Nearby on the floor can be symmetrically arrange the sculptures of Buddha, which will emphasize this focus area.The abundance of flowers will make it possible to create the illusion of an oasis in a room in miniature.

place under the sun

This lounge area is suitable for people who can admire from his window views.It is a place to relax a wooden bench with cushions and padded seat.If you need additional coverage, it can be placed next to a floor lamp or a sconce.This "box" can be arranged as a simple broad windowsill: sitting on it, you can do needlework, or admire the scenery.

And the main thing.In every corner of relaxation will certainly be a colorful view from the window, as this component can play a big role in the relaxation.If it is not, you come back tired from work, while you do not want to have a natural, it is possible to give the lounge a small room, paint it in a beautiful dark tone.Thus, you get not just a room but a real intimate casket.Turn on soft music, pour tea, light the candles and immerse yourself in the return process itself into a state of harmony.