Stained glass ceiling with his hands.

When planning a renovation in their apartment, we want to make our nest original, bright and cozy.If the House wants to bold decisions and greater freedom, the choice should be stopped at the stained-glass ceiling, which are suspended, while are very beautiful pattern on the mirror or glass.Ceilings stained, you can create different shapes, as this song will fit into the interior of any dwelling.


This design consists of a square glass plates 60 x 60 or 30 x 30 cm, as well as the suspension of the metal system located below the ceiling.At the same time on each plate is part of a general pattern or ornament.

Advantages of stained glass ceilings

  1. possibility of embedding fixtures.
  2. decorative.These rooms give an attractive appearance, but also serve as their decoration.
  3. Sustainability.Glass - an environmentally friendly material that does not emit harmful substances and do not cause allergic reactions.
  4. wide range.
  5. Moisture.Stained glass plates have a high moisture resistance.They even
    installed in rooms with high humidity.
  6. easy maintenance.They are made of colored glass, therefore, for them to wet cleaning with cleaning agents.
  7. Quick installation.

Method of application images

ceilings stained by type printing the images are divided into two types:

  • collected from several glass elements;
  • film.

Film stained-glass consists of two layers: a polymer film with an image and a glass plate.This type is more expensive (such stained glass ceiling price is about 10 000 rub. / 1 ​​m), though less durable, since the film can be easily damaged.If you treat him with high caution and thrift, it will last you a long time.

stained glass ceilings, which include glass parts, have high strength and reliability.Plates are connected with each other veins of copper or lead.They are well settled in the banquet, exhibition halls, in homes, clubs, restaurants and homes.The cost of a square meter will cost 30 000 rubles.

production technology

At the present moment there is a huge number of technologies for creating stained glass ceilings that allow you to create all kinds of designs.Learn about the most popular of them.

print on stained glass

printing on glass - it is a new design solution by which you can bring a variety of daring ideas: painting, photography, as well as any particular pattern.To make the stained glass ceiling picture which is presented in this article, with a seal, it should cause the best treatment option, such as a photo image on a polymeric film.Then this film with the finished image is cut into squares and glued to the glass.


Sandblast Sandblast ceiling stained-glass windows are opaque with a certain image.Matting is carried out by the compressed air supply to the prepared surface.

After multiple treatment plate changes its color and roughness - namely, it becomes opaque.Using the same method the stencil can be applied to glass or transparent images matte various drawings.With this technique you can create artistic compositions, not divided by secession of a part, and with mood lighting, a ceiling will always attract the eye.

Contour ceilings

designer, created a stained glass window in the ceiling, inspired the first flood stained glass was used in ancient times, very popular.

To produce contoured ceilings should be applied to the glass polymer bumpers on the plan drawn up earlier.They come in black, gold or silver or colorless at all.Then between the polymers are applied enamel or lacquer.They come in a variety of colors, whereby it is possible to translate into reality any original and unusual composition.

ceilings Tiffany

They include a variety of glass elements, wrapped in foil on the sides of the tin or copper.This technique makes it possible to make the horizontal and domed stained glass ceiling.It is also possible to use a composition relief, clear or frosted glass, which allows you to create a unique interior of the apartment.

to someone who can not buy such an expensive product, we can make stained glass ceiling with his hands.

Glass painting

for you need the following tools:

  • stained glass - it will paint.To begin with, you can practice on something inexpensive, for example on a frame or mirror.
  • sketch created by the size of the composition.
  • Stained glass paint - shades and colors are chosen, respectively taste of the master.We must remember that the paint dries for about 4 hours, while in the multi-layer application is necessary to sustain a break of about 12 hours.The period of complete readiness of three days.
  • Contour tips palette.
  • solvents.
  • Cotton sticks to eliminate the irregularities at the time of staining.
  • needle, which is necessary for piercing of the air bubbles.
  • a cotton pad or cloth to remove excess paint time.
  • brushes of different thicknesses (preferably choose synthetic).
  • lined plate.

Installation basics of glass

to do stained glass window in the ceiling with his hands high quality, perform the steps necessary to consistently work.Keep in mind that glass, being the basis of the composition should be washed thoroughly and wipe dry.When you carry must be taken so that no stains and traces left on the edges.Glass is placed on a prepared sketch, then it creates a contour drawing.Marker applied large parts, as required for thin tip.Once the drawing is complete, it is necessary to wait for half an hour and then apply paint.

English stained glass technique

Known worldwide Tiffany technique, which is complex and labor-intensive performance, masters has been simplified due to what appeared an English stained glass technique.In this case, stained glass ceiling with his hands going from a single sheet instead of the small pieces of glass.

list of tools for this method is greatly reduced:

  • stained glass film treated with a knife, roller, scissors and laid with a spatula;
  • sketch;
  • tape will be soldered using flux, solder and a soldering iron;
  • lead tape, a special clamp required for smoothing, and a knife for cutting the tape.


There are 3 ways to mount:

  • installation without the use of a false ceiling construction.This method implies that the attachment will be carried out in a decorative ledge located below the ceiling.
  • installation in suspended ceilings.This method is the most popular.In this case, the niche frame should not exceed 15 cm, the possibility remained that the glass plates to fix stained glass for more lighting company.
  • installation in the form of "boxes".This mounting method is used when it is necessary to fix a ceiling in the form of a box - a large lamp.

stained glass ceilings with backlighting

When properly arranged illumination light penetrating through the glass panel in the room will create a unique, special atmosphere.

There are several ways to organize the backlight.For example, the light sources can be placed on the inside contour of the stained glass or behind, in the middle.Although just will look spectacular ceiling in case its entire surface to be illuminated.You can use neon tubes or fluorescent lamps, but at the present moment is considered to be the most popular LED lighting.She has a huge number of advantages: it is easy to install, takes up little space, has a long service life (about ten years), it is possible to control the color and brightness.

To mount this type of lighting distance from the ceiling to the stained glass should be 10-15 cm. The strip is attached to the surface of the stained glass in parallel rows at the same distance.

the whole stained glass as the only source of light is used as the light penetrating through the glass plates, loses its intensity.Therefore, in a room with a ceiling placed extra lighting is particularly important for finishing a variety of shopping centers, in which lighting plays a major role.