Children's interior for the boys, ideas and photos

younger kid in the house - a great happiness!However, parents are well aware how little boys during a game may sweep away and destroy everything in its path.Therefore it is very necessary to its well-furnished room.Thinking children's interior for boys, should take into account the basic requirements that are put forward for the room.The room should be comfortable, safe, comfortable.

basic requirements

Interior design for a boy child - a very difficult job.After all, as they grow room must constantly evolve and gain new functionality.It is recommended to change the interior of a children every three years.Then the room will fully meet the needs of the child, appropriate to the age and development.It is natural that the room of a teenager rather different from the interior needed boys, tomboy.

However, there are basic rules that must be strictly followed in the design of children, regardless of the age of the child.

dwell on them:

  • materials and items made out room, must strictly comply with
    all health standards.Today's market offers a wide customer choice.But should stop using natural, safe materials which do not provoke the boys develop allergies.
  • Choose comfortable furniture, the appropriate age.It is important that it was safe, did not cause any injuries.
  • One important condition is good lighting.In the daytime and in the evening the room should be full of light.It is advisable to take a child's most lit room.
  • Do not choose curtains of flammable fabrics.It is preferable to buy curtains made from natural linen or cotton.They perfectly reflect light.For those wishing to use the room darkening blinds.
  • any designs in the nursery should be very firmly secured.Fabrics used for decor, pick strong enough that will not break.
  • Separate room on the thematic areas.This can be achieved by applying different wallpapers or styles.The main thing that they were harmoniously combined.
  • Small decorations should not be used in abundance.A baby in the room and they did misplaced.

creating a children's interior for boys, listen to their wishes.Refer to the preferences of children.Connect your imagination and the room boy's dreams appear before you.


Loving parents when you make a child wonder about in what colors to create an interior.Psychologists say that human thinking is directly dependent on visual perception.That is why the right choice of colors for the walls, textiles and furniture will allow your child to develop faster and feel cozy and comfortable in my room.

Infant first years of life are more suitable soft unsaturated colors.For older baby's room can turn into a bright cheerful tale.From the age of four children begin to prefer the cheerful and contrasting colors - yellow, blue, red.

It is desirable to use darker shades.They cause a depressing effect on a small body.Children's interior for boys, chosen in bright colors, on the contrary, improves mood and stimulates development.

choosing a color scheme for a room, it is important to take into account the temperament of the child.Little phlegmatic or melancholic psychologists advise harmoniously included in the design of small items in red.Such bright "spots" on a light background will gently stimulate the activity of the child.

restless baby - choleric or sanguine clearly expressed - fit gentle shades of blue and blue palette.Such colors can strengthen the body and stimulate the development of the child.It is not suitable for bright orange color.They are very excited psyche.

Room newborn

Preparing for the birth of the boy carries a lot of exciting and enjoyable hassle.One of them is to create a kid's room.It is both interesting and very crucial moment.After the interior of nursery for a newborn baby boy must be properly planned and competently.

Modern psychologists offer a tranquil space gamut some fun bright colorful drawings.According to pediatricians, the presence of contrasting elements will stimulate the development of the visual focus and color perception in children.It is important not to overdo it.And most importantly, that my mother liked the room, in fact it would have to spend a lot of time in it.

From furniture are mandatory crib, cradle, changing table.Very convenient, if the latter is combined with a chest of drawers.Place the crib away from windows.It is better to choose her place in the center of the room.But not in front of the door.This zone, which is always present draft.Another important attribute of a comfortable chair for my mother.Sitting in it, it will be much easier to feed the hero.If space allows, the best option would be a small sofa.Indeed, sometimes, for example, when the teeth grow, the parents have to spend the whole night at the cradle.It is much easier to do it on the couch.

floor in the room can be covered by a natural carpet.However, remember that it is a real dust collector.Therefore, some designers recommend to make a heated floor and put it on the comfortable cushion.

very important not to be used for small items of decoration.Beginning to crawl boy might get hurt, or worse, swallow them.

room for a boy from one to three

At this age, there comes the need for a transformation of the first design.Children's room for a boy (photo demonstrates) should be slightly modified.After all, the kid learns, its beginning to attract interesting pictures, bright palette.But do not hang the whole room bright prints, otherwise the child will be constantly distracted them and bad sleep.

interesting option - to paste wallpaper ceiling svetovpityvayuschimi.Falling asleep, the boy will see a calming starry sky overhead.The walls are pastel colors can vary little animals or cartoon characters.

changing table replaces the low chair and table where young talent will be able to engage in artistic pursuits.Locate it better near a window, the boy did not feel the lack of light.Mandatory attribute should be safe for children's toys.Thus, you can teach your baby to order.

to pick up good quality floor artificial carpet, because their children are required to carry the game was there.Think carefully about lighting.Some areas in need of additional light sources.Near the bed should be placed bedside lamp so your child will not be afraid to fall asleep.

room for children from 3 to 5 years

Kid comes in a wonderful age, which is characterized by the desire to imitate favorite heroes.So, changing the interior nursery for a boy (photo posted in the article show how to implement this question designer), should be formalized in an appropriate style.

Pretty good option can be a bed that simulates a car or ship.In the play area, you can put a railroad or motor track.

At this age, the boy will need a wardrobe or chest of drawers for clothes, high chair for things.It is necessary to consider the shelves or make room in the closet for books.An important attribute becomes the Swedish wall.It does not take much space, but teaches future of man in sports.

room boy 6-7 years

This age is associated with the school.Tot becomes serious in his character there is a certain responsibility.Loving parents significantly support its madcap, when will create the necessary interior nursery for student-boy.

place a small table for the arts takes the party.Be sure to keep in mind when choosing the size of its compliance with the child.The important question becomes literate coverage, because sometimes the lessons have to do in the evening.Bookcases and shelves are the least important attribute.

A wall design can already be safely discuss with the owner of the room.Perhaps he himself thought of something.

Child 8-9 years: how to design the interior

Age, when the interests and inclinations already clearly manifested.They should form the basis of interior renewal.Children's room for a boy (photo examples located below) should fully reflect his inner world.

If you are growing up next boxer necessarily equip a room in this style.Wallpapers children's issues tend to confuse this "man."Pick a neutral monochromatic palette options.Playing area can be reduced.For a seat perfectly fit a bookcase or computer.

10-12 years

Boys at this age tend to be decided on a hobby.They already there is a representation should look like the interior of a children's bedroom.For a boy it is important that his opinion is taken into account in the design.

Of course, some may wish to disturb or irritate.However, fellow parents, you are adults!So, to find a compromise to you under force.

One wall can okleit interesting photo wallpapers.Select items together for decoration.It will give you both enjoy.A room will meet the wishes of the child and would become his real pride.

design of the room for a child 13-14 years

This is the age when boys appear idols.You can pick up a cheap wallpaper.In any case, children's interior for boys 13-14 years means a lot of posters.Let him hang on the walls of the "most needed" items.Do not worry about this, trying to explain that many of the attributes is clearly unnecessary.A couple of years he will understand that to live in the "Art Gallery" very uncomfortable.

room boys

child grew significantly.The design must also change rapidly.To design the interior of nursery for teenage boys 15-16 years old, or rather, almost a young man, the easiest task.The owner of the room is already quite clear that he wants to change.Sit down with your teen to the negotiating table.By the way, as it is strange, but it is now to reach a compromise becomes much easier.After all, the child already understands a lot.

Generally, teens are attracted modernist style - the direction of high-tech.It is characterized by simple lines, a minimum of furniture.The main colors - gray, white, black.Their bright palette dilutes.For the walls choose a stylish image in a simple framework.The maximum illumination.The bed should be replaced by a modern sofa.Instead of curtains, you can choose fabric blinds.

all strictly, simply and tastefully.Your teen will be satisfied.

room for two

Any child - a unique personality, with their interests and needs.He needs a private space for dreams and games.For a boy to solve the problem is quite simple.But what if two family tomboy?

Child's 2 boys should be functional and harmonious, and most importantly - like kids.That is why you need to take into account the wishes of everyone.A good solution is often the method of zoning.The room can be divided into two colors, or even a small partition.If space allows, each child is better to allocate a separate closet and nightstand.

In order to save space, you can use the bunk beds.The old solution does not lose its relevance today.A more ergonomic version - withdrawable beds.

Conclusion As you can see, it is easy to design the interior of the children for the boys.Consider the age, character and wishes of the owner of the room.The rest depends on your imagination and the ability to find a compromise solution.