Foam mattress: the right choice

Foam - a filler that is made in different ways, so manufacturers now have the option of offering its products for all tastes.Foam mattress, you can choose a hard or soft, more or less elastic, normal or orthopedic.

How to choose a quality mattress

To purchase could provide a good rest over the years, you should choose a mattress with a quality carrier.Foam inside should be dense, it depends on what he is able to withstand the load.There is a special rate of rigidity, but you can check it out and simple way - to see how quickly rectified foam after deformation, not whether he is bursting with pressure and tension.The density of the filler is of great importance to the spine during sleep had the necessary support, and the body weight is distributed correctly.

When purchasing preference should be given to well-known manufacturers with a good reputation, while foam mattress will last a long time and efficiently.

Advantages foam mattress

Made from foam mattresses have a lot of positive characterist


  • They provide a good rest.Due to the fact that all human muscles relax, blood circulation improves, sleep becomes more complete.
  • This filler material is environmentally friendly, safe, allowing you to use the mattress, even those people who suffer from allergic reactions.
  • Foam is resistant to moisture, which contributes to its durability.
  • foam mattress is quite simple to keep clean - it is very easy to clean and dries quickly.
  • porous structure perfectly breathable, thereby providing ventilation and so on. E. The body of a man lying on a mattress can breathe freely.
  • Light weight and compact size of these mattresses make them multi-functional, facilitating transportation.

production cost of the filler, so it is cheaper to buy a foam mattress if required for little money to buy the thing, is not inferior to the quality of more expensive models.

Making foam mattress with his hands

Do not rush to the furniture store to buy a membership for the rest.Manufacturing technology of this subject is so simple that it will not be difficult to make a foam mattress with his hands.

This will require: foam, cloth cover, sewing machine, scissors, thread, needles.

is marking the beginning of a mattress on a piece of foam rubber.Then respectively made pattern on a fabric, intended to cover, with a few centimeters to be left on the allowances and seams.Sewn this cover for a mattress on the sewing machine and put on the prepared foam.For more convenient use, we recommend it to sew the zipper.

main role of cover - to protect the filler from external influences (dirt, rubbing, moisture).However, in order to give the mattress a respectable and aesthetic appearance, the fabric should cover not only good to wear, but also have a pleasant texture and beautiful coloring.

Which mattress is better - a cotton or foam

How quilt and foam products are about the same price category.Also, they have many similarities and positive qualities - lightness, compactness, ease of transportation.The significant difference is the fact that in a padded mattress is the probability of occurrence of various microorganisms and mites.It's not safe for health, especially for people prone to allergies.Over time, the foam mattress may be deformed, and the filler cotton usually slips into lumps.

in military units, medical and child care centers are preferred mostly filled with foam mattresses, t. To. He is the most safe for health and easy to clean.Because of these properties are also encouraged to use these accessories for baby strollers.

Recommendations for care

order to fill in the mattress properly distributed, the first 3-4 months it should be turned every 2 weeks.Then it can be done once in three months.

Month should ventilate the mattress, leaving it in the air for at least 5 hours.Cleaning is easily done in the usual vacuum cleaner.If there are any small spots - there will a sponge soaked in any cleaners for upholstery or soapy water.If contamination severe enough, then it will require dry cleaning that uses special cleaning agents for such materials.If water gets on the mattress you need to wipe it with a dry cloth and dry thoroughly.Only then can obscure bedding.

Foam very well absorb odors.This should be considered when carrying out repairs, disinfection and other activities involving the use of funds silnopahnuschih.The surface of the mattress, in such cases better wrap coating which is not breathable.