Cottage shower - Hygiene and comfort

Owners of summer cottages summer often spend a lot of time.And the availability of houses and allows all to move to live in all the warm season.Fresh air, nature and silence - this is certainly great.But most of the area is no such item as a shower.What can we say about the bath.In this case, Cottage shower is the perfect solution to enhance the overall comfort of residence in the country and to maintain hygiene standards.

modern market offers potential customers a huge range of products allows you to choose the best option based on the capabilities and desires.Holiday showers, the prices of which vary depending on the characteristics and additional elements can be equipped with water jets and even a Turkish bath function.And that means only one thing that you must first carefully weigh all and determine the range required.Then you can buy the best decision for themselves in terms of price and quality.

What you should focus their attention?Firstly, it is the place of installation and operation of p

urchased equipment indoors or outdoors.Summer cottages showers are designed for outdoor use.They are easily assembled and disassembled, so in the winter they can be easily dismantled and taken away.Structurally, this summer residence shower made of metal or plastic profiles, to which is attached awning fabric or plastic or polycarbonate.As used grill pan, made of metal or wood, and rubber mat.This allows you to use the shower in the street, no furnished our major drain.Inside the cabin is equipped with a pump and hose fittings water.The upper part is a storage capacitance.For some models, it is equipped with electrically heated, due to which the water is heated to the optimum temperature.Dacha shower for indoor installation more airtight than the street version, and practically does not differ from high-grade designs for bathrooms.Remove the winter period it will be much harder, so in most cases it is left in place.

Secondly, it is necessary to clearly define the desired shape and size of the product.Dacha shower can be square, semicircular, angular.Its size can be 80, 90, 100 cm. Therefore, before buying a booth, it is necessary to clearly define the place where it will be installed, as well as those which form the product is optimal and what dimensions are suitable.

Third, even in the planning phase should consider what additional features should have your summer residence shower.If you buy an expensive and heaped model, you can just spend the money wasted, becausenot all features will be in demand.Or, conversely, bought a cheap construction can not provide all the needs, and then the joy of a comfortable life in the country is not so great.