Built-in closets: everything for comfort

None home without it can not do.The toilet is one of the most important parts of your home plumbing.It is set for a few years, so it must choose carefully and do not skimp on the cost.

beautiful and comfortable

Earlier models were primitive and monotonous, the modern industry is replete with a variety of sanitary.We entered our lives spectacular, beautiful and comfortable model.Among them we should mention the built toilets, which are becoming increasingly popular in the market of sanitary ware.

Why are they universal?Due to the large number of its features.Since the installation of the built-in toilet will optimally organize even a small room bathrooms.You can easily redo the interior of the old to the new and modern.

Excess hidden from

Modern built toilets installed on a partition of any type bearing wall, plasterboard.System incorporating - a metal frame which has a support and fixing.There is a system installation trapezoid, which allows you to install the toilet in the corner of the room.

There is also the installation of the system, which is a rail.It can be attached not only to the toilet, and sink, bidet or urinal.The whole structure together with plumbing fixture is loaded into the wall.Typically, installation systems are also built cisterns, which are lightweight plastic casing in the form of cans.Flushing cisterns made from High Density Polyethylene.They certainly have a special attachment and holes made for pipes.Termoobolochka cisterns protects the product from the formation of condensation products.Built-in tanks are not visible and are beyond falshstenoy and visible part - it is the shutter release button to drain the water.

What are the advantages over conventional toilets built traditional models?Here are their characteristics:

  1. opportunity to save extra space in the room.
  2. Installation is fast and simple enough (does not require the destruction of building structures for further communication).
  3. Easy maintenance removable devices hidden through the hole made for the water drain button.
  4. Possibility to install a toilet on a different depth and height.
  5. system operates without noise.
  6. Hanging design facilitates cleaning indoor bathrooms.
  7. Provides a high level of personal hygiene.

floor design

One of the proposed designs - toilet, built-in floor washroom.Such models are particularly popular, as they provide an aesthetic appearance and have difficulties during the installation.They look carefully as the suspension-type model.Side tank models are easily installed and does not require special mounting systems.The load is distributed strictly according to the floor area where the design will be fixed.As for the cost, the built-in closets no more expensive than conventional floor construction kits.