Yellow kitchen - a sunny island in your apartment

interior modern kitchens today is so varied that you opt for any one of them can be very difficult.Someone sees this favorite room in classic style with solid wooden furniture.Someone close metallic luster hi-tech style.And some just want to be the kitchen was done in a very delicate pastel colors and would be very comfortable.It all depends on your taste and preferences.

Today we want to introduce you to the kitchen in a yellow interior.Already I heard the question: "Why choose this color?"Scientist from India Ghadiali in the early twentieth century said that every nuance affects a person's mood and his health.For example, red is charging powerful energy, a stimulant effect, awakens the appetite.Violet shades, on the contrary, it is suppressed.Yellow stimulates digestion and at the same time helps to maintain a normal weight.Moreover, experts note that in this room is much easier to feed a small child - it is less capricious, more willing to eat.

yellow kitchen can be performed in a Tuscan style.P

erhaps because of this Italian quite slender, despite their love for spaghetti.Tuscan style involves a rough plaster, open shelves, painted cabinets.

Kitchen with canary furniture fronts, especially lacquer, reflects light, and the room is always sunny and warm.If you prefer a more leisurely options, you will approach the shades of yellow, passing in beige.It is interesting to look kitchen with "solar" modules in combination with cabinets a different color.Such kits always look very stylish and original.Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment.

Quite often a person decides that he needs is yellow kitchen.Which wall should be in this case?You can choose the wallpaper or paint bright and juicy yellow shades.But this should be done only after the selected facades, textiles and floor material.

can make only bright part of the wall, such as an apron over the stove and sink, and the remaining area left completely white or cream.

If for some reason there are only yellow kitchen of your dreams, but in reality you have purchased a traditional set, then try to "revive" its accessories.Place the lemons in a large bowl, put a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers.In addition, you can use the tableware of the same color.Do not be afraid to experiment with accessories, as long as they were not too much.

Yellow kitchen - an excellent remedy for depression, bad mood, dullness and weather.This color is perfect for the shortage of sunlight.In this kitchen always feel very comfortable.If we talk about the combination of yellow and other colors, we can note a classic combination of white or aristocratic - with gray tone.Bright kitchen and impressive looks, combining shades of yellow with red (oriental style) or blue (Egyptian style).As always, the choice is up to the owner of the premises.

To yellow kitchen had finished appearance, take care of textiles.Curtains can be executed in the same color as the furniture and some accessories.If you have details of a blue tint, and the curtains can be made to match them.

interior of the bright and sunny rooms perfectly complement the track on the floor, live or artificial flowers, beautiful kitchen accessories.