Buy kitchen - ten correct ideas

And we're going to the kitchen every evening for a cozy family dinner, after which we share news, laugh and enjoy the company of the most beloved.And this is where we like to sit out with close friends - in fact so comfortable in the kitchen and another cup of tea does not run far.And the kitchen is so convenient to paint with the children, because all surfaces are easy to clean, and nothing fancy if raged and walls, countertop and floor, too, were painted.

Can long list, for how many family events can be useful kitchen.And at the beginning of the list, it is clear that this is a very important premise and furniture there should be a comfortable, beautiful, adapted to all needs.If you face the challenge buy kitchen, most likely, our ideas will be useful.

First, no matter what design you are staying, no matter what model choose - Always refer to the professionals.Verified producers and intermediaries with extensive experience good recommendations - the most appropriate option.

Second, buy a kitchen cabinet furniture to order.This will create an individual interior, responsible directly to the needs of your family.In addition, as a rule, custom-made furniture as a result of cheaper ready headset.

Third, select a custom layout.In general, customer oriented toward building a kitchen in one line.In some cases, it is convenient, but consider other options: the location of a two-line, kitchen island, L-shaped, U-shaped and S-shaped arrangement of kitchen furniture.

Fourth, make a built-in appliances.Modern technologies allow to arrange all the technical devices in the kitchen so that they will be hidden behind the facades of furniture, without compromising the overall style and harmony.

Fifth, select the appropriate material for kitchen tops.Ideal artificial stone.It is durable and does not require special care, not afraid of dirt and aggressive detergents, hygienic and effects externally.Very often it is the Italian cuisine using this material.

Sixth, take care of the lighting system furniture.Even one bright lamp in the kitchen is not enough.Also, do not always want to include full illumination.For evening tea is enough pairs spotlights.

Seventh, watch the material from which made the facades.Glossy surfaces look impressive, but they always remain fingerprints and that the kitchen looked neat have to deal with endless cleaning.Practicality matt wood surfaces.

Eighth, the better to avoid the open shelves, replacing them with the boxes.Just push the box and inspect the contents and on the shelves of all is retracted away from the sight.

Ninth, choose kitchen furniture with no protruding knobs, especially if a small kitchen area.Handles often cling to clothing and are easily hurt when moving and get discomfort.

Tenth, be sure to leave enough space to accommodate small kitchen appliances: mixers, toasters and the like.Otherwise, all this will not interfere with the hostess in the work area.

So, we set out ten common ideas that will help you buy the kitchen really good quality.Enjoy the shopping!