Professional kitchen equipment - washing Bathrooms

in the professional kitchen, where cooking scale are significantly different from home, have to be installed special equipment that provides a well-coordinated work of staff.In this article we will talk about such subjects as bathrooms washing.They are designed for a large number of washing dishes and meet all requirements of sanitization.Bathrooms are also designed for washing hygiene regulations.There are special guests who regulate the parameters of the equipment.

Bathrooms operated washing in kitchens of catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, canteens, etc.) used for cleaning utensils of all kinds, including a large container.They are also used to defrost frozen poultry, or fish, vegetables and other food products.

washing Bathrooms are three- and two sections.They are made of stainless steel (food).The edges and corners of the envelope should be that staff are not injured during operation inadvertently.Board bath made with the expectation of a frame of the mixer.Some models have a hole r

ight under it in the middle.For example, the washing tub 2-cell involves two mixers sidebar.But some set one tap into two sections.Bath wash 3 cell equipped with the same principle.In order to spray water do not fall on the wall is made trim board that adheres to its surface.By itself, the frame of the equipment is made of galvanized metal.The legs can be adjusted in height.Therefore, unevenness in the floor do not matter.The kit typically includes a drain trap, and grills for storing kitchen utensils and detergents.In addition, the bathrooms are equipped with washing food waste shredder.This mechanism works as follows: particulate debris in the apparatus goes into the sewer with water.This saves staff time.

Bathrooms washing can be weldless, with a working surface, and are classified by the number of sections.The tightness of the connection and the strength of the structure are determined by the technology and manufacturing quality of the equipment.If desired, size, number and location of the discharge sections may vary.

Depending on the production technology of the bowl (washing tank), baths are divided into these types:

  1. welded.
  2. Extruded bathrooms washing.

The latter differ from the absence of welded joints, which eliminates the flow.Also, the major advantage is that these bathrooms have washing angles.And it is very convenient for the staff.In addition, this type of equipment is fully consistent with health and safety standards.Extruded bathrooms washing rapidly cleared from the residual effects of cooking.

addition to the equipment described in this article shall be established in industrial kitchens with dishwashers wash cycle to one minute.