Kitchen for Khrushchev can make a cozy room

So it has historically, that at all times, under all conditions, man has sought to make your home as comfortable as possible.Modern humans in this sense, are no different from their ancestors.We all dream of a spacious and cozy apartments and houses.Unfortunately, not all our wishes come true.Today we will not talk about the reasons that prevent the implementation of our dreams, we'll talk about what can be done to the kitchen for Khrushchev became a cozy and functional.

Speaking of the room, it should be noted that it is an area of ​​six to eight square meters.Not much, is not it?During the reign of Nikita Khrushchev's kitchen was given a very modest purpose - cooking.Therefore, it was considered inappropriate for him to take the "extra" footage.Eating recommended in the living room with a large round or square table that was supposed to gather the whole family.

I must say that today many owners of "apartments" in the Khrushchev change the layout and improve the design of your home.If you also wan

t to change your kitchen, then listen to our advice.

first necessary to carry out the zoning of space and define tasks for your kitchen.If you only use it for cooking, all your conversions will be reduced only to the reorganization of the cooking zone.If you plan to also receive guests in the kitchen or with the whole family there for lunch and dinner, it is necessary also a dining area.

kitchen for Khrushchev during the reorganization needs to comply with certain rules.A very important role is played by the correct arrangement of space.Today, many prefer the studio apartments.They operated kitchen is not too intense.Otherwise, even with a good drawing, you will be hard to get rid of extraneous odors.If this option is for some reason you are not satisfied, then to increase the space, you can use the loggia or balcony.

It is very important to choose the right furniture.Best of all, if the kitchen for Khrushchev is custom made.Well, if it is built.Do not forget about the little corners of the room.Each of them is to be used with maximum efficiency.That is why the angular kitchen Khrushchev most preferred.

design possibilities nowadays allow to perform miracles.Often the presence of gas in a column, already a tiny room, creates additional difficulties.But you can do without complex and expensive redevelopment options.Some designers offer to hide a column in a closet or a niche.But you must know that this device needs a proper ventilation and sometimes repairs, so this proposal can hardly be considered appropriate.In this case, together with an experienced designer to think carefully about kitchen design Khrushchev.Photos from the column, you can see in this article.

kitchen for Khrushchev should not contrast with the background wall.It is desirable that it was done in bright colors.Use a mirror and glass surfaces that are visually expand the space.