Sinks for dishes with pedestal - Mistress of the interior

Kitchen - patrimony of every housewife.Psychologists say that from the interior of this room depends largely on the quality of meals.At first glance, the idea seems illogical.But the whole point of this statement is that in a cozy, modern-equipped kitchen, any woman is doubly enjoyable.So, there is a desire to cook and surprise.

One of the main attributes of a kitchen sink.Comfortable, compact, eye-catching, it not only decorates the interior, but also improves the microclimate in the family.Do not ever find out who wash dishes.Nothing will drip and leak.Modern materials which are usually made for the kitchen sink with cupboard, comfortable and easy to care for.In addition, producers promise a long life, so that our beauty is not afraid of small mechanical damage, moisture and evaporation.

Of all the most popular today are the kitchen sink with pedestal.Bedside cabinet with a single- or double-wing doors.Some models are also sliding drawers for cutlery and crockery.So a pedestal sink with kitchen

can be called a multifunctional, because it also plays the role of a buffet.In the upper part of the structure crashes sink.Modern bowls generally are made of stainless steel.But the cabinet itself can be a corrugated stainless steel and laminated boards.There are also kitchen sink with cupboard and bench.The latter, too, is made of wood board, but it is best to choose an artificial stone.Such material will last longer because it is resistant to moisture.

Sink cabinet usually has no back wall to facilitate access to pipelines and water supply to the mixer.Size is determined by the size of any stone sink.Usually it is not more than 80 cm. If your design has a double bowl, then it is best suited for cleaning tables corner.Kitchen in this case look more spacious, since such a device frees the extra space.

How to choose a pedestal sink in the kitchen?

you should pay attention to the types of sinks.They are:

  • Odnochashevye.Such design usually is oval or rectangle.It takes a minimum of space and is the best option for small spaces.
  • Bastard.This sink with cupboard kitchen consists of two bowls disproportionate.One of them is used for washing dishes, the second (smaller in size) - for defrosting and cleaning products.
  • sink with drainer.There are additional surface work.Wings are both one and two sides.They can act as a stand for dishes.Water thus flows down the drain.

In addition, it is necessary to select the appropriate design and material.Very nice look for the kitchen sink with a pedestal of decorative materials - ceramic, granite.The price of them, of course, higher than ordinary products, but they will delight you with their appearance and technical quality.

In general, the selection and installation of kitchen sinks depend on the specific features of the premises, certain family preferences and financial capabilities of the buyer.