Siphon for washing: it is important to know?

The main function of the siphon is uncoupling the atmosphere in the room and gases in the sewers.In addition, it prevents the drain from clogging.

To select a siphon for washing, you need to determine:

  • where it is planned to install;
  • volume of water used, which will pass through it.


  1. any bulb.
  2. Bottle.
  3. Corrugated.
  4. flexible.
  5. Pipe.

most popular of the existing siphon is washing bottle type.It is easy to install, cheap cost and that is especially nice, allows time to catch the little things that accidentally slipped under the water pressure or have fallen into the sink, for example a ring.Find the loss is very simple: just unscrew the bottom.

Bottle type is a rigid structure in the form of a flask or bottle.It is fastened to the sink in the kitchen special big nut.With her bottle siphon for washing securely in place.

If not enough space to install, you can use the corrugated type.This plastic construction with threaded connections.Its advantage is the flexibility.Corrugated trap

under the sink can be rotated in any direction.In addition, this option allows you to move the entire structure to another scheduled location.Sewer pipe will not be affected, it will not need to build up.Bend the corrugated pipes to fix a strip of plastic, creating the effect of hydraulic lock.Free as part of the siphon is bent in the direction that is needed, and is securely attached to the pipe.The downside of corrugated type are significant difficulties in cleaning.And this does not delay the siphon a small objects.

There is also a tube option that modern manufacturers began to produce plastic.This significantly facilitates its installation or replacement, compared with cast iron products made before.

Modern types are made of brass, but most products are made from polyethylene or polypropylene.Due to the characteristics of these materials for cleaning the siphon is not covered with rust, can not be corrosion and rot.

How to install it?

There are several installation options.Hidden hidden trap, and the place of discharge him stretched thin hose.If you plan to deliver several types of household appliances: washing machine, dishwasher and sink for the kitchen, it is best to set the option that has ramifications.This design will allow all plums collected in one place, which is optional, you can hide in a box and set in a convenient area.

can set design with auto open stub.This option is suitable for a special built-in sink overflow outlet, into which the handle, connected to an external plug for the sink.It is necessary to open or close the drain.

If you decide to buy a siphon for washing (the price of this design about 200 rubles), do not forget the important thing: the tube must be the right size for any opening.