The idea for a small kitchen.

uncommon size of the kitchen, especially in small apartments or Khrushchev, is so minuscule that they become a permanent source of irritation to her mistress.Is it possible to make such an important room in the house more spacious?Yes, we need only to work on the optimization of space, and be sure to have an idea for a small kitchen, the most appropriate for you.

not notice the inconvenience small-sized kitchen help following methods: literacy development plan room, its light, the choice of textiles and colors, getting rid of unnecessary things, buying the right furniture, railings systems, the use of transformers and many other, noteworthy ideas.

most popular ideas for small kitchen renovation are to redevelop the premises.Normally it offered to remove one of the walls, or just part of it to join the two spaces in order to obtain one spacious room.In situations where the allocated immediately under the kitchen space is extremely small, it is better to use only a workspace.Further, the idea for a s

mall kitchen is embodied by a non-standard form headset, deep closets, convenient location hob and sink.Proper use of all elements of the kitchen, appliances and furniture make it an ergonomic and comfortable.A free access to all storage surfaces and create excellent conditions for cooking.

Built-in furniture and appliances - an excellent idea for a small kitchen.When using it should give preference to a corner layout.This efficient use of "corners" allows you to put in one of them corresponding to the sink model, under which a special place is very convenient withdrawable or rotary storage system, which can be a large part of all kitchen utensils.

Save space and good help system Transformers and roof rails.Usually they are placed over the sink or counter top.On their shelves and hooks can be arranged jars bulk products and kits with spices, hang ladles, spatulas and other utensils.

sill Even in a small kitchen can be used in a variety of unusual solutions, one of which is to move the window sill in the table.At low sill arrangement, it can be converted into a kind of couch, pre-expanded and put on a pillow.This will be a feature of the interior.

main thing - not to overload the interior of the kitchen in unnecessary detail, to give preference to shiny and smooth surface, light, pastel tones with any bright elements.And do not be afraid to experiment, borrowing the best original ideas for a small kitchen.Photos with interesting ideas of planning can be found in magazines, brochures and catalogs design firms.From the presented information flow there is always an interior similar to the one that has been conceived, it is an idea for a small kitchen, which is the closest.And then even the tiny room would be more spacious, bright and comfortable.