Orange kitchen - corner light and joy

gloomy early morning orange food can cheer and cheer up their owners.This amazing ability of bright, warm, "solar" color.If you are not yet ready for such a radical change of the interior, in order to experience the enchanting effect of orange per person, append your kitchen textiles, glassware and various trifles orange color.

Psychologists believe that a properly fitted orange kitchen - a way to get rid of the incipient depression, melancholy.It is believed that this color is able to save people from apathy and feelings.Hromoterapevty (specialists who treat color) believe that in the room in orange shades, a person activates the regenerative processes.Orange helps treat many diseases of the digestive and urinary tract, spleen.

Orange kitchen raise the tone, increased heart rate, increase the production of endorphins - pleasure hormones.Not surprisingly, in this kitchen is improved appetite, normalizes digestion, perfectly digestible food contained in vitamins and minerals.

If you now select the

relevant issue of food, then you should be aware that the color in this case is one of the decisive criteria.Choose the pleasant shade of orange you, that will not cause irritation and you will be like.And another tip: orange kitchen insidious - they increase appetite and increase your enjoyment of the meal.Hence, too bright kitchen will not contribute to weight loss.

look very attractive combination of color in the kitchen.By combining orange with black, green, white, blue, green, you can get the original and unexpected result that is sure to please you and your guests.

Kitchen orange (picture, we offer you in this article) looks particularly impressive against the background of brown, cream, milk, beige and sandy tones.Designers recommend to all the brightest furniture installed on a neutral background.

Orange interior is suitable not only for the young and active, it fits all sociable, cheerful, loving and appreciating life.

If you do not have to invite the organization to consult an experienced designer kitchen orange, then you need to check out expert advice.They advise, choosing a color scheme, consider the characteristics of cuisine: its size, lighting, style, shape and overall design of the apartment so the kitchen was not very contrast against the background.

If you have too little food, do not despair.It is also possible to make a comfortable and beautiful.Here you will correct color scheme.Very interesting looks a little orange kitchen.If you do not like white or too pale kitchen, use bright colors to be very effective on a light background.It is not necessary to overload the small kitchen vivid detail and colorful patterns.Bright orange kitchen utensils can be put on a shelf of the glass cabinet or on the table.