When planning your interior: kitchen for a small kitchen

creating the interior of a modern small kitchen, we always face a problem: how to equip this room, saving, and so little space.After all, a kitchen - it is a place in the apartment, which must be not only functional but also beautiful, comfortable and compact.Optimally solve the entire set of requirements will help our kitchen for a small kitchen.

Classic set of such furniture can be seen in the most cramped kitchens of our apartments, because it is very practical.And if we buy it, then:

  • the table is located just a lot of people, and will need to buy additional, only two or three chairs;
  • in most cases because of the small size it is very convenient and saves space;
  • such furniture is durable, reliable and comfortable.

Where we put?

small kitchen area sometimes many limits in the choice.But the most necessary furniture can be placed on five square meters, if the right approach to the selection.Kitchen facilities for a small kitchen can be placed traditionally - in the corner.You can use it t

o effectively equip niche windows.Or why not use a semi-circular bay window?Located in the convenient niche furniture will look creative!

Select style headset

Today kitchen furniture - a diverse design and a wide range of colors.Every housewife can choose the kitchen that suits all its characteristics and parameters.This may be a set in a classic, modern or original style.So many choices that you can buy furniture that is suitable for the color of the kitchen walls.

Consider need much, choosing kitchen.Price, of course, important, but it is not the most important thing.You can always choose the appropriate model based on their financial capabilities: the modest furniture economy class, or an exclusive made to order.

Choose upholstery for kitchen corners

usually selected kitchenette - a small masterpiece of furniture art.At its production to the material used special requirements.To set served long and reliable, it is made of high quality materials: wood, plastic, clean, modern, MDF and chipboard.The upholstery also should be beautiful, easy to clean, safe and, most importantly, for the entire lifetime to maintain their original appearance.

can select kitchen for a small kitchen, upholstered with imitation leather.It is durable and reliable upholstery, which is not afraid of any spilled juice, no trace of fatty hand, because imitation leather easy to clean and looks nice zamyvaetsya.Ochen kitchen material such as flock.It is particularly suitable in this location, since absolutely no fear of burning or humidity in the kitchen are always in abundance.

When it comes to color, the kitchen for a small kitchen does not have the equal.From design and color depends on how interesting and visually looks more spacious kitchenette.Therefore, designers are advised: to close the premises suitable light furniture.By purchasing this furniture, you can really create a home atmosphere of coziness and warmth, where the kitchen will be his "heart."