Modernist Cuisine: The Story of the origin and characteristics

kitchen is not only a place for eating, but this "heart" of each apartment and the house.After all, how attractive it will look will depend on the overall design of all rooms and, of course, a positive impression guests.Therefore, each owner seeking to make this building is not only convenient, but also beautiful.Today we look at a modern version of a combination of attractiveness and functionality as a modern kitchen.


This style can be carried out not only large room, but also those in which each square centimeter, as they say, its weight in gold.Modern kitchen fits perfectly into any living space and is its trump card.Of course, this style is not cheap, but its cost is much lower than, for example, the classic versions.

History of

In English the "modern" translates as something modern.But what we see today in furniture stores, is very different from the image that existed in the 19th century (and in this period the style has gained immense popularity in many countries).At the

time, the main criterion of Art Nouveau was the following: no building should be like any other.This architectural decision traced the main task - to make a beautiful and comfortable interior.
It should be noted that this goal is the main feature of modern rooms.At the turn of 19-20's centuries this area was used not only in Europe but even in the US, and in each country had its own modern kitchen features.For example, in Germany, this style is distinguished by its strict geometric lines, while in America its main objective was to complete the merger with the environment.In Russia, the Interior hit its elegance and refinement.

Angular modern kitchen in the 21st century

Today, this style easily takes a variety of technical innovations, the furniture can be carried out at the same time completely different materials.The concept of the interior is now widely Bench and blurry that it can be safely attributed a classic style, made in the extraordinary form.For example, Italian cuisine nouveau style today have almost cosmic design.He emphasizes all our modern world.In general, today's modern kitchen - a combination of new design solutions and materials that are slightly remind us of distant history, where the main criteria were the beauty and convenience.


As mentioned above, this style can combine absolutely any material.And the kitchen is no exception.Lately a lot of popularity gained floors made of ceramic tile and linoleum.Slightly less common in these natural wood interiors.As for the walls, they can also be decorated with tiles.No less popular option - Water-resistant wallpaper.The ceiling in a kitchen can be mounted, and usually with decorative stucco or whitewash.

As you can see, modern - a combination of different materials, which ultimately give the room a modern and comfortable.