Nozzle for a gas cooker: features replacement

speed jet for the gas stove is a very important element, which from time to time require replacement.In most cases, this procedure is performed in the event that it is necessary to change the type of fuel.For example, if you take out the old stove must be connected to the country and her balloon (liquefied) gas, even though she worked all the time for natural, it is necessary to replace the nozzles.If you do not, the device will start to smoke heavily and fuel consumption will be much more.The fact that the representation of the elements has a different cross-section, which is designed for a particular type of flammable substance.

If nozzle for a gas stove does not replace and leave it in the apartment, the cooking zone will work very poorly.The first signs that requires new nozzle are smoking, or the appearance of a weak fire.The element is a small bolt that the keeper has holes of different diameters.For example, natural gas requires a nozzle with a large hole for propane - a small one.

Replace nozzle for a gas stove is simple enough, but during the work should follow all the rules of safety: the supply of combustible material must be disabled.You can now remove all of the burner and a special wrench (7 mm), unscrew the nozzle.This should be done alternately.Each element has an associated number.

To replace jets for gas cookers in the old models, be sure to remove the top part of the device.Alternatively remove bolts fail.The process of assembling the plate in reverse order.

addition nozzles, the device is equipped with special nozzles that are installed in each burner.Thanks to them, the gas is sprayed.Burners for gas cookers have different diameters, depending on the hotplate.In addition, the size of the representation of the elements depends on what kind of fuel is used.If the type of gas is changed, then the nozzle should deliver new.

Current models of plates can be sold with two sets of blowers.It should be noted that not all the nozzles can be easily found on sale.Although if you have cooker from a reputable manufacturer, and you go to a specialty store, then trouble finding should not be.When purchased items do not come, you should not attempt to reduce or enlarge the diameter of the holes.Qualitatively, it can be done only at the factory.Furthermore, you can go wrong with the angle of inclination of the flow channel, resulting in an incorrect direction of the jet of gas.In the worst case, may cause an explosion.

If the stores do not have the right equipment, you can turn to the manufacturing plants or service centers.To replace the nozzles need a socket wrench.The very same procedure is easy.After that, new elements can be adjusted.

So and nozzle, and the nozzle for a gas stove is an indispensable element without which the machine can not operate.It is advisable to choose the parts that are intended specifically for your device.