Thermo: what is it?

modern appliances market is constantly updated with new models of existing devices, invented or made a new, more technological equipment.These include, for example, refers Thermo.What it is?What's new invention, for which it is intended, which functions are carried out?

Thermo - a new kitchen appliance, which appeared on the market relatively recent technology.Despite the young age, he has already received widespread among consumers.What is Thermo, what is it?Equipment designed for boiling, heating and hot water storage.If the normal boiling kettle cools rapidly, making it necessary to re-heat it, then Thermo things differently.It retains boiled water in a given temperature.Typically, there are several temperature modes which are set by the user according to his preferences.

In general we can say that performs the functions of Thermo electric kettle (to boil water), cooler and thermos (keeps boiling hot and lots of it).This feature-rich technology.

Thermo, what is it?What else can you say about it

?Its use carries a number of advantages.These include low electricity consumption, especially when compared to electric.The average consumption of 0.7-0.8 kW.Furthermore, there is no need to re-heating water, which also requires additional energy.

Repeated boiling water reduces its mineral and physiological value.Thermo eliminates this process, which also allows you to save on time.

instrument always comes with a sheathed heating element that prevents it from settling of lime scale and other harmful substances.Water is poured by hand or pump, or using an electric pump, by pushing a special button or influence on the valve cup.This eliminates the need to raise or inclination device.Thermo usually has a fairly large amount.Standard version - 3 liters, but it could be more (4-5 liters) or a little less (2 liters).Therefore, for boiling water flooded again takes longer, about 10-15 minutes.This is the lack of equipment.Another disadvantage Thermo applies its high cost, especially when compared to conventional electric kettles.However, saving on electricity, time, and ease of use offset these shortcomings with a vengeance.

Currently, there are many models of devices from different manufacturers.Thermo popular "Panasonic", "Scarlett", "Bosch" and many others.They are of high quality and reliability.And the price is quite acceptable.

safely buy Thermo.What is it - now you know.It is a multifunctional kitchen appliances designed for boiling water and maintain its specified temperature.Its use shall be the maximum benefits with minimal disadvantages.